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There are so many tools on the market, it is getting more and more difficult to create one that doesn't already exist in some way shape or form. There are a variety of tools to hold wire with (a very elegant - and expensive - one by our all beloved Carlo Dona, and then a bunch of "home-made solutions including Alligator clamps or pin vices). Why did I still bother with this idea? Because I wanted something that is reliable, easy to use, affordable and just fun to handle. 


The result is "THE WIRE-TAP". For real - and for $ 35


SOLD OUT - let me know if you're interested and I'll have another batch made....



 (to combine this with a rodholder, please scroll all the way down)


Yes, you are right, it looks like the rodholder - it's basically a little brother to the popular tool - but it has a few features that make it perfect for holding wire of any diameter.


1. It's hollow, so you can feed the wire through the handle and just pull at the front to use more wire


2. The head is shorter, narrower and lighter than the rodholder



3. The front "teeth" are almost the same length (there is less than  1 mm difference), so you can also use it for short pieces of wire, like the earring part from Vetromagic


The Wire-Tap is 8 inches long, 1.6 oz and YES, you can use it for holding stringer or thinner rods. You CAN use it to hold regular size (5-6mm) glass shorts, but the hold is not strong enough to really work the glass....for that, the big brother Rodholer is still the best tool.


Also, thanks so much for Wire-Wizard SaraSally LaGrand for testing the prototype and making suggestions for improvement.


 Special offer: Buy both the Wire-Tap and the Rodholder and get 10% off - 

$ 63 instead of $ 70


(At this point I don't ship these tools outside of the US, shipping is just too expensive. If that doesn't faze you, please email me and I'll send you more info)