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In the past I had a webcam set-up where you could take a live sneak into my studio while I was working, but I realized that that's not a particularly helpful way for most people. So, now I am recording what I am doing, and upload it onto YouTube, where you can watch it whenever it's convenient for YOU.
The technology is pretty amazing, but it is far from perfect yet - the picture quality and screen size is marginal, which is due to the specifications of the online system, my camera is capable of a lot more, but then, it's better than nothing.
You might find yourself wondering "Why doesn't she move the camera closer", "Why doesn't she zoom in", or, "why doesn't she use a different angle". Trust me, I tried it all, including ductaping the darn camera to my forehead. The way it's now is what works best, with all it's limitations...
Since making these videos, as primitive as they might be, is pretty time-intensive (including cleaning up my studio-table every time, so as not to distract you with all the clutter in the background, I thought it would be nice to get a little paid a little. In the past I had a $ 2.00 donation button - in 2 years of having these videos, I made a whooping SIX DOLLARS! So, now I have decided to go with the times and allow YouTube to "monetize" my videos. That means before the video starts there is a very short commercial - and I get a very small payment.... Hope you can deal with that....and thanks for your interest!


Looking for today's hide-away? Darn, someone already found it, but thanks for looking!

- Part 2 of How to pull a checkerboard-Murrini - 28 minutes(part 1 was accidentally NOT recorded, rats)
- How to make a Quark - 23 minutes(with commentary, which starts after about 5 minutes)
- How to make a small sculptural heart bead