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 Tungsten Tweezers
(after receiving some complaints about broken tips I have now changed manufacturer, who is using higher quality tungsten)

A couple of years ago I was teaching a class somewhere, and the topic of "tools you can't live without" came up. Of course, I was hoping that everybody would say "the Magic Wand" (many did...) - but one student (I THINK it was Tony Tracy) mentioned the Tungsten Tweezers. I had never even heard of those before  - but I immediately ordered a pair and have to agree - that is one tool I would never want to be without.
I even bought a few to take to classes with me for students to use, and buy if they wanted them (EVERYBODY wanted one...) - but unfortunately the price had risen dramatically (I initially paid $ 29.95 for them, but then the price jumped to $ 61.00....

Luckily, I made contact with a manufacturer and went out on a limb, buying 100 of these - now I can sell them at a good price: $ 32

What do you use these for? Every time you need to heat something up in the flame, these tweezers are incredibly handy, because you don't have to worry about the tip of the tweezers burning to a crisp. Personally I mostly use them for the following applications:

Preheating Murrini before placing them on the bead

Preheating Dichroic before attaching it to a bead

Holding Goldstone in the flame for making encased goldstone stringer

I am sure you will find many more uses - and then you'll agree that this is one tool you never want to be without....