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The Triple Whammy 3-in-1 lentil press, $ 75


There are so many presses available nowadays that it seems near impossible to come up with something new. Unless you come up with something new - and with this press, it's not the shape or the size, but the fact that you get THREE lentils in one tool, they all have the same diameter, but a different depth, which makes it extremely flexible and even allows usually impossible feats like encasing a bead without distorting the detail. Speaking of detail, here are the specs of the Triple Whammy. 


The diameter of each lentil is about 1.25inches (the perfect focal size, in my opinion). The indentaion on the left is the flattest, the one on the right the chunkiest. I thought it was easier to show this in a picture, rather than giving numbers that are hard to visualize:


Fron the top, the lentils look more or less the same, the variation in size stems from the amount of glass pressed. As you probably know, its very easy to blend in the "overflow" glass if you overpressed a little.


I got fascinated with the idea that you can start making a bead and LATER decide which press to flatten it with. So I did something almost unheard of for me: I played with Organic beads (my apologies to all of you who make amazing organic beads, MY idea of an organic bead is to slap a bunch of colors on top of each other, hit the sh...t out of it and then fume it with silver if all else has failed. ) Needless to say, my organic beads look accordingly, but hey, playing with glass is supposed to be FUN, right. Making PRETTY beads is an occasional side-effect.


If you end up buying this press, please send pictures of what you made with it. Speaking of purchasing  - The press is relatively heavy, so we will only ship this in a small priority mail box. If you live overseas, and don't mind the crazy shipping charges the United States Post office has slapped upon us ($35), email me and I will send you a paypal invoice...