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The beads on this page are no longer available, they were specials from June-December 2007.  The SPECIALS I offered in 2008 can be looked at HERE. If you see something you like, you can always email me and ask me whether I would be in the mood for a remake....who knows, I might. Stranger things have happened.
Wednesday, December 19th
# 1  -  Deluxe Angelwings
This set is similar to the "Angelwings" I had on special last week, but instead of goldstone, the separating line are ivory, and the decoration goes beyond the "lining" of the center part of the beads. They work perfectly with natural colored pearls (the pearls shown in the picture are part of the strand you will be getting). Perfect beads for winter in a heavy pair of jeans. 5 flat orrbs (3/4 inch in diameter) and 6 coin-shaped fresh-waterpearls for $ 100. (SOLD)
# 3  -  Topkapi
This set is definitely one of my favorite sets of the year. Again, I was playing with the "wing" idea, but the core is wrapped in palladium foil, which creates a mysterious and elegant "pea-cock"-look. The front of each bead is decorated with extremely fine black stringer and lavender silver-lined dots - and the lavender is carried on in the color of the wings. The second picture shows the backside of the beads - which is decorated with a different pattern, and no raised dots, so they are comfortable to wear. I just love these beads, they are really special, I think. 7 beads with black spacers and tanzanite Swarovski Chrystals for $ 200. (SOLD)
Tuesday, December 11th
Today I have another variety of different styles, hope that you'll find something for yourself, or for that perfect "last minute" gift....
# 1  -  Snowflakes
Last week we had one little "snow-scare", but in the end it didn't amount to much. But, it was enough to get me into the mood for this pretty set, with intricate "snow-flake-like" patterns and other stringer and dot designs in white over encased light lapis. The frosted clear spacers make perfect little companions for a bracelet or necklace. 9 beads and 8 spacers (average size of the beads is 10mm x 13mm) for $ 125. (SOLD)
# 2  -  Variation on Angelwings
A few month ago I made a similar set in periwinkle, ivory and light blue. This is a little more "dressy", with goldstone stringers instead of ivory....and lots of wintery "dressy" occasions are just around the corner. These flat orrbs are 3/4 inch in diameter, 6 beads for $ 100. 
# 3  -  Chadwicks on Times Square
My friend Pam asked for something "sparkly dichroic" to wear for New Years Eve, and you never have to ask me twice to incorporate dichroic in my beads....I still haven't found any style that works better to bring out the beauty of dichroic in a small bead than the Chadwick's....and they are always a lot sparklier in person. 8 beads (10mm x 12-13mm) plus spacers for $ 95. (SOLD)
# 4  -  Butchard Garden Encore
Ah, one of these days I will have to keep a Butchard-Garden set for myself....especially now that I have a ring to go with....but for the time being....they are available for YOU. The back sides are decorated with part of the dichroic and intricate black and white designs. Great fun. 5 squeezed beads (total length of the strand is 4.5 inches) and 4 small black spacers for $ 100. (SOLD)
# 5  -  Butchard Garden Focal
This flat matching focal could be worn either as a necklace (sideways in a choker-style) or as a long hanging pendant, but I could also see this as a centerpiece of a bracelet. I just ordered a bunch of curved tube beads from Halstead Beads, they didn't come in yet, but if you are interested, I could add a pair of those for the perfectly simple, elegant bracelet design....the focal is 1.5 inches long, $ 35. (SOLD)
# 6  -  Wild Wings
The last strand for today is similar to the Angel Wings, but made with a dark amber core, delicate invory and amber decoration, light amber wings and goldstone framing. I just reminds me of Safari, or maybe a fire in a fire-place somewhere, roasted chestnuts, something warm, in any case. A long strand with 7 beads (6 inches total) for $ 135. (SOLD)
Monday, December 3rd
A little bit of a variety today, I am still working on custom orders and Christmas presents, but sometimes I am having so much fun with an order that I make more than are needed - and that's pretty much what I have today.
# 1  -  Mary Christmas
An "old" favorite style of mine, built around the 4 small rose barrels, in black, light ivory, candy-apple/christmas red and hints of green, and a frog who is looking forward to hopping into the new year. 7 beads, 8 spacers and frog, total length of the strand is 5.5 inches. $ 100  (SOLD)
# 2  -  Blizzard
Another wintery set - white and light lapiz, squeezed for a comfortable bracelet fit....5 beads plus two accent spacers, 4 + inches, $ 48 (light lapis never looks quite "right" with my Sony-camera, so rest assured that the color is nicer than in the picture) (SOLD)
# 3  -  Groundhogbeads with heart
Ah, the groundhogbeads, I NEVER get tired of making those, and each time they are a little bit different, it's so much fun, and I hope that you will have just as much fun making something with these. Small (9mm x 13mm) round beads with lots of detail in black, cream, amber and goldstone. 8 beads for $ 65 (SOLD)
# 4  -  Safari with Style
variation on a theme: Groundhog colors, but some different shapes and a little bit of texture. The centerbead is squeezed, flanked by two barrels (the one on the right is from the dead-fish series, the fish is on the other side of the bead). 5 lampwork beads and 2 silver plum spacers, the strand is 3 inches long, $ 48 (SOLD)
# 5  -  Cinderella
A combination of "leftover" ivory/goldstone beads from my dead-fish day, and 3 lovely orrbs (3/4 inch) from my secret stash (beads I discuss with myself whether to keep or to sell). 7 beads (total length of the strand is 4 inches), $ 65 (SOLD)
 # 6  -  Planet Earth
One of my favorite shows on TV right now (after we had to say goodbye to the picky bachelor), is "Planet Earth" (oh, and "Man vs. Wild) on Discovery Channel (or is it National Geographic?), anyway, a perfect title for this cool set of beads in blues, encased in clear and rimmed with silver blue. Mica Flaces and a little bit of goldstone add a touch of "weather"....this is a perfect set for someone who already has one of each of my favorite styles - because I haven't made anything quite like this for a long long time. The beads are what one might call "substantial", 1 inch high (measured across the hole). Definitely a statement if worn as a bracelet.  5 beads for $ 90 (STILL AVAILABLE)
 # 7  -  Tiffany
This is a set for my SOMEDAY being finished book on "Classic Designs with Dots and Lines"....transparent violet on white on black. Some of these flat orrbs (3/4 inch) have the same design on both sides, on some beads the design slightly differs, but this picture gives you an idea. I am very pleased with this set, hope so will you - 9 beads for $ 150 (SOLD)
# 8  -  The Edvard Munch-kins
The last set for today is a strand of six squeezed beads made with black and rorschach-style decoration in shades of beige, blue and purple that reminded me of the famous painting "Le Cri".....fantastic bracelet beads, and a matching frog to go!!! 5 inches of beads, which are very easy to combine with all kinds of spacers or crystals...$ 75 (SOLD)
Monday, November 12th 
(At this point the specials are still under "construction"... I am starting out with the focals and then add smaller squeezed beads and "side-beads".....)
About today's beads: Except for the one strand of Chadwicks at the very end, today I have a variety of "Dead Fish Society" beads (formerly known as "fossils". They are similar to the tidepool series, but made on a base of black, while the tidepool beads are made on ivory. So, the fish here are ivory instead of black, which I guess looks more like fish-bones...there is a lot happening on these focals, each one is like a little painting that tells a story - and YOU are the one to interpret what is happening. The type of focals I made this time are very versatile, they can be turned into pendants, choker style necklaces, and even bracelets (that's whay I would do with one of these, or, wait, WILL do, since I might keep one for myself....)...When I made the side-beads I had visions of "Connie-Fox-style" bangles ( - but even wire-strung bracelet would be awesome (I hope that you guys send me pictures of finished jewely!). Anyway, I hope that these beads will inspire you to make something fun and definitely one of a kind...
# 1  -  Dead Fish Society flat focal
3 cm long, 21mm wide, $ 45 (SOLD)
# 2  -  Dead Fish Society, the Stubborn One, flat focal
This little fish cracks me up, she looks like he's banging her head against a wall, she must have teanage kids...34mm long, 19mm wide $ 45 (SOLD)
# 3  -  Yeahaaaa, down we go
And you thought dead fish can't have any fun? This one looks like he's ready to slide down the hill, head first. 32mm long, 19 mm wide, $ 42 (SOLD)
# 4  -  Dead Fish in the window, outch
I just love these window beads, inspired by Jennifer Geldard.... I don't know how Jen plans HER window beads, but mine are basically "rescue-operations" for beads that were supposed small squeezed beads and got squeezed slighty off-center....The "rescue" part takes a lot longer than making the bead to begin with, but the result is so worth the time. This one squished his nose in the window frame, poor fellow. But then again, he is already dead, only Lisa Williams can feel his pain. 24mm long, 18 mm wide, $ 40
# 5  -  Dead Fish - he moved on!
This fun window-bead is still part of the series, although the fish moved beyond the realm of the visible. Did he turn into sand? Intricate designs on both sides, love this one...(actually, I love all of them, what am I saying?!). 32mm long, 18 mm wide, $ 45
# 6  -  The Phantom of the Opera window
If I wanted to keep one of the focals from today's specials, it would be this one! Mostly because something happened in the process of framing this bead that I know I will never be able to reproduce, no matter how hard I tried: the little face on one side of the bead, that just looks like the mask in the "Phantom of the Opera". So, you might wonder why don't I just keep it? Good question, I might....but I wanted to SHOW it to you. But then again, someone else might enjoy it even MORE than me. So, as a compromise, I make it more expensive than the others, since it IS "extra-special" to me....3cm long, 19 mm wide, $ 60
# 7  -  Dead Fish Society on a roll
All of my long squeezed focals start out as a barrel, and sometimes the barrel is so perfect just the way it is that I don't have the hard to flatten it. So, this fish got away with having an eternety of being "on a roll". Good for him! 27mm long, 12 mm in diameter, $ 40 (SOLD)
That's it for the focals, now on to the matching beads:
# 8  -  Fish-barrels
These are 1 cm wide and 12 (11)mm in diameter, $ 16 each (SOLD)
# 9  -  Filets of Fish
A variety of smaller squeezed beads (average size is 13mm x 2 cm), both in the tide-pool design and the dead fish society - each of these is $ 20, except for the square one in the center, which has dichroic in it, and it's $ 25. Let me know which one you want by the position in the picture (top left, top right etc. ) (SOLD)
# 11  -  Ivory on Black
A variety of round beads with ivory on black. Sizes vary from 10mm to 15mm for the tallest bead...some are made on 1/16th mandrels, some on 3/32nd, for people who are working with heavy silver wire, the larger holes seem to be more popular. The two beads on the far left and far right have been etched. Prices are (from the left) $ 4, 4, 6, 6, 8, 10, 12, 10, 10
# 12  -  large hole "sliding beads"
These kind of beads are always fun in a bracelet design, I think....small narrow barrels and a square slider in silvered Ivory ($ 1 for the smallest, 3 for the square and the larger one, ), tiny dots on slim back disks ($ 4), larger dot pattern ($ 5), pinstripes with goldstone rim ($ 6) and a really LARGE hole ring with all kinds of patterns, goldstone and silver mesh, $ 8
 and finally, something completely different from all that fishy stuff: Chadwick beads! Haven't made any of these for way too long. This set was made with intense black on encased "SPECIAL AMBER ROSE", a color that is not officially available anymore, I won one pound this summer at the Frantz Artglass "Bash"'s similar to Rubino Oro, but warmer somehow, a perfect late fall color. These beads were etched and then rubbed with hand-lotion (Aveeda, if you need to know) - I love the result of this, you get the glow from the etching, but a little bit of the shine from the oil...and you can always re-rub with your own favorite lotion or oil...7 beads (total length of the strand is 3.5 inches) for $ 65 (SOLD)
Monday, November 5th  (also check the new FROG-SPECIALS)
# 1  -  Suncatcher medium orrbs
These beads might not look all that interesting in the picture, but I am very excited about a new twist in the "Life on the pond"-style...These beads were fumed with gold, and then the cold was "trapped" underneath the the light (especially in sunlight) the gold just sparkles deep get a glimpse of that sparkle in the bottom two beads. 5 medium sized flat orrbs (15mm in diameter) for $ 50 (SOLD)
# 2  -  Suncatcher Marblebeads
These beads are some of my all-time favorite designs I think - they are similar to the suncatcher orrbs above, but I added a big "blob" of crystal clear on each side and shapes them carefully into "marble-round" beads....the clear accentuates the gold-fuming and the more you look into the beads, the more you get lost in a different world. The picture really doesn't convey the beauty. I am usually not fond of round beads for bracelets, but I wrapped the strand around my wrist and I ALMOST decided to make something for myself, but then there is the old beadmakers mantra "I can always more more...blabla"....I definitely will. These are also 15 mm, strung with 6mm jet 2xAB Swarovsky Crystals, 6 beads for $ 125 (SOLD)
# 3  -  The Caveman drowned - can you hear the drums beat?
Sheri fell in love with these beads, and she has this new "hobby" of trying out all kinds of spacers and stuff (I have 8 plastic organizers with silver and pearls and things like that...but I know from experience that some of you have ROOMS full of boxes....right?). Anyway, a nice variety of fossil/tidepool/caveman orrbs and drums and a "JenGeldard"-style windowbead framed in silver plum, 5 lampwork beads, $ 95 (this strand could be easily turned into a bracelet by stringing it on softflex and adding a's over 7 inches long) (SOLD)
other side of the beads:
# 4  -  Purple Magic Medley
I haven't made much in purple lately, although purple is my favorite color....and the glass-gods have been really kind to us, with about 6 shades of "ink-blue"....I'm still waiting for that PERFECT opaque purple though. Anyway, the Purple Magic Medly pretty much speaks for itself, lots of different shapes and  textures - a few of the beads have been etched for that satiny feel. This strand is also "bracelet-ready"....7.5 inches long, 11 lampwork beads for $ 100 (AVAILABLE)
# 5  -  Dreaming of Spring already
Somehow we seem to gravitate towards muted colors in Fall in Winter....but I like to remember the beautiful colors of spring and summer, which always seems too short here in the Nortwest....a sweet little strand for a choker-style necklace, or maybe even a fancy keyholder as a Christmas present for a good friend....a 17 mm Encased floral with Stamen, 14 spacers, a mini-orrb and mini-lentil in lime-green, strung with oval Sterling beads (can you tell that Sheri had fun again? I have to keep her out of my silver box....she'll use it all up to string specials....)  $ 40 (SOLD)
And a bunch of fun focals as well:
# 6  -  The Original Tidepool Focal
This is the very first Tidepool focal, a flattened bicone, 1 3/4 inches long. I had this in my "beads for ebay"-box forever, together with the "Squeezed Tidepools" from my last sale...(I decided that it would be more fun to sell two smaller sets directly than one huge set on ebay...) - and I forgot to list the matching focal, which is quite a bit "simpler" than my later tidepools, but very beautiful, I think....$ 40 (SOLD)
# 7  -  Tidepool Torpedo
This 2 1/2 inch long torpedo-shaped Tidepool focal has lots of stuff going on, I tried to get a picture from all favorite little piece is the "rusty fence" that sank to the bottom. If beads could talk.....$ 60 (SOLD)
# 8  -  Spacejam Oval Lentil
I just love this bead - it's a larger version of last weeks "Space-Jam"....1 1/2 inch long, a little over 1 inch wide, which lots of sparkle and debth....I think that it would look great either as the centerpiece of a choker style necklace....or as a long necklace....$ 40
# 9  -  Twisted, not stirred
 This is a sweet little olive-shaped focal matching the "Purple Magic" set. 24cm high, $ 25 (SOLD)
# 10  -  Slim Tidepool Pendulum
3 cm long bead, matched with a fossilized coral.....$ 38 (can you tell that I'm running out of description stamina?) (SOLD)
# 11  -  You, me and the lamppost
If you are in a party mood, with all the upcoming holidays, this might be the perfect glitzy focal.  Jet-black, wrapped in sparkly green dichroic, decorated with metallic silver plum stringer and silver plum "tophats". 2 1/2 inch long, $ 30
Friday, October 26th
# 1  -  Party in Jail
A set of Chadwick style beads made with different colors of dichroic over different cores (as described in the newsletter) - and the raised stringer decoration is made with Silver Plum, for that cool brushed metal look....6 beads (10mm x 13mm, strand is 3 inches) for $ 68  (SOLD)
# 2  -  Party in Jail, next cell
same as above, just different beads (5 of them) and two shiny metallic spacers, $ 58 (SOLD)
# 3  -  Party Mix
Another fun strand of encased dichroic in different colors over different colored cores  and different shapes. Some of the beads were etched, which was a little bit of a stretch for me to try, since you wonder where that incredible sparkle of the dichroic goes when it's hidden under an icy layer....but I was curious, so I tried it with a few beads, and I actually like those a lot, especially with the contrast of the un-etched cousins....8 beads for $ 100 (SOLD)
# 4  -  Party Earring-pair in orange/red
This is a color dichroic I have never used before, an orangy yellow, and I wrapped it around amber for one of the beads and transparent red for the other. Way cool! The pair comes with tiny sterling beadcaps, I just wirewrapped it for easier photography, since I couldn't string them on my regular black cotton string, it wouldn't fit through the holes of the beadcaps....$ 25 (SOLD)
# 5  -  Party Earringpair in Blues
Same as above, comes with miniature bead-caps. There is no copper or red in these beads, it's just an effect that happened with the picture. I'm a little photographically challenged on these beads....that's another newsletter worthy topic, one of these days, $ 25. (SOLD)
# 6  -  Party Pendulum in Pinkish-Purple
Another pendulum (I am having so much fun with these, basically I am trying at least one for each beadstyle I am making....) - this one was hard to photograph as well, which I guess is good, because you know that it's going to be a pleasant experience when you open the package. the pink is MUCH brigher than in the picture....the cone is 1 inch long, encased dichroic over black, with silver plum stringer decoration....the bead at the end of the silver chain is a real amethyst....from one of my "special beadboxes".....$ 50 (SOLD)
 # 7  -  Space Jam
This set is probably my favorite new design this fall, it's not so much a "skill" thing, like the black and white stringer beads, but a "imagination" bead - how can you put "old" materials (well, except for the little snippets of silver-mesh, which just add a little bit something of interest, but are not the "back-bone" of the design) together in a new and exciting way. There is NO dichroic in these beads! This is definitely MY piece of pride for the time being - the designs are different on each side, but one picture will give you enough of an idea...7 superflat orrbs (7/8th inch) strung with 6 mm Swarovsky Chrystals for $ 150. (SOLD)
# 8  -  Spacejam Almost-Pendulum
Of course, I had to make a pendulum in the Spacejam - design, but then I didn't "dress it up", because I figured that there might be people who would actually wear this as a pendant, and all the pendulum stuff like the beadcap, chain and end-bead plus the time it takes me to put it all together would be wasted for them. So, you can either get the bead the way it is (1 inch long) for $ 40 or the finished pendulum for $ 55. (SOLD)
# 9  -  Global Warming
This is a small set of cool beads that I'll never be able to make again - the patterns and colors you see are made with just ONE glass rod, applied to the mandrel, heated, squished, heated again and squished again. No ivory dots or anything! When Mike got the second before last shipment of Vetrofond Limited Edition colors, there were a few rods in one bunch (I THINK it was riverrock, but I'm not sure) that were looking different than the rest of the rods...Mike pulled those out and had his niece Stacey make a paddle with it, and he let me have about 5 inches of this glass that just does the coolest things - but he doesn't have the glass for sale because HE doesn't even know what it is, and he can't get more....what a shame.....I made three beads with a flat mini-orrb in the center and two blobs of crystal clear on each the second picture you can see that the glass looks totally different whether it's encased or not. The clear blobs not only give a lot of depth to the beads, but they also add enough glass to turn the beads into a "marble round", which is nice for a change..... The center bead is 1/2 inch in diameter.....$ 35 (SOLD)
# 10  -  Bionic Icecream
This was one of those beads that were at the verge of ending up with a dramatic sizzle in the water-jar on top of my studio-table...I was trying to make a dichroic cone bead for a pendulum, and they have to be perfectly centered to swing right, and this bead was defying all my marvering efforts....and I always have Loren Stumps "famous" beadmaking advice in the back of my head ("The longer it takes, the better it does not get") - so, I was just about ready to sacrifice it to the gods of f...dupbeads....when I gave it one more chance to live by applying raised random "drops" of silver plum.....and now it's actually very charming in a different way. My first instinct was to call it "Icecream from Hell"....but then I'm always thinking of Bead-mom Peg, and what she would think about my names, so, I refrained from any such reference and called it "Bionic Icecream"....One inch long...$ 30 (AVAILABLE)
# 11  -  Superlong Tidepool Focal
I'm not tired yet of the Tidepool-design, especially when I have new shapes to play with, like this cool extra-long Cattwalk oval lentil...This bead is over 2 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch thick, just about as perfect as I can make it...$ 85 (SOLD)
 # 12  -  Sheri's got the Blues
Hi everyone, it's Sheri.  I have been waiting for this moment for months - Corina finally gave in to me but said "you list those yourself!".  You see, Corina doesn't just have the beads she makes for a particular specials sale, but boxes of beads she does not sell.  There is her, "No, those are not good enough"- box, or her " those have to go on  Ebay"- box, and the "made for the next book"- box and on and on."  Here I sit looking at all these beautiful beads thinking there must be a way of selling them or at least talk her into parting with SOME of them.  What a better way I thought than to put together some sets.   The first  strand is 8 1/2" long.  Corina had some of these beads for sale about a month ago, but they didn't sell, so I took them apart and gave them the Sheri touch.  I combined the handmade beads with a lot of bali-silver, colorful spacers, some very tiny "cosmic fudge" beads I found in another one of those "secret boxes" and most important SPARKLES!  I wanted to ask $ 150, but Corina said "no way", so we settled on $ 85 for the strand. I LOVE these.....
Monday, October 22nd
AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, sometimes these computers drive me crazy, I already spend 45 minutes on this update, and then when I clicked "update" this dreaded "sorry, webpage could not be found" notice grinned wickedly on the screen. Basically, every thing I listed disappeared, with all my witty little comments. Oh well, I guess there is something to be said for "keeping it down with the basics"...(that doesn't sound like a proper English expression, but I guess you know what I mean). So, without further ado, all the sets that Sheri and I put together from the 45 black and white beads I made over the past four days. I had written all kinds of comments on the "balance of color and design"....but you can figure that out for yourself, I am sure. I also couldn't come up with any interesting names for these sets (although Sheri is insisting that these beads are telling a story, she got reminded of groups of high school girls with their attires and attitudes, but for me, they were mostly challenges of how thin a stringer I could wield...), but enough talk, here are the beads:
(oh, and if you wonder how big these beads are, the average size is 10mm wide x 13mm high, each strand has 9 beads, a mix of complex designs with those "insanely thin stringer", and "regular" designs with simple mix of beads with either dots and lines). Price per strand is $ 95.
# 1  -  Black and White beads (ha! how's that for creativity?) (SOLD)
# 2  -  more black and white beads (SOLD)
# 3  -  still "only" black and white beads (SOLD)
# 4  -  what else than black and white beads? (SOLD)
# 5  -  one last set of black and white beads  (SOLD)
# 6  -  The Warrior Woman's Bead
Typically I would have called this bead "Towanda"....but I don't want you to get bored with my naming. Definitely nothing boring about the bead itself - somewhat "standard" ingredients for my cave-art/fossil beads: twisted cane, dichroic, CZ, goldstone, murrini, silver-mesh, petroglyphs, but the new Cattwalk Oval lentil lends a perfect canvas to the unfolding drama of the cave-woman, pointing her bow at absolutely nothing but her own fears, (blablabla)....the copper-dichroic look is WAY cool, one of those beads that I'm almost tempted to keep.....but then it would be just another blob on an already huge pile of "ah, can't let go of this one".....and that's no fun either.. 1 1/2 inches long....(SOLD)
and a  couple of "vintage" beads (made in January 2007...which seems like AGES ago). Nice shades of greenish blues (I guess that's called "teal"), with veines of blue dichroic.
#  7  -  No Jaws, $ 30 (SOLD)
Thursday, October 18th
# 1  -  The Devil is in the Detail
In most of the beads or sets today you'll see snippets of the "silver-mesh"....I guess that's a beadmaker's disease, the urge to use a "cool new ingredient" (new being relative) in just about everything that gets born in the flame....this set also has a beautiful Lauscha transparent red I picked up at Mike's the other day (no, it's not a new glass, I had just forgotten about it). And then a little reminder to me that Sony camera's do not like red- no matter what I do (even the magical "diffused lighting"), the red on the screen has nothing to do with the red in the bead. Of course, the red in the bead is much much prettier, otherwise I would have kept my mouth shut. 6 encased round beads, 6 black spacers and 3 heart "charms" for $ 95  (the red is not as "tomatoey" as in the picture). SOLD
 I made a few more pendulums....these are fun to put together, and I take them all for a very short "test-spin", to make sure they hang right....
# 2  -  Caveman dancing with the Stars Pendulum
Can you tell that I am watching too much TV lately while making beads? I even know that the movie "Caveman and Carpoolers" is NOT a joke....The pendulum is a little over one inch long (I blew up the picture for now particular reason...), and the little patch of dichroic is interesting, because it changes color dramatically depending on the angle of which you look at it...$ 50 (SOLD)
# 3  -  The Shipwreck Pendulum
Gee, my pictures are "gigantesque"'s okay when the bead is good, but if there was a would jump right into your face (hmmm, I better check the pictures really carefully before hitting "update"....). I am trying to stretch my "blue-muscles", now I have a whole pile of twisties and murrini....and one thing I learned in beadmaking this SOMETIMES less is more (and sometimes more is more....that's okay too). This one is on the less part....and it's just's really makes you feel like you look down in the ocean, and something is down there....besides the radiator grill of the Kia.....The bead itself is one inch long, $ 50 (This one is Sheri's favorite, and it's driving her crazy that she can't make it move....) (SOLD)
# 4  -  The Cat got into the Tidepool Pendulum
This is probably MY favorite of today's pendulums, so I don't know why I only took one picture of it, but I guess you just have to trust me on this one. On the other end of the 8 inch chain is a tiny ivory orrb with goldstone swirls, which matches the design in the tidepool bead. $ 50 (SOLD)
Speaking of "Tidepools"....last week I offered my "private reserve" focal for sale....and before sending it out (actually, the lady who bought it lives literally around the corner and will come and pick it up), I wanted to make a similar bead, to keep the design elements "in front of me" (although I have pictures of all of my beads, nothing compares to the "real thing" for remembering how it was made). Needless to say, I didn't manage one bead to even come close to what I was trying to make - but I came up with some interesting shapes!
# 5  - What's the turtle doing in the tidepool?
This bead shaped "itself" in a way, I was trying to make a big flat lentil, but didn't get enough glass for it, and when I pressed it one of the edge came out "riffled", obviously because of the difference in surface tension of the parts that were covered with silver and the ones that were not. I contemplating melting it back and "cleaning up" the edge, but ever after my class with Jennifer Geldard I have learned to see that beauty in the "not always perfect" way to make beads (and I am not implying that Jennifer doesn't know how to make perfect beads...) - but I am talking about "a-symmetrical" and things like that. So, I very much like this bead....which is about 1 3/4 inches high...$ 45
Before I show you the next two sets of beads, I wanted to share part of an email I received about a week ago (and of course, whenever I quote emails, I don't say names...):
"Dear Corina,

A couple of months ago, I bought a similar Tidepool pendant bead from you which you had already wrapped.  I love the bead! 

I designed a necklace with the focal hanging from a nice silver oval chain I had, but my design really needs 3 5 smaller beads to complete and balance it.  I am a full breasted lady and the lone bead sort of looks like a finger going down into my cleavage, when I wear a tank topnot something a 59 year old woman should be pointing atLOL!  "
Not that I can talk too much of the problems of cleavage myself, but I had to laugh at her "issue"....I had a strand of squeezed tidepool beads for a couple of month, couldn't make up my mind what to do with them (= keep or sell), but the idea of the pointing finger softened my beadmakers heart. I have 8 of these beads, which are full of detail and on the expensive side, so I split the strand up into two "short-stashes":
# 6  -  Squeezed Tidepool with Starfish, $ 90 (SOLD)
# 7  -  Squeezed Tidepool with Oyster, $ 85 (SOLD)
# 8 - Seabreeze
This is another set of "fancy" squeezed beads in an aquatic theme....another strand I had in my "cigar-box for special occasions"...and the special occasion arised when Sheri's Aunt Marnie needed a birthday present for her daughter....Sheri liked these beads best, so, the monster strand was broken up and this is what is left: (The flash took out a bit of the detail in the center of the strand, as usual, they are prettier in person.) 6 beads (perfect amount for a bracelet) for $ 120 (SOLD)
 # 9  -  Oceanshores
Something a little smaller for a change, actually, the bead is not all that small, it's 23mm long and 20 mm wide (I tried to say that in inches, but what do you call a measurement that is exactly between 1 3/4 inches and 2 inches?)....lots of blue, encased and decorated on the surface...the picture pretty much shows it all....$ 25 (SOLD)
 # 10  -  Tidepool Egg
I almost forgot my favorite focal of the day: the perfect Tidepool EGG. I was meaning to make a lentil - but then the bead was so perfectly eggshaped that I didn't have to heart to smash it... $ 85 (SOLD)
Saturday, October 13th
# 1  -  It's Magic, again
This set is one of those eternal mysteries, if you remember the 2nd Edition of PTF, page 175, I describe how to get the look - and after I wrote that, for over 3 years I couldn't get it to look the same ever again. Well, I finally managed, on a nice strand of mid-size orrbs (15mm in diameter) - and I got some new designs as well. These beads don't photograph well at all, but it's a nice balance between the "muddy" look of annealed coppergreen, the metallic sheen of Kugler Silver Blue, and some blueish green inbetween. 9 beads (a total of 5 1/2 inches for $ 95. (SOLD)
# 2  -  It's Magic - Pendulum
I'm getting totally hooked on making pendulums, but again, if you like the bead, and you're not into the esoteric stuff, you can turn it into a pendant by exchanging the chain for a bail.
This one is one inch long, and it swings very nicely, I gave it a test-run. $ 45 (SOLD)
 # 3 - Blue Bayou Balls
These started out as "experimentals" (like: "Hey, let's check out what happens if I try THIS) - but in the end they all worked together perfectly. 6 round beads (and if you make beads yourself, you know that there is a long way between a "round" bead and a round bead. Cobalt blue, Kronos, Clear, a little frit and silver blue here and there, handmade murrini, Cubic Zirconia, very nice. 6 beads for $ 50 (SOLD)
# 4  -  Sheri's Pick
Sheri somehow had her eyes forever on one of the specials from last month that was left over, and she restrung it with some stuff inbetween - 3 hours later,  it almost looks like a finished choker-length necklace...all it needs are some more black beads on the ends and a clasp....beads "almost ready to go" - and Sheri with a big proud smile on her face. Six flat orrbs in ivory and intricate khaki stringer decoration (my favorite bead is the one with the leaf-pattern, I'm quite proud of that....all of the beads have a rim or edges in metallic silver plum, strung with faceted Swarovski rondells, Bali silver and some kind of stone-beads at the end for $ 85 (which includes a measly $ 5 tip for Sheri!) (SOLD)
 # 5  -  Sparkly Waters
Lots of blue in this weeks specials, blue is not exactly my color, even my BLUE-JEANS are black....but this week it just felt right. All kinds of stuff going on in this strand of 7 flat orrbs - twisties with goldstone, murrini, dichroic, turquoise enamel. goldstone stringer and silver blue dots and lines. I just realized that the CENTER bead (basically just encased goldstone with silver-blue caps) has a hairline-crack in the center. So, it's NOT officially part of the set, though I leave it in their, and even will try to make another one, replacing the non-compatible Kugler Metallic with one of the "104-metallic glasses"....but there is no charge. So, six complex orrb-beads for $ 66 (SOLD)
 # 6  -  Tidepool, "Private Reserve"
A few month ago I had a series of Tidepool-focals, and I kept 2 or 3 of the ones I liked best for myself, to turn into pendants for me. Well, I turned ONE into a pendant, one got abducted by the dog and has yet to be found (and yes, I looked in that special area of the might not have desintegrated enough, I won't go out and "sift"....hehe) - so, there is ONE that hasn't met any fate yet, and before it does, I think it would be better in YOUR hands: all kinds of sealife here, starfish, dead fish (the cat got into the tidepool. As she licked her whiskers, she commented "A bit of soysauce would have been good, but at least I didn't have to figure out how to open the darn can!"), octopus leftovers, barnacles.... just another stormy day in the tidepool (as you can see, the somewhat jewish looking "rims" on the top and bottom aren't exactly centered. ) One of the things I am learning with "older" age is: either you make it perfect, or, if you don't, you better find a reason why less perfect sounds better, and since YOUR body is leaning towards the less perfect more every day, you better sharpen the brain so you can convince everybody including yourself that perfection is not compatible with "character". Either that, or by a boxflex.... ah, did I say how much? $ 65. And if I hadn't thought it was perfect in it's own way, I wouldn't have kept it for myself....(Or, WAIT - my memory is going the way of the body - maybe I kept it because it wasn't perfect??????? good thing I have aged well since two month ago. (SOLD, more in this design coming soon)
# 7  -  Girls gone Wild
There are two wild ones involved in the set - ME (in January of this year, ohmy, I hope nobody but ME remembers)...when I made these beads - and Sheri, when she took apart the watch I made with these for myself ("You never wear a watch anyway, so you think you have a reason to be, I'll take charge of this one!") - and she went through my spacerbox, and this is what she came up with: They are bright, but at the same time a little muted because of the darker enamels I rolled some of the beads in. there are parts with Dichroic, Murrini, silver blue, all the things we have available to make beads look cool without putting all that much effort into it (oh, did I say that?)....anyway, if you feel like you want to decorate the wild side (without going on Safari) - this might be just it, 5 beads and 14 spacers (which could also be counted as "20 beads"...sounds more expensive, doens't it?)  for $ 75.
Monday, October 8th
I have some really cool African style beads today - I'm not sure about the fashion this fall, but as far as I am concerned, some colors and designs are just timeless.... but instead of me talking about it - why don't you take a look:
# 1  -  Wild Ones on the Roundabout.
A beautiful strand of "classic" encased animal prints (Tiger, with embedded CZ), leopard, cheetah, zebra), a giraffe and some "tribal" beads with black, ivory and reddish brown. Each bead is about 10mm x 12 mm, the entire strand is 3 3/4 inches long.
9 beads for $ 95. (SOLD)
# 2  -  Beads on the Warpath
The following strand is inspired by the shields of the African Zulu-tribe:
Each bead is 10mm wide and 17mm long, perfect for a bracelet! Most of the design on these beads are different on each side, so, I am showing two pictures of the same strand. 7 beads for $ 85. (my favorite bead in this set is the one with the "Healing Hand" on one side and the "Evil Eye" on the other....)  (SOLD)

# 3  -  A Safari-sampler
I was in a bit of a playful mood, and I don't have to say much about these beads - other than that I added some glass beads from my jewelry supply boxes...this would make a fantastic "Jen-style" bracelet. 11 lampwork beads and "lotsastuff" for $ 100. (SOLD)
# 4  -  Lampwork Pendulum in Kronos with diamond flowers
This is something I have wanted to make for the longest time - a lampwork pendulum. If you have no idea what this is or what you're supposed to do with it - never mind (though if you like the BEAD, you could cut the chain off and wear it as a pendant...). If you DO like and/or use pendulums, you'll love it!  The bead is 1 inch long, and mounted with Sterling Silver beads, beadcap and chain (the chain is 9 inches long). $ 40 (SOLD)
# 5  -  Lampwork pendulum in Kronos with clear raised spirals - this bead is slightly shorter then 1 inch, $ 32 (SOLD)
Friday, October 5th
I was planning on making another big Halloween set, based on the two beads I had made in my HW-mood, but then I sat down at the torch yesterday, to add some more spooky beads - and it was GONE. The mood, I mean. So, instead Sheri picked some matching spacers and I am offering these as "mini-focals" for two bracelets, that you can "fill-up" with all kinds of Halloween-bead-goodies from your own collection. I am not putting a price on these - today it's "Silent Auction", just let me know which bead you are interested in, and how much it's worth to you.... Each bead has TWO different, the two strands you are seeing underneath each title are the "front and back" of the same set. The center beads are 3/4" x 3/4", with the spacers the strans are 2 inches long.
# 1  -  Ding-dong the witch is gone (SOLD)
# 2 -  That bats ME (SOLD)
# 1  -  Halloween, no doubt

It took me three days to make this set (don't ask me WHY, it just did), but even me, who is not really into seasonal beads all that much, loves these beads. Except for the pumpkins, all beads have a different design on each side, so, the two strands I am showing are just two images of the same set. Each bead is approximately 15mm wide, the entire strand measures 5 1/2 inches, and I'll throw in some spacers and a little "charm" bead...$ 175. (SOLD)
All other Specials are circling around on the FROG page right now
# 1 - Back to the Brights ONE

These beads always remind me of summer, and looking out of the window, geeee, I miss summer already. It's 57 degrees, windy and wonder there are so many glassartists in the Northwest....the flame keeps us warm. 6 beads and 4 spacers (I guess spacers are also "beads", but not really, somehow)  $ 50 (SOLD)
# 2  -  Back to the Brights TWO, 7 beads and 4 spacers for $  60  (SOLD)
# 3  -  Back to the Brights THREE, (can't come up with any fancy description, but that's one of the advantages of beads that are not made from any reactive glass: what you see is what you get...), 10 beads and 8 spacers for $ 85 (SOLD)
# 4  -  Etched Batique Mini Orrbs, just fun to look at each bead, I never get tired of working with these colors. You can either get the entire strand of 14 beads (7 inches) for $ 100, or half a strand for $ 50 of course  (SOLD)
# 5  -  Shiny Batique Mini Orrbs, same as above, there are 14 beads (it seems that's how many I can make in one "sitting" without temporily running out of ideas). $ 100 for the full strand of 14 beads (7 inches), $ 50 for half a strand....(SOLD)
And some matching focals:
# 6  -  "Alfred Hitchcock" just one of these things I discovered when I took the picture of the bead. Can you see the bird? it's way cool, because the bird just happened in a random design, I didn't PLAN on making a bird at all. I am sure that whoever will get this etched 2 1/4 flat focal will see all kinds of things in this bead.  $ 40
# 7  -  "James Bond"....what's James Bondish about this? take a guess....2 inch long flat focal with raised "suction cups"....this bead is shiny, but could be etched if someone would prefer this look. $ 25 (SOLD)
# 8  - Chagall,  again, random design, framed in Silver Plum - and somehow the patters reminded me of Chagalls dreamy paintings. 2 inch long flat focal, very cool $ 50
# 9  -  "My precious" Mini Orrbs, the combination of goldstone stringer design on Silver Plum is an old "favorite" of mine, which I must have made first during my time of the 100th's re-run of the Lord of the Rings....I have made this in all kinds of shapes, but never in the Mini-orrb, but of course, since this shape and size is my favorite lately, this is also my favorite "My Precious" version. 12 beads for $ 85. These would look great with some kind of copper spacers....(SOLD)
# 10  -  "The Shining"   (can you tell that I watch a lot of movies while making beads?). Anyway, this is an "eclectic" collection of beads made with a variety of silver-reactive glass (mostly Double Helix, but also Precision glass). I have at least a few rods of pretty much every color ever made (and since I live close the "THE SOURCE", I also have lots of odd colors that never make it into the stores), but for some reason those colors don't "get me carried away" like some beadmakers. I still prefer the bright, crisp colors, or the simple contrast between black and white or black and ivory...anyway, I DO play with the shiny stuff (of course, I LOVE it for my frogs and lizards)....and here is a little collection which I think would make an awsome bracelet, mixed with lots of stuff and imagination. And you even get a miniature frog charm with this 5 inch strand of beads. These are a lot prettier in person than in the picture....8 beads plus frog for $ 85 (SOLD)
# 2  -  Creamy Dreams, "Bejewelled".
Elegant raked designs on flat orrbs, a little bit of metallic silver plum, silvered Khaki and gold lined dots. $ 80 (SOLD)
# 3  -  Creamy Nightmares
a "Jen-set" (inspired by the bracelet I made that was inspired by one of Jennifer Geldards you can see on the "Tales from the Torch" page). A fun variety of beads in ivory, khaki, goldstone and silver plum....6 beads for $ 90 (SOLD)
# 4  -  Cosmic Fudge
Perfect for a bracelet just by themselves, but they would also go well as "spacers" with any of the sets above. 7 beads for 48
# 5 -  Wild at Heart
Another "Jen-set" a la Corina, lots of stuff going on here, this would definitely turn into a great "converstaion-piece" bracelet, 8 beads for $ 125  (SOLD)
# 6 -  Slimbalabim
A very skinny bicone, 2 1/2 inches long, 10 mm at the widest point, would make a great matching pendant for the set above. Lots of sparkle! $ 45 (SOLD)
#  7  -  Blue Bayou
I don't have to describe this one, since you can pretty much see everything that's going on in here, 1 1/2 inch diameter flat lentil, $ 50 (SOLD)
# 8  -  Satin Chadwicks in Fuschia with Heart
No comment necessary on this set - I am still having fun with the raised stringer decoration on slightly etched colors...lets see, I had made these in Amber, grey, blue....oh, I have lots of colors left to go....
6 beads strung with 4 mm black SC and Sterling hearts, and a 3/4 inch heart-charm bead for $ 75 (SOLD)
# 9  -  Satin Fuschia Chadwick "sampler"
Sampler sounds a lot better than "leftovers", doesn't it? 4 beads and "stuff" for $ 35 (SOLD)
Wednesday, September 19th (A few beads left here...)
One of the bead-types I fell in love with when I discovered lampworking 9 years ago was the encased Floral. I still love them, but there is so much else to do with glass that I only dig out my "underwater gardener hat" once in a while. And with each bead I TRY to do something a little bit different than I have already done in the's encased florals are all a nice medium focal-size (17-18mm in diameter) with two large flowers with stamen,  a bunch of tiny white flowers, green foliage and green dichroic.
# 1  -  After the rain
This bead is perfect for a short necklace, I took the photograph with the mandrel, so you can see where the hole is, the back is flattened so it will rest nicely on your neck. Lots of clear in this one, it almost looks like a big dew-drop with flowers in it. The whole is not big enough to pull a chain through it, so the necklace would have to be strung on softflex or corld. $ 32 (SOLD)
# 2  -  Christmas is coming, elongated petals of ivory over amber, $ 34 (SOLD)
# 3  -  Nature does it better, BUT,  purpel petals with a thin white stringerline in the center, $ 34 (SOLD)
# 4  -  Classic in Pink, $ 30
# 5  -  Monet under Water, $ 25
and a couple of long focals in the "dreamy Monet look", I love the way these turned out, especially the pink roses. The photographs are a little over-exposed, sorry about that (I know, I could probably put more effort into learning how to take those PERFECT photos, but I rather spend my time trying to make perfect beads, since it's going to be the BEAD you'll be wearing, and not the photograph...)
# 6  -  Out in the Garden,
Monet Barrel with "Italian Marble" rims and goldstone bands, 2 1/4 inches long, $ 75 (SOLD)
# 7  -  Exhausted Out in the Garden, a flat Monet-bead with lots of goldstone vines and all kinds of flowers on both sides, 2 inches long, $ 75 (SOLD)
# 8  -  Jellyfish on Turquoise
 5 beads and 7 little real turqouise round "pillbox" beads (4 mm) for $ 40.00   
# 2 -  Satin Grey Lanterns, come with silver beadcaps, perfect for earrings, $ 30 (AVAILABLE)
#  3  -  Lizard with a Thyroidproblem, this guy has a LONG story to him.....price: make an offer, any offer will be considered!! (SOLD for $ 50)
Monday, September 17th
Here are the new beads (I am adding one at a time...maybe with a cup of coffee inbetween)
A pretty strand of "Monet" style squeezed florals with a frog, a ladybug and a nasty little snail (which I actually found on one of the plants outside last night, so I made him sit model as a payback). $ 125 (SOLD)
and some close-ups of the main actors in this Gardenia-Comedia:

# 2  -  PEBBLES FROM THE PAST, Marshall's shirt inspiration
8 squeezed fossil beads that were slightly etched for that crunchy "stone"-feel, mixed with all kinds of stuff from my bead-boxes...$ 110 (SOLD)
# 3  -  JELLYFISH FROM A 1000 FATHOMS, a "Passing The Flame" original, from page 175....I haven't made any of these in maybe 5 years, but they are still beautiful, I think. 8 beads and spacers from one of my Thailand trips, $ 80 (SOLD)
# 4  -  FALL IS IN THE AIR, rats
For this set I had great "aspirations"...I was aiming for at least 10 beads in all kinds of different fall "jewel-tones", which allegedly are in fashion this year....but honestly, they are just not my colors, so, this is it....the flat encased floral orrb on the right is a "silent part" of the strand...honestly, squeezing encased florals this flat doesn't look all that hot, it distorts the flowers too much, still, since I made it as part of the set, you'll get it as a bonus. $ 60 (SOLD)
# 5  -  Check-mates in Russia, Black and white mini-orrbs with a little bit of red for accent (remember Mr. Big and his red bedroom wall? For some reason I can't look at red beads anymore without a little grin...I sure miss that program, though I have to admit I am now hooked on the DVD collection of "Six Feet Under"....11 orrbs and 4 spacers for $ 85 (SOLD)
Thursday, September 13th
Today I have three sets (more in my head...not that that does YOU do any good), I am still playing with the "Symphonie Fantastique" idea, so, in the next weeks you will see a lot of "Variations on a Theme". Hey, Bach could do it, why not me?
5 flat orrbs (3/4 inch in diameter) in Periwinkle with ivory decoration and light transparent blue "wings". I strung these with little creamy freshwater pearls, which add to the "gentle" look of these beads. The strand is 5 1/2 inches long,  (the hue of the blue doesn't quite look right on my screen, it's more BLUE than the picture)  (SOLD)
# 2  -  Vi-Va-VERTEBRAE
8 flat orrbs (3/4)  in ivory and light transparent brown, these were a lot of fun to make - a twist of those "long time ago" round vertebrae beads...these are strung with Thai-silver which I actually bought IN Thailand....not that this makes them any more special, but none-the-less. 6 3/4 inches of beads, if you have enough "stuff" to combine these with, you could make 2 bracelets, or a necklace and a bracelet....or, whatever. SOLD
 # 3  -  Bridal Bouquet in purple
A small set of 3 squeezed beads, purple swirly-roses on antique white with dichroic and transparent green stringer decoration. Strung with 4 mm tanzanite chrystals and silver beads.  (SOLD)
This bead is in "honor" of my friend Chris Buzzini (, who taught me how to make petals and buds and stamen and all kinds of cool things for flowers...Except for the stem and the leaves, all parts were made seperately and then applied to the bead, which gives it a special three dimensional "texture" you could not achieve if you would make the flowers on the bead....2 inches long, $ 45 (AVAILABLE)
A flat tabular shaped bead (2 inches) with a variety of fossilish thingies...and the fish-bone looks as if he is sliding down the octopus-leg-like part yelling "Yeeehaaaaa"....(SOLD)
and lots of new frogs, on the frog-specials page, but a little later.....
Friday, 7th of September
The first set today is one of my favorite sets I have made this year (still not THE most favorite, which is sitting in my "to-be-ebayed-cigarbox)....I was briefly considering putting this strand on eBay, but then again, if I think it's worth more than I would "dare" asking for it, I can have my own little "auction". So, instead of putting a price on it, I will do the "best offer" thing I have here once in a while. If you are interested in this strand, email me and let me know how much they would be worth to YOU....and then they go to the highest bidder, so to speak, at the end of the day.
They are called "Simple Elegance", 10 mini-orrbs (1/2 inch diameter), in green dichroic over an ink-blue core, encased in clear, and decorated with ivory. I added some coin shaped freshwater pears and a silver tassle....absolutely stunning, if I may say so. Email me with your offer:
 # 2  -  Simply Elegant Chadwicks
The same colors as above (ink-blue base, greenish dichroic, crystal clear encasing with ivory stringer decoration).....actually, I have 3 sets of these (if you need more than 5 beads for your project, you can ask for 2 sets)... they are just plain fun. These are actually more difficult to make than the ones on black with intense black stringer decoration - the ivory is a lot softer than the clear, so it takes real finesse with the flame to make the ivory stick to the clear without overheating it and melting it flat by accident. These were made with a lot of not so polite can get the idea.... Each bead is $ 10.00, so, # 2 is $ 50, the other two strands will be a little more because Sheri and I spent the last 2 hours dediding what would look good with the lampwork....we are still not done....(SOLD)
 # 3    -   Simply Elegant Chadwicks with AB chrystals, $ 53 (SOLD)
one more, # 4  - strung with silver beads and 8mm potatoe-shaped freshwater pearls. This strand is $ 58 (SOLD)
Thursday, 6th of September
The first set is a combination of "fresh beads" and some that lingered in my cigarbox since December last year - the two beads on the ends of the strand are "seconds", since they didn't fill the orrb mold out entirely. The set is  $ 70  (SOLD)
# 2  -  ELEGANCE Mini Orrbs
A 7 inch long strand of black beads with metallic stringer decoration and a few in the "Rising Sun" style with palladium leaf and silver lined lavender dots. Enough for a bracelet, or maybe 2, if you add silver and other "stuff". 17 beads for $ 125  (SOLD)
# 3  - Greenery
This strand was made as a custom order - and then the lady didn't claim her beads...So, I am offering them here, maybe somebody else can use them....9 beads and 8 spacers for $ 70 (SOLD)
Wednesday, 5th of September - a couple of "Midnight-Specials":
These two sets are called "Elephant Candy"....Intricate ivory stringer decoration on SMALL flat orrbs (1/2 inch in diameter, except for the center one). The design is on both sides of the beads, perfect to match the fall-fashion of neutral colors (or so I have been told). Set 1  consists of 11 beads (5 3/4 inches), $ 100,  Set 2 has 9 beads and is $ 82. Both sets come with a SURPRISE!!!  (both SOLD)
 Monday, September 3rd. As I mentioned on the main page, today is "RANDOM DISTRIBUTION", so, you don't have to be the first to ask....I will do like a little "drawing" after 10 pm. For now, I am just adding the pictures here as I edit them in Photoshop, names and prices later...(beadsets pictures are up now, next I'll list single beads, then frogs, but first, time for a coffee break)
# 1 - Satin Grey Chadwicks
6 "Chadwick style" beads (basically raised stringer on round beads, for those of you who are new to the "world of Corinabeads"), strung with silver disks, length of the strand is      3 1/4. $ 50 (SOLD)
# 2 - Satin Chadwicks in Amber
Same as above, but seven beads, strung with brass nuggets. 3 1/2 inches of beads for $ 58 (SOLD)
# 3 - Shiny Chadwicks in Ink-blue
7 beads with little glass bicones (not lampwork), 4 inches. These can be etched on request! $ 58 (SOLD)
# 4 - Beadcapped Chadwicks in Ink-Blue
I am very excited about this set - a new "twist" on the Chadwick style - I made beads with beadcaps (those are NOT separate, they are part of the bead). I focused on my favorite design, the delicate lines from hole to hole, and I also made little matching rondell spacers. 15 beads, 5 1/4 inches for $ 90 (SOLD)
# 5 - Glitz and Glamour Chadwicks ONE
A variation on last weeks "Spectacular C-beads" - but with purple/pink dichroic instead. Just spectacular, if I may say so. 6 beads strun with black mini-bicones (4 1/4 inches) for $ 85 (SOLD)
# 6  - Glitz and Glamour TWO
Same beads as above, but with Swarovsky Crystal as spacers. I don't know what that particular cut is called, but they are transparent and black at the same time. Very cool. 6 beads with spacers measure 4 1/2 inches, $ 90 (SOLD)
# 7  - Idiots Delight
You might wonder what these beads have to do with "idiots", but it's a design I came up with years ago, and for a while people were trying to figure out how I got all the stripes in the little beads - and I claimed that any "idiot beginning beadmaker" could make these...Which is still true, I think. 7 beads with spacers, 3 1/2 inches for $ 44 (SOLD)
 # 8 -  Purple Delight, "Variety Strand"
each bead could be used for a different project, but I think they would also make a fun bracelet....8 beads, 4 1/2 inches, $ 58 (SOLD)
# 9 - The Fire Within
Thin Orrb shaped beads ( 3/4 inch in diameter), with dichroic, black, clear and metallic silver plum. Very elegant. 6 beads, 4 1/2 inches, $ 84 (SOLD)
# 10  - The Eye of the Beholder
Interesting designs in Black, Ivory, transparent Grey and dark red accent stripes (allegedly, this is one of the fashionable color-combinations this summer). Four beads, matched with some carved Coral from my personal "stuff-collection", red spacers and Silver Rondells which I bought in Bangkok a couple of years ago....5 1/2 inches, $ 80 (SOLD)
# 11 - Casual Reaction
Intricate stringer-design in turquoise on a muted blue-green-grey Lauscha glass, which causes the thin outline in the center of the turquoise stringer....The center bead has a little bit of green dichroic, but otherwise these beads look very casual. 5 beads, 3 3/4 for $ 50 (SOLD)
# 12 - Casual Reaction with Purple
The name pretty much says it all, as does the picture, $ 40 (SOLD)
# 13 - Life on the pond
Organic looking medium sized orrbs in Kronos and Clear, 7 beads, 4 3/4 inches for $ 60 (SOLD)
# 14 - Life on the Pond, well rounded
Some "simple" encased beads with Kronos and Frit, 9 beads, 2 1/2 inches, $ 40 (SOLD)
# 15  - Fossil Mini-Orrbs
This one is an "Encore" from last month, very small orrbs (1/2 inch in diameter), jam-packed with intricate detail, including silverer ivory, dichroic, starburst murrini, goldstone, silver lined dots, just fun. 7 beads, 3 1/2 inches, $ 100   (SOLD)
Oh, and I almost forgot this one (one of these days I am actually going to keep one set of this design for myself)
# 16  - Deluxe Butchard Garden Set with Frog
I will never get tired of this color-combination and the squeezed shape, although it takes me forever to prepare all the canes for this design. The "backside" of the beads is equally intricate, but no raised they are very comfortable to wear. 8 beads - 5 1/2 inches for $ 150  (SOLD)
I am having fun with the dichroic - two really nice slender tubes.
# 17 - Sails up
This focal is 2 1/4 long, jet black with a raised dichroic triangle and metallic dots and ends.
$ 50
# 18  -  A Fresh Breeze
2 1/4 long skinny barrel with embedded dichroic and raised metallic swirls. $ 55
# 19 -  The Wallflower
I hope you never had to BE one, it's much more fun owning one...3/4 inch flat orrb, silvered ivory with intense black swirls and ink-blue flowers on both sides..I matched it with pearls and smoky quartz, nice for a choker or the center bead in a bracelet. $ 20 (SOLD)
# 20 - Chinese Take-out
Great earrings for people with short hair - the light shines through the clear edges of the flat and white designs framed with tomatoe-red and clear. SOLD 
# 21 - Where is the darn fuse?
A fun new shape (I have more of these, but nothing that would make a matching pair), perfect for earrings, glimmery blue/purple dichroic on an ink-blue core, encased in clear and topped off and surrounded by gunmetal silver plum. The beads are 1 inch long. $ 30
# 22 - No Pink Slip for Geeee (you won't understand this joke, but one person will)
A Variety of pink spacers strung on soft-flex wire, with one of those silver thingies hanging on the bottom (no idea what that's called). Fun and girlish, well, a little bit. $ 25
 Monday, August 27th. Today I am seriously photographically challenged, I have been dinking around with the pictures for over an hour now, and I am giving up getting it any better. Maybe I am getting OCD - I sure felt like that yesterday when I spent about 3 hours or so making black and white twisties, trying to get exactly the right amount of black and white, since I wanted to make Mary Engelbreit-inspired beads, so I had a very concrete vision of the tightness of the twist. No wonder I didn't get much else made yesterday, I was feeling like stuck in the "Groundhog-twist". Anyway, enough complaining, here is the set I finally came up with:
"MARY ENGELBEADS"  - 15 beads, a 9 inch long strand, the beads are slightly larger than my usual beads - but they would still be usable for a bracelet. (SOLD)
The last set today is the one that drove me absolutely crazy when taking the picture - there was no light and no angle in which I could show the detail of the ivory stringer design and the sparkle of the dichroic insert at the same time. These orrb-shaped beads are 3/4 inch in diameter, flat and just pretty....strung with silver beads and citrine AB crystals (the dichroic is more on the blue side, but it matches the AB coating on the 6 mm crystal bicones. Some of the stringer decoration reminded me of the folds in creamy ivory colored fabric, so I named the set "TOGA"....7 beads  (SOLD)
Oh, I almost forgot about these guys - Cellphone Lariats - or whatever you want to do with these, like hanging them off a purse, or just giving them to someone else, whose cellphone has a little loop to attach things like this. Mine doesn't, rats. In the very worst case, take the black string thingy off and use the beads as a small pendant . (SOLD)
Something else ready to wear - a "Fossil-Tidepool Pendant with Tassle". The bead is 2 inches long (not measuring the beadcaps and tassle), and just fun to touch and look at. (SOLD)
Another pendant made with a fossil tidepool long bicone, this one has a raised starfish, barnacles and an octopus arm reaching out of the depth - I tried to show all sides of the bead in the pictures. 3 inches long, including the crystals.  (SOLD)
 If you prefer to make your own pendants, here are some "raw" beads in the same design (I have to admit, I was in love with the way the twisties and the silver reacted....). THE WICKED FISH is 2 1/4 inches long, with some raised barnacles and a fish who has a mean grin....he might not be aware that he is all bones. The bead is flattened and has lots of interesting fumed silver reactions...$ 45 (SOLD)
A 2 1/4 inch long bicone, called "WHAT'S IN THE HOLE" - a bubble opened in the bead, and it looked too good  to be marved back into the glass. Sometimes accidents are just the best (yeah, try to create a hole in the bead on purpose, good luck!) $ 50 (Actually, I just realized that you can't see the hole in either one of the pictures - trust me, it's there, and it looks great!) (SOLD)
More beads on the weekend....
Friday, August 24th - just a few sets today, I have to give poor Sheryl a rest, she is suffering from frog-shippinitis.
The first set is without any doubt my favorite "Chadwick-style" set ever. A very skinny black base, wrapped in bluish green dichroic, encased in sparkly clear and decorate with very delicate black stringer. I had only enough of that particular dichroic for one set, so, untill I go back to Frantz and can handpick the dichroic (since I don't know the name), there won't be any chance for a re-make. The picture really doesn't show the colors and the sparkle well, so, you have to just trust me. "SPECTACULAR CHADWICK", $ 100 (SOLD)
Another Chadwick-style set, very elegant and simple, black stringer decoration on white, encased in clear, and etched for that satiny look and feel.  - "NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN", $ 55 (SOLD)
This set looks surprisingly pretty - we were just playing with a bunch of beads, and mixed in some of the "Kermit's Delight" Mini-lentils with etched blue Chadwick beads - and the result is "Toby in Bed". Toby is Sheryl's boxer, who loves to jump up on my bed when I am all tucked in, and since he weighs about 85 pounds and has really strong claws, my legs constantly look blue and green. $ 90 (SOLD)
And the final set is a strand of eight light purple encased flowers on a dichroic base with greenery and stamen, and 6 purple (actually, ink blue) disk shaped spacers ....perfect for a bracelet or a short necklace, or some earrings, or just a bunch of small pendants,
Friday, August 17th - most of the sets below are sold (I think # 6 and # 14 are still available) - in case you like FROGS, check out my new page for frog-beads. And thanks for looking!!
# 1 Angel-Denim with Angel-frog (six beads plus frog). This colorcombination used to be my all time best seller, about 8 years ago. I can't believe that I haven't made any beads like this for such a long time - I had great fun "revisiting" this....The first strand measures 4 inches, ivory scrollwork on transparent blue "white-hearts", temporarily strung with 6mm sapphire blue Svarowski Crystals...  (SOLD)
# 2 More Angel-Denim with frog (7 beads plus frog), same beads as above, just with one more bead, 4 1/2 inches,  (SOLD)
# 3 Angel-Denim Spacers, (transparent blue on ivory core, 5mm x 8 mm), (SOLD)
# 4  Dreamy Denim, Mini-Lentils, transparent Blue on Ivory, strung with tiny silver olive-shaped beads, the strand is 5 inches long,  (SOLD)
# 5    Kermit's Delight - limited edition green Mini-Lentils (1/2 inch diameter, the strand is 4 1/4 inches long). These are made with an odd lot of Vetrofond Green, a very pretty green with a slight yellow hue, even I like this color! (I am usually neither a fan of blue, green or brown....). 9 beads  (SOLD)
# 6    Moonshine Sonata, Mini-Lentils in a wonderful semi-translucent blue, kind of "milky" - it's Lauscha glass, but I forgot what the color is called. Very romantic. 5 inches of beads  (of course, if you turn these into a bracelet, I would not use black cord for stringing....) (SOLD)
# 7 a/b     Cosmic Fudge - two sets. A "Corinabeads-Classic", I even have a hole page of "Cosmic fudge versions" in my book "Passing The Flame". Each set contains 7 beads (silvered ivory, encased in Crystal Clear), the beads are 7mm x 12mm, the strands measure 2 1/2 inches, (the upper strand is slightly darker in appearance than the lower) (SOLD)
# 8    Subtle Glamour, Mini-Orrbs and Rising-Sun Mini-Lentils. A "sophisticated" looking set the combines the two "MINI-bead-types" I like the most: orrbs and lentils. The orrbs (aka button, aka straightsided lentil) are decorated with metallic stringer, and the Rising Sun are a small version of the set of the same name I had a couple of weeks ago). These beads are 1/2 inch in diameter, the strand is 5 1/2 inches. (SOLD)
 # 9    Subtle Glamour, Mini-Orrbs. this set has no lentils - only flat stringer decoration. It looks like there is a sparkle on the far left bead, but that is just a reflection from the flash. again, these beads are 1/2 inch in diameter, they look bigger than the beads above, but again, that's just the way I formatted the picture. 14 beads (5 inches) (SOLD)
# 10    Subtle Glamour with sparkle. Similar to the set above, but some beads have embedded dichroic, others have silver lined dots, so the overall look is a little more "flashy". 8 beads and 4 Tigereye beads (5 inch strand)  (SOLD)
# 11    Rising Sun Mini-Lentils. 6 lentils (1/2 inch, 2 3/4 strand), made on ink blue, with palladium leaf, hair-fine stringer decoration and silver lined dots (the back-side has metallic stringer decoration) (SOLD)
# 12     Kermit's Love-Song Bracelet - I took the strand I had for sale last week and turned it into a bracelet to wear at the Frantzartglass August a lot of nice compliments....fits comfortably for a medium size wrist (whatever that means), (SOLD)
# 13   Butchard Garden Goosebumps - variation on a favorite theme - 7 squeezed beads (5 inches long) with dichroic and green and pink decoration.  (SOLD)
# 14 - Candy - 6  bright and cheerful orrbs, 3/4 inch in diameter,  (SOLD)
(last weeks specials)
#  1 - The Bridal Shower,  (SOLD)
# 2 - Love needs no Valentines Day,  (SOLD)
 # 4 - Deflated Beachballs with charmfrog,  (SOLD)
# 5/6   Lavender and purple frogs,  (SOLD)
# 7 - It's magic - unclaimed set from June, (looks WAY better in person, the camera makes the metallic look dirty somehow...) (SOLD)
# 8 - Two Rainbowspacer Bracelets, $ 50 each
# 9 - Rising Sun Encore,   (SOLD)
# 10 - Rising Sun Mini-orrbs (SOLD)
# 11 - The first Kiss
# 12 - Halloweenies in Green, (SOLD)
# 13 - Halloweenies in Orange, (SOLD)
(I ADDED THIS SET LATER) - just found one more strand in my bead-box...these are so cute, I was planning on making a bracelet for myself, but then again, how many bracelets does woman need. These are "Butchard Garden Mini-Orrbs", 1/2 inch in diameter...9 beads with lots of detail and dichroic sparkle (SOLD)
PART I - "The Wedgewood-Blues Series",
# 1 Wedgewood-Blues Rounds 10 small round beads (1/2 inch in diameter), 11 tiny turquoise spacers and a charm-frog
# 2 Wedgewood-Blues Squeezed and Tumbled, 9 ssqueezed beads, intricate designs with swirls, twisties, Starburst-Murrini, 8 little spacers (before these strands ship I have to go and buy a can of Coke or Pepsi, to get rid of the "muddy look" of some of the spacers.7 + inches, perfect for a bracelet,  What does the tumbling do to these beads? Honestly, not much, they are a little less shiny, that's about it...(SOLD)
# 3 Wedgewood Blues, Squeezed and befrogged, pretty much the same as above, the beads are slightly larger (total length of the strand is 7 3/4 inches). 8 squeezed beads, bracelet-safe frog and spacers  (SOLD)
  close-up of froggie
# 4  one more Wedgewood-Blues set, in my favorite "Orrb-shape". This one is a little more fancy, with blue dichroic...6 Orrbs, Frog-bearing Orrb and spacers (SOLD)
Wedgewood-Blues Frog-trio. The focal has mini-murrini eyes and a blue "ralley stripe" from nose to butt. The barrel bead is 3/4 inches high, again, the spacers will be soaked in Coke before they go out.  (SOLD - they will be hopping to Australia..)
PART II (coming up next) : Paris Hilton Series (formerly known as "Sleeping Beauty") - the first three sets are all 3 1/4 inches long
# 1 - Speedtrap  - 7 beads plus spacers (those are Bullseye Pink, very pretty) (SOLD)
# 2 - Speeding Ticket - These beads are a little more fancy (this is my personal favorite of the 3 strands),  (SOLD)
# 3  Dashing Smile - (SOLD)
# 4  Paris and Nicole, earring pair,  (SOLD)
# 5 "Lentilsoup in Jail"  - I am very happy about this strand, lots of new designs on a small scale...whimsical and "classy" at the same time. 13 mini-lentils and six matching spacers. Almost 8 inches of beads.  (SOLD)
and something completely different - FANCY FOSSILS. Similar to the set I had last month, but a lot more "going on" on the squeezed beads. 8 beads plus 10 amber color spacers for  (SOLD)
Thursday, 26th of July - a day for frog-lovers, but still no beads inspired by YOUR ideas about "Frog on....". I think I am suffering from idea overload, so many cool ideas that I don't know where to start. While the frog on a margarita glass kind of appealed to me, I decided to stay away from that - a "karma" thing - since a couple of years ago I ruined a brand-new $ 2700 17 inch screen laptop by accidentally pouring an entire glass of Martini over the keyboard. I sent him to the Betty-ford clinic for computers, but to no avail....
The first offering today is a group of tiny frogs, which I called the FROGGIE WONDER SINGERS. I was trying to make a summery frog with sunglasses, but for some reason he looks as if he is blind - which is fine as well. If you look closely you will notice that the froggie on the far left has little clear wings - it's a girl angelfrog named CAROL. And of course, the "baby" of the family - I added a picture of him on my fingertip, to give you an idea how tiny he is. Don't drop him on a shag carpet, you might never find him again. Just in case you want to turn these guys into a charm bracelet, I added some mini-orrbs I had made before, I am not charging for the two in front, since the holes are not perfect. $ 135 for the group. Very charming and bright and cheerful. (SOLD)
I have two more frogs with wings (in transparent green) - the first one sits on an oval beads with encased pink flowers: $ 38 (SOLD)
And a second angelfrog, on a really nice  blue olive-shaped bead with dichroic an white flowers, $42  (SOLD)
one more frog on a blue floral barrel. I used the Terra-glass to make the frog, which creates an interesting color striation... I called this guy CAMOUFLAGE FROG. $ 40 (SOLD)
and my very favorite frog of the day, I called him "GROWN-UP FROG", he is sitting on a long barrel wrapped in Palladium and a variety of metallic stringer decoration. Very cool and perfect for a pendant! very hard to photograph though... $ 75 (and I will include a silver tassle as a bonus!) (SOLD)
and for people who like sparkly/flashy - a frog on a black bead with encased dichroic, called DISCO FROG, $ 28 (SOLD)
And finally two frogs on "something" other than just a bead...a green frog on a little dark red heart - and he is holding on for dear life...$ 25. If the heart was "skin-colored", it could give you all kinds of ideas...hehe (SOLD)
and the final frog is for someone with a slightly wacky sense of humor - a frog on a cow-udder.....$ 30 (SOLD)
that's it for today, thanks so much for looking!!!!
Monday, 22nd of July SPECIALS - all beads will be shipped on WEDNESDAY....
The first three sets are a "variation on a theme", what I call my "Monet Florals". The first strand "Flat monets" is a strand of 7 mini-orrbs (1/2 inch in diameter) plus pink and green spacers, you could string all these beads on a piece of Stretch-Magic and have the perfect bracelet for a medium size wrist. $ 90 (still available)
 And then I have two strands of round encased Monet beads, strand # 1 has lots of pink and green spacers, 5 encased Monet-florals and a charm-frog. I found an old batch of Rubino Oro that has a really intense rasberry hue, very cool! The lenth of the strand is 7 inches, again, this strand could be strung "as is", as long as you use stringing wire and a clasp. 24 beads for $ 125 (SOLD)
The beads in strand # 2 look a lot paler than in the strand above, I was wondering whether it was the photography - but I think that the dark pink spacers above kind of reflect on the florals....anyway, 5 encase florals and a charm-frog for $ 78. (SOLD)
The rest of today's specials are all "mini-orrbs", I am having so much fun with this size, for once, they are super-comfortable to wear, and then it's just the "beadmakers challenge" to see how much detail can be fit on a small space. All strands are long enough to be strung as a bracelet "as is"...some even have extra beads for earrings.
"Flat mini fossil beads), lots going on in this strand: dichroic, silvered ivory, twisties, starburst murrini, silver lined dots.. if you don't like it "too busy", just use some flat silver beads, abalone shells or whatever (Michaels has great strands of flat glass beads). 16 beads for $ 150 (SOLD)
I am particularly proud of the next strand, called "Flat Cashmeres" - if you make beads yourself you know how difficult it is to have complex designs on "pressed" beads, because each dot and line adds more mass to the bead, and it's hard to judge in the beginning how big to make the base bead. And the smaller the diameter of the mold, the less "forgiving" it is when it comes to the amount of glass that creates a perfectly pressed bead, without either too much or too little glass. So, this set will be definitely one of a kind, I won't even try a remake...(hmmm, should I keep these for myself? yeah, right, as if I need another bracelet, so far I am hording about 30 bracelets, and I only ever wear the most recent one anyway....)....So, if you are the one to get this strand, I hope you will make something for yourself that you can be really excited about. 11 beads for $ 150 (by the way, they are exactly the same size as the beads in the strand above, the picture is just bigger...) SOLD
I am usually a "bright color" or black and white kind of person, I don't think that there is a single piece of brown or beige clothing in my wardrobe. So, I don't even know why I used the colors in the "Flat Naturals" set, but more surprising is that I really like this strand.... maybe my taste is changing with my "old age". If YOU are into neutral tones with a "touch of glimmer", this might be the perfect set for you. AND I read somewhere that neutral colors are very popular this summer. 18 beads for $ 65 (SOLD)
And the last strand today is called "Flat Cashmere Essentials"  - I actually made them to mix in with the Cashmere set above, to give the eye some "rest" in between the relatively busy designs in that set, but then I decided that each set looks better by itself. (still, if someone would like both sets, they might make two bracelets that look good worn together. (I like to have two bracelets on my wrist, just for the sound the beads make when they touch each other...)
12 beads for $ 100 (SOLD)
MONDAY 15th of July SPECIALS, only a few sets and frogs today, the weekend was indeed too hot to work much, which I would have never thought possible in the Northwest...Actually, I was watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", and hearing about Global Warning while you are wedges in between a torch in front of you and a kiln at your back sure makes you think about that....I wonder whether we beadmakers actually CONTRIBUTE to Global warming with our torches and kilns???
Anyway, you didn't come here to read my chatter, here are the beads I have today:
SLEEPING BEAUTY - 3 sets in the charming colorcombination of black, white and hot pink.
Set # 1 - 17 beads (these are slightly smaller than my "regular" beads - the whole strand is 6 inches),  (SOLD)
Set # 2 - these beads are a little larger (about 1/2 inch high, total length of the strand is 6 inches), 15 beads plus a little charm-frog  (SOLD)
And the last set in this colorcombination are "SLEEPING BEAUTY MINI LENTILS", 5 beads (2.5 inches long)  (SOLD)
A strand of squeezed beads, called RISING SUN. Palladium leaf on top of transparent ink-blue glass with silver backed transparent blue dots and little dots of periwinkle. The palladium leaf has multiple hues of purple, blue and green, much more interesting in person. 6.5 inches of beads, perfect for a bracelet, I think (have to make some of these for myself....but I always think that....) 9 beads  (SOLD)
And of course, FROGS. I got tons of cool suggestions - with the result that I didn't make ANY frog on something other than beads....I am suffering from "idea overload", I guess. I am still contemplating how to make a frog on a fork..... so, for now you have to look at  "just frogs".....
The first bead is a bicone of the new Vetrofond "Poppy" color, almost 2 inches long, with 2 froggies climbing up the bead of life, the one on top cheering the one below's called NEVER GIVE UP - (SOLD)
A frog on a 3/4 inch cabochon style bead with encased flowers. He is slightly cross-eyed, which makes him extra cute - "A BED OF ROSES",  (SOLD)
And finally a bunch of "Hearing-Aids" - tiny frogs for earrings (or whatever). These are called "Beany Frogs", because I used the beads underneath the frogs to test the new Vetrofond Odd Colors....colors like "River-rock" or "Yellow Ice"....pretty interesting. Just let me know which pair you want (I have to make one more pair of white spacers, I just realized). . (and if you don't know how to describe the color, just say, " the 3rd one from the left" or so...) ALL SOLD
(STILL working on this one...)
The first group of beads were made after a customer request for something in the style of the "Super-dirndl-set" from my auction archives. A "Dirndl" is a type of traditional Bavarian (Southern German) style dress that often has flower designs and the colors I used in the beads.
Superdirndl Set # 1, 14 beads and charm-frog  (this set includes "sliding spacers") (SOLD)
 Superdirndl # 2, 11 beads and charm-frog (SOLD)
Superdirndl # 3, the economy version (frogless in Seattle) - 11 beads  (SOLD)
I have received several requests for "squeezed beads" lately, so, here are two set for those who like the comfort of flat beads for a bracelet. The first set is in "crazy colors" of turquoise, lime, purple and coral, with little specks of dichroic....and for the life of me I could not think of a name. Let me know if something jumps out at ya....
For now they are called "NEEDANAME".  13 beads  (SOLD)
And another set in the Superdirndl colors (I REALLY like this of these days I will take a day and make beads to KEEP...and this will definitely be on my to-make-list).
6 squeezed beads and one "focal" with a frog clinging tightly to the  beads and supervising his surroundings. These will make a fantastic bracelet - the frog is fairly flat and will not "bang" on things. Called "BUTCHARD GARDENS", after the amazing botanical garden in Victoria BC (This includes Priority Mail Shipping) (SOLD)
And for those of you who love pink and lavendar - another set of "Chadwick Style" beads - very sparkly - and very strange looking when you wear this in neon-light - the lavender looks BLUE all of a sudden. 7 beads  (SOLD)
The following beads are all made with the smallest cavity of my "Orrb-Press" (1/2 inch diameter)....which for some unknown reason I had never used until a few days ago. But I totally fell in love with the "tinyness" and the challenge of putting lots of detail onto a pea-size amount of glass. I call these small flat beads "beadorables" from now on.
The first two strands were made with silver blue on top of copper green. I tried very hard to capture the look of the beads with my camera, but after about 30 minutes of re-taking the pictures in different light conditions with different camera settings, I gave up. You just have to believe me that they are way cool in person....
Set # 1 is REDUCED in the flame - which brings out the silver in the blue and looks metallic (MUCH lighter than in the picture). Called "ITS MAGIC", 10 beads (total length of the strand is 4 3/4 inches) (SOLD)
and the same design, but without the reduction, called BATIQUE, 12 beads (5 3/4 inches) (again, the beads are much lighter thank the photograph) (SOLD)
The next series of beads are called TOWANDA - I was watching one of my favorite movies (Fried Green Tomatoes) while at the torch, and EVERY time I watch Kathy Bates demolish the VW bug, shouting TOWAAAANDA in triumph, I get the urge to make beads matching the dress she is wearing in that scene....again, strands of "beadorables", in black, white and splashes of bright red.
TOWANDA # 1, 18 beads (7 inches)  (SOLD)
TOWANDA # 2, 18 beads (7 inches plus),  (includes a TINY frog who is wearing a red Speedo - must be a German frog on vacation in Florida) (SOLD, to myself, I couldn't help myself turning it into a bracelet.)
And a set of black and white beadorables, lots of intricate designs - 8 beads (3 3/4 inches)   (SOLD)
and a "lonesome frog" which would match any of the two TOWANDA sets, but he will also travel by himself.   (he is 1/2 inch high) (SOLD)
And the last strand for today is one of my all-time favorite designs - squeezed FOSSILS. These are just so much fun to make, and just as much fun to look at (of course, both sides are different) - "fossiled" fish, seashells, starfish, a turtle - in ivory and brown hues on black, with silvered ivory, sparkly goldstone and other metallic effects. 9 beads (7 inches)
 (if you add some "stuff" you can probably make two bracelets out of these...) (SOLD)
I just added a few more sets that I made yesterday - hope you will find something you like.
The picture below shows a set that my friend Sheri put together from all the beads I made last night. Accordingly, it is called "Sheri's Choice". Available with or without charm-froggie.  (SOLD)
And a set of miniature matching froggies, called "HEARING AIDS". (SOLD)
And a fairly "simple set", fuchsia stringer on  bubblegum pink (the beads are about 10 mm wide and 12 mm high)....with charm frog.  Called PINKLICITY (SOLD)
 And finally (and this is really it for today) two keyholders I made out of "recycled" bracelet that either broke or had a piece of stringer missing, but I never bothered fixing them. I restrung them on waxed cotton cord and added a black tassle. I named them ROAD RAGE ROSARY (they might come in handy if you live in California).
I should call the first few sets of beads "Hawaiian Obsession" - because that's what I felt like when I made them - I enjoyed the color combination so much that I didn't want to "move on" to something else. Unfortunately the pictures don't really show the sparkle all of these beads have, but I guess it's always better to be pleasantly suprised when you open a package than the other way round. The base of all the Hawaiian themed beads is transparent lime green, encased of one layer of light aqua and a second layer of crystal clear. So, they are blue and green at the same time. Very cool.
Set # 1 is called ISLAND HOPPING, 14 beads (including larger hole disk spacers)  (SOLD)
Set # 2 is a larger strand of what I use to call CHADWICK beads (a long story how I came up with that name, "old" customers might remember, new customers will never know, 13 beads (with lots of earring pairs)  (SOLD)
Set # 3 is another variation of the Chadwick desing, but on a layer of blueish green dichroic. These are called "Hawaiian Disco" (kind of flashy), slightly larger than my regular 11-12 mm bracelet beads, 8 beads  (SOLD)
Set # 4 is probably my favorite, these you almost have to hold in your hands to enjoy the beauty. Called MAUI RAINDROPS, they would make a perfect dangling bracelet, or even a short necklace, just strung on a silver chain the way they are. They make a very cool sound when they move (I am trying to find a word for that sound, clinking maybe?). 10  (and in this picture you can see the color effect I talked about above, the two layers of transparent.) (SOLD)
A set of miscellaneous beads I had in my "cigarbox", including a miniature frog for a bangle, 13 beads  (SOLD)
A pair of earringsized florals on a dichroic background,  (SOLD)
 And finally, a "deluxe" strand of groundhog beads (I have not worn my fun out yet making these and coming up with new patterns. This strand is large enough to just string on 1mm stretch magic, and you might even get a pair of earrings as well.   (SOLD)
The first set today is a strand of small  round beads, kind of "Groundhoggish", meaning the design is just a variation of dots and lines. The reaction of opal yellow on top of Rubino Oro is what adds a little mystery and interest. There are 17 beads in this strand, which measures 7 inches, so, you could string it on Stretchmagic and wear it as is on your wrist (or pair it with silver or other "stuff" and turn it into 2 or 3 bracelets).  Called "HOT TAMALES" (thanks for the name idea, Melissa) $ 100 (SOLD)
The second strand is perfect for those who like "dainty" - 11 miniature lentils (10mm wide) in black and white. These are a fun challenge for me, just to see how much detail I can get on a tiny space....Called BLACK & WHITE MINILENTILS (I sure had better days for naming stuff). $ 46 (these would be perfect for anklets, I think) Length of the strand is 5 inches. (SOLD)
My favorite beadshape is still the "Orrb" (lentil with a straight edge)...this set is called "Macafe", because the patterns reminded me of the "coffee foam top art" at the stylish "Macdonalds Cafe" in New Zealand (do you have any idea what I'm talking about?). Six orrbs in ivory with caramel colored patterns and metallic accents on 3 of the beads. Total length of the strand is 4.5 inches, $ 60.  (SOLD)
 And the frog of the day is "Prince Charming", clinging smugly  to a 3/4 inch floral bead with Stamen, vine and dichroic background. One of the cutest expressions I managed to put on a frog (which of course is entirely random..)...$ 42.00.  (SOLD)
The first set today (ORLANDO BLOOM) is probably my favorite set of small florals ever, very crisp detail in the stamen, and a bit of dichroic glitter in the background. The beads are about 8mm x 12mm, perfect for a bracelet or 5 tiny pendants, or 2 pairs of earrings plus, $ 52.00  (they look HUGE in this picture.....) (SOLD)
For people who love to make necklaces or pendants, a matching focal (except for the color of the dichroic in the background) with 2 double layer flowers, one 4-petal flowers and lots of tiny white flowers (called BIG BLOOM), a little over 1 inch tall, $ 37.00 (SOLD)
The next set is fairly large (meaning lots of beads, not BIG beads, my beads seem to be shrinking with my age, probably because I started wearing reading glasses at the torch, and the beads look a lot bigger while I'm working) - I added several "large whole disk" beads, which can be strung over small seedbeads on the beading wire, so the "slide" (If you have no idea what I"m talking about, let me know and I'll add a picture of a bracelet with sliding spacers.) The set is called "Dornroeschen", which is the German name for the princess who slept for 100 years....("roeschen" in German means "little rose", and "Dorn" means "thorn").....16 beads for $ 72.00 (SOLD)
And the last set is another variation of my all time favorite theme, a strand of small "Groundhogbeads", in ivory, black, amber and goldstone. the beads are 7mm x 12mm, 12 beads for $ 45.00. (SOLD)
Oh, I almost forgot, I also have one new frog - "TO BE KISSED", $ 28. He sits on a 1/2 inch high bead with a blueish-purple flower. on a dichroic teal background with green vines. (SOLD)