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The SECRET WEAPON  -  $ 35.00  (plus $ 3.00 for domestic shipping)


I have mentioned this tool so many times now that you actually might be interested. Here is what is looks like: (the entire tool is 9 inches long) - more info on how to use this tool is below....


Kind of like the Magic Wand, right? Only kind of, let's take a closer look at the two different ends:

1. The "Blade"

1 cm wide, 5.5 cm long (yes, I would say this in inches, if I could figure out how many parts of how many parts this is....)


2. The "Fork" 

If this is enough info for you to want this tool, here is another paypal button....if you need more info, keep scrolling down.



Here just a few things you can do with the Secret Weapon:

- straighten out stringer


- tap down stringer


- push down dots or Murrini


- crease petals

- cut groves (like Michael Barley's "Baileen" style)<


- turn a round dot into a square (this one is fun)



Can you do all of these things with the Magic Wand? Absolutely - but the Secret Weapon makes it a lot easier because there is less brass and you can SEE better what you're doing. 

And the Magic Wand doesn't have THIS clever piece: The FORK. Check out how handy this comes in: 


- straighten out wobbly disks



- shape the bottom of beads


- use to hold the mandrel when making heavey beads (similar to the "Smircich Tail-stock Holder")


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