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Private Classes


I finally have a studio big enough to host private classes in style. Here are the basics:


I offer short classes if someone prefers that (minium is 2 hours) - $ 60/hour


 A full day for a local student, starting at 10 am till whenever, one hour lunch break, or however long you need, $ 400


 The "deluxe" treatment class is more geared for students from out of town - this  class includes pick-up and drop-off from Seatac airport and lodging in my guest bedroom (dogs in bed are optional)  This class costs $ 500/day, maximum duration is 3 days.


All classes include all materials, drinks, snacks, lunch and whatever else we might need. 


All classes start at 10 am, and except for the shorter classes, the full day classes have no given "end". The longest time a student has ever "hung in" was 2 am (Johan from South Africa sure wanted to get his money's worth). I'm a few years older now and might now last quite that long....but I would try...