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Welcome to the Corina Academy of Online Beadmaking Classes


On this page you will find descriptions and sign-up buttons for the following classes:

- The Techniquark Class, $ 100

  -  (excerpt from Techniquark class: Checkerboard class, $ 15)

- Fossilbead Class, $ 75  

- The Frog University, $ 100


How do these online classes work? They are hosted on facebook and each class has two parts, the instruction (offered as short "digestable" videos that are sorted by topic and easy to find if you want to watch a specific technique again, no need to "wade" through hour long videos to get to the part you are most interested in) - and then each class has a "companion" page where you can ask questions and show off your progress.


1. The Techniquark Class


It seems like I'm always "superexcited" about something I come up with, but this time I am REALLY superexcited: I am offering my first on-line class, the topic is "How to make techniquark beads". The price is $ 100 for more than 6 hours of instruction.




I usually name those beads "quark" (long story)but for the class I renamed them "techniquarks", because this is one type of bead that requires so many "generally useful"  techniques, and you're going to learn all of them: 

- making twisties in different way

- making murrini, from simple to complex

- putting together a pleasing design

- encasing without smearing and distorting

 - and a whole bunch of bonus techniques.


When and where does this class take place? At your home of course - at any time that's convenient for you

Initially I had a live class, but people weren't so happy having to sit at the computer for over 6 hours, which is why I now only offer "on demand" - whenever you have time to watch. 

The "on-demand" version will give you access to all the videos, including the entire recorded Zoom class from the original live class, the only thing you can't do is ask question in person, but you can always ask questions and make comments on the special page "Let's talk Quarks and Stuff". You will get access to THIS page  soon as you sign up, so far it only has a couple of video messages from Kelly and me, plus pictures of beads, but with your help it will be more populated as the class nears.


How do you get access to the class(es)? As soon as you sign up I will send you an invitation to both groups, so keep an eye on your Facebook notifications. Again, the price is $ 100 for over six hours of instruction and unlimed access to me for questions and just to show off your progress.


I had a lot of interest in the checkerboard Murrini, so I created a "bite-size" class for just this technice, the price is $ 15.





2. The Fossil Bead Class



In a way there are lots of "overlaps" with the Technquark class, but there is a LOT that is different and warranted a separate class. The price for this class is $ 75, almost 6 hours long.

  Now to the content of the class. If you know my beads, you will realize that I often prepare lots of components to use in my beads - that also goes for the Fossilbeads. Some of the techniques, like making twisties or simple murrini, are very similar to what I showed in the quark class, so I MIGHT put these videos into the "BONUS section so we can focus on what's new, but that depends on how many people are "repeat offenders"...

Here are a few picturs of twisties and murrini we will be making (among others)




This is a perfect class to get you into a warm and fuzzy  mood.... $ 75.00



still working on this page, more coming soon, but for now you can find the other classes on the first page of this website...