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1. The Fire-roll  (this link will take you to a short YouTube video)


I have been thinking of creating this toolholder for quite a few years now - ever since I bought a fabric one at M&D Designs, an adorable little studio/gallery at the Washington Coast. I really loved the idea and the design, but you know, I LOVE leather (the Dominatrix in me) - so I combined the flame fabric look with the "pockets" for your tools with the elegance and durability of leather - and whether you travel on an airplane or just hop across the street to play with your torching buddy, your tools will be well protected from the wear and tear of transportation. The leather is supersoft but sturdy.  

The price is $ 55.00, shipping is $ 5.00 domestic, $ 20 international (shipping just got more expensive again TODAY...), and the Fire-roll comes in it's very own waterproof carrying bag. 


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 Instead of using the usual BUY NOW paypal button, I picked ADD TO CART because there are quite a few things you could purchase, so you have more stuff to put IN your new Fire-roll:


2. The "Buzzer"


More than 15 years ago I took a class with Chris Buzzini, one of the most incredible paperweight makers. I still remember the "tool envy" I experienced when I watched Chris "mash" his little flower petals - it was a special masher he had made for himself - and none of the available mashers at the time had the "power" and maneagability of Chris' small but sturdy mashers. NOW there is one even Chris would approve of, and in honor of a dear friend and sadly retired master glass artist, I called this handly little tool THE BUZZER. This is what it looks like:



This is a very powerful masher that is small enough to get into tight spaces, but it mashes super quickly because you hand is very close to "the action". There are dozens of different uses - and I am sure you will take one look and know whether the BUZZER is right for you.... The paddles are 4 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, the entire tool is 6.5 " long, $ 65.00 - shipping is $ 4.00 domestic, $ 12 international.

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Apart from that, I also have a couple more things that sell very fast and say "out of stock" on my website (my website is so crazy convoluted that I have no idea where what is listed....sorry!)

3. The Secret Weapon 

$ 35.00 

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4. The beadable rodholder

$ 35.00

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 I have no idea how I could put this all together if you purchase multiple items, but I will send you  a refund for overpaid shipping...or, if you buy more than 2 items, I will send you a little bonus back......Thanks for checking this out!