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Glass Nippers  from Japan

I have mentioned for a couple of weeks now that I had received a new batch of nippers from Japan, but in case you have been waiting for the "Corina-Ropex" nippers, sadly, those are history, but I like the new type just as well. Before I talk about the adventages and disadvantages of the different nippers available, here is a picture of the new ones:

 Price for Japanese Nippers  $ 38.00 (domestic shipping is $ 4.00)





If you are curious, here is a lot more information which might or might not be of interest...First, why don't I offer the "Corina-Ropex-Nippers" anymore? For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, here is a picture:


Yes, they were very sharp and very precise, AND they could be used to cut even the finest stringers, but after a few month of usage, the tungsten carbide blades started to "chip":