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I know that once in a while you will feel the need to send an email to PRAISE something you have seen/read on my site. Here is a list of those involved in the presentation of this website and other publications and tools. Click on the name of the person you want to send an email to!

Questions of any kind


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My INTENTION is to post a bunch of tiny tutorials that are somehow related to beads I have made that week....Nothing fancy, just little ideas that could spark something new in YOU - or answer a question you didn't know you had, without going into a lot of detail.
Since these tutorials are completely FREE, I will shamelessly promote my tools used for the technique, so hopefully I'll share your money in the end nonetheless...:-).
If you have any question about something you saw on a bead, or you don't understand, let me know, maybe I can turn it into one of these mini-tuts.
If you have known me for a while, you know that I sometimes start something, which will never be seen again, I PROMISE to keep this up, if you guys like it.
Why didn't I add these things to the "tips and tricks" page? It's so much more fun to start something on a NEW page, feels like a new beginning.

Click on each title to be taken to the actual tutorial page - all the information is right on this website