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Back in stock - Just in time for Christmas

PAYPAL BUTTONS BELOW! Please read the "fineprint"


I have a few of my favorite items constantly "sold out - back in stock"...basically because I only order 20 at a time ...and because they are really popular, because I made sure they are designed as well as possible, and because I use them myself on a daily basis, so I can offer them with confidence. 


Just in time for Christmas, I have 20 each in stock, I will ship them the same day you order, I think as long as you order today, Monday the 19th, or tomorrow,  they will be in your mailbox before Christmas. 


As usual, I am confused about creating paypal buttons with one shipping option for multiple items, if you order two or more items, you will be charged more than one shipping charge, no worries, I will refund whatever is overpaid right away. 


Sadly, I am NOT ACCEPTING INTERNATIONAL orders right now - sorry (I had too many packages missing lately, especially to the Netherlands and the UK; I need a break from dealing with customers "yelling" at me. )


Dominapron, $ 75 (shipping $ 6.00)

Beadable Rodholder, $ 35 (shipping $ 4.00)

Tungsten Tweezers, $ 32 (shipping $ 3.00)



and: SANTA'S DELIGHT: Purchase all 3 items  and save

$ 12.00 ($ 130 instead of $142, plus $ 6.00 shipping)