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 I think every bead maker has his or her own way of creating beads - sometimes you "play as you go" - and sometimes you plan. I do both, but often I work on a bead in my head, just before I fall asleep, or on a plane, or sitting at the Tire-store to wait for my flat tire to get fixed, or other mundane ways to waste time. That's when my "virtual bead" cards come in handy - I can put my ideas down in a form that is somewhat close to the final result...

Or, I am sitting right at the torch, but I need to know how something will be "distributed" on a round surface....Drawing it in a circle helps immensely.

Here are just a few examples of this "bead on paper" before it became a real bead:



The "Gift" for YOU is a downloadable PDF with 6 circles - I created it in Photoshop, and since I am majorly clueless about vector stuff, it took me about 4 hours to get it right. I printed out a copy and took it to Kinko's, and had a bunch of pages printed on card stock....and then for a few bucks they cut the pages so that I have the cards shown above..