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I know that once in a while you will feel the need to send an email to PRAISE something you have seen/read on my site. Here is a list of those involved in the presentation of this website and other publications and tools. Click on the name of the person you want to send an email to!

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I will upload more images every day (this might take me about a year to finish....with all the amazing images you sent me...)


Shauna Hayward






 Karen Fox


Barbara Vandecreek


Annette Phelbs

Karen Warnock

Karen Headstream

Courtney Fink

Kind of lost track of who sent this one....let me know if it's yours



Susan Stokes

Deb Manion

Louise Gagne


Brad Watson

 Helena Sperlikova

Inspiration via music:

Marcia Shedeck

Christa Klepp

Cheryl L. Jones

Sue Wuest

Georgie Field


Geno Pinto






 Helen Moore

Lori Catlin Garcia

Rattana Hotchuli


Renske Brouwer

Ann Keever

M Pourrohani


Julie M Eastman

Loren Beller

Tina Smith

Sabine Heider

Christa Heeren

Anna Clarke

Kim Bannister


Claudia Foiera



Chris Chennault

Lia Huemoeller

also created a special board on pinterest. Worth looking at!

Kiersten Kern

Carol Blumenberg


Verlaine Stein


Janet Garrity


Susan Spiller


Sue Hierl


Terry Henry


Barb Ham

Beth Ward

Cherrie Warzocha

Vicki Brunberg

Gina Jeans

Angela Gensch

Fern Ship

Denise Smith

Cherrie Wilkins

Kathaleen Barrera

 Vanessa Morse

inspired bead by Vanessa Morse, Glowfish studio

 Verlaine Stein

Janette Beam

Jenefer Ham


more coming soon