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Wednesday, February 2nd

I had a lot of fun with the big "ring bash" - I'm re-fitting my studio for the tutorial shots, but I have a few rings left and I re-arranged the offering from Monday so that now only the ones that are still for sale are on top! As long as there is a Paypal button, the ring is available. It's still a good idea to read the little blurb...

Monday, January 31st

I have a whole new batch of rings (talk about ADDICTION) - which I will be listing above the little blurb I wrote last time, so in case you didn't read it last time, you might want to take a few moments to make sure you get the "important points"...

I added a few size, hope you will find something that delights your heart.....

The rings are listed starting with the SMALLEST sizes - as usual, if you find a ring whose design you like, but it's not the right size, email me and I might be in the mood to make another one just for you! The smallest sizes are a little cheaper, they just use less glass and take less time to make.

One more comment about sizing: you don't want the ring to fit tightly! As with all rings that have a wide band (no matter what material!), if they fit too tight, water or moisture will collect under the band and will cause your skin to "shrivel"... So, if in doubt, pick half a size bigger than you usually wear.

Shipping is $ 3.00, both domestic and international...

# 2 - Bejeweled in Denim

Ah, I totally love the simplicity of this design. The silver lined dots at just the right elegance, like a diamond necklace on a simple blue dress (kind of like Meg Ryan in "French Kiss"). I have this style also in purple, and also in different sizes below. As usual with blue, I had to fiddle forever to show the right shade of blue, and in the process the picture lost all the "sparkle"....but it's there, I promise.
Fits size 5-5 1/2, $ 58

# 4 - Abalone Dreams

A variation of the "Field of Dreams" (I have more of these in different sizes) - but this one looks strikingly similar to Abalone shell. Too bad it doesn't fit ME....size 5 1/2-6, $ 55

# 7 - More Fairy Dust

While the last picture showed the colors of the ring perfectly, THIS picture does a miserable job. The ring is a beautiful lavender color, somewhere between pink and purple...really nice!
Fits size 6 1/2 - 7, $ 55

# 12 - Field of Dreams Encore

This design is just so much fun, I will always have a few of those for sale. Talk about "brilliance"....
Fits size 7 - 7 1/4. $ 60

# 25 - Wallflowers

Do you know what it's like to be a wallflower? I sure do. I very much remember when I was 14, and I went to the local dance school - all of the teenagers in our hometown went through an entire year of "Dancing without the Stars" - and at that age I was a pretty homely girl, with thick glasses and braces and pimples...and nobody wanted to ask ME to dance.....sad feelings, but at least I have outgrown the lasik-perfect vision is starting to deteriorate, and the pimples? Rats! where do they come from? Approaching menopause? you just can't win. At least being able to make something beautiful that doesn't age makes up for much! Lavender flowers on silvered ivory base.
Fits size 7 - 7 1/2. $ 60

# 28 - Groundhog Day

Of course I had to try and make a ring matching my favorite Groundhog beads, but gee, that ever takes a long time....And it's difficult to place precise dots on the surface of a ring, because the ring mandrel with the added glass is so heavy that my hand shakes slightly....wait till YOU try, you'll see what I'm talking about. Still, I couldn't help myself and added rows of tiny dots around the band of the ring. Sweet.
Fits size 7 - 7 1/2. $ 65 (SOLD)


# 29 - Costa Rica

Oh man, why on earth did I make this ring in a size that for sure doesn't fit me? I had an idea what I wanted it to look like before I started (also surrounding myself with pictures of all kinds of Toucans) - and it turned out just the way I had wanted it. From my own experience I know that I might NEVER attempt a piece like that again, kind of like that "Costa Rica" bracelet I have several orders for....but I'm just not in the right mood. One of these days I will actually make it to Costa Rica and THEN I'll be inspired forever....
Anyway, the picture pretty much shows it all. Fits size 8 - 9. $ 85.

# 30 - Bejeweled in Purple with a little extra swirl

This design looks great no matter what size the ring is. But I had a little more room on the band, so I added the swirls....
Size 8 - 9. $ 62 (SOLD)

# 31 - Bejeweled in Blue

Okay, I am still struggling with the darn blue - maybe that's one of the reasons I don't make blue beads very often, can't photograph it.... Still, the rings looks beautiful - just the right accessories for that "Blue Jean Girl" (personally, I mostly wear black baby cord pants in the winter. Jeans looks too "cold" for my taste...).
Fits size 8 - 9. $ 62

# 35 - Beyond the Garden Fence

A golden shimmering background with black "cast iron fence" type design. Slick.
Fits size 8 - 9. $ 62 (SOLD)

# 41 - Lace

A classic ring in black and white. No frills.
Fits size 10 - 11. $ 50

Phhh, that's it for now....hope you found something you liked. Next on my "to-do-list" is the tutorial, so you can experience for yourself what the addiction is all about!


January 11, 2011

Each New Year should start with something NEW, I think....And I have the perfect NEW thing: Glass Rings!Well, you're of course right, Glass rings have been around for hundreds of years (maybe thousands, my jewelry history is a bit hazy here...), but I haven't offered these for sale before, so, in that regard they are new.

I have to admit one thing: I am seriously addicted to making these. It was so bad that my roommate Sheri finally took away my bundle of ring-mandrels and told me to go back to making "regular beads", because she was concerned about the next rent payment: "What if nobody buys those?"

Of course, being as addicted to making and WEARING these beautiful rings, I am hopeful that there are others out there who will fall in love equally hard - but then there are a few little issues that I can see coming up among people looking at these rings, and I hope I can address them all here "to your satisfaction".

The most important question will probably be: are GLASS rings safe to wear? What if it breaks and it cuts my finger off? (there are always people who fear the worst...). My answer is: since I am working with my hands, my own fingers are some of my most valuable assests, so to speak, and I am wearing a glass ring all the time, so obviously I have complete confidence in the structural integrity (big words!) of these rings. Artists in Venice have been making and selling similar glass rings literally for hundreds of years, and if they were dangerous, I think people would have caught up on it by now.

In order to break a ring on your finger it needs some major impact - and I dare to say that your finger will break before the ring will. But in order to be sure that each ring is made as strongly as possible, I have created a "crash-test" each of my rings has to undergo before it can leave my studio: I drop it from waist heights onto my Pergo floor. If it survives, it's okay. I tried the same thing in my kitchen, dropping it on tile floor - THAT was not a good thing, I only did it once and decided that kind of test was overkill - a lot of regular beads wouldn't survive that kind of fall either.

The other question is: how will I know whether it will fit? The best answer is: try it on! I bought a ring-measuring stick, because the ring-mandrels are not "calibrated" for ring sizes.... Here is one thing I figured out though: the rings are more comfortable to wear if they are SLIGHTLY TOO BIG! Yes, that sounds weird, but my ring-finger is usually a size 6 3/4, but the glass rings I kept for myself are a size 8....
At this point I don't have a ring-mandrel that makes size 7, so I haven't tried a ring that fits "just right", but I made one that fits snug on my pinky, and every time I got my hands wet a little bit of water settled between the ring and my skin, and the skin started to "wittle", or whatever you call it. If the ring fits a little loose it's much easier to dry your finger after washing your hands....

I know that a lot of people don't like reading the "fine print", so if I write the actual size of the ring under the description, but then say somewhere else that they should try a size larger...I will end up with a lot of confusion, so I will add the "recommended size" under the description of each ring. Hope that makes sense...

Are the rings comfortable to wear? Absolutely! I am usually a "dainty ring" kind of person (the ring in the picture is the only ring I used to wear, a souvenir from Maui):

But in the winter my fingers are slightly "skinnier", and this ring is just about driving me nuts, as it wants to slide around and the little diamonds are poking into my skin.

The big glass ring on my right (and strong) hand is much more comfortable, I barely notice that it's there...although it makes a real "artsy statement"

Shortly before Christmas I actually took a short trip to Victoria BC, and the owner of one gallery noticed the ring, and she wanted me to make her a bunch for consignment. Yeah, right, consignment in the same town is difficult enough to keep track of, going over the border to sell your art is probably not the way to go. But I was flattered nonetheless.

You might still have doubts whether a glass ring is the right piece of jewelry for you, whether it will fit, whether it will be order to make your decision to purchase one a little easier I offer FULL return, I will even pay for the shipping back to me - kind of like buying shoes online. Some things have to be tried on in person, period.

All of the rings below follow the same "layout": A wide band, approximately 10 mm wide, 2.5 mm thick, and a larger "decorative surface", that stretches over the top of your finger. The LENGTH of this decorative surface is given in the description of each individual ring. Here are some general pictures to show this layout:

In case you are interested now - here is a bunch of rings I have made in the last couple of weeks, hope you will find one you would like to try. The rings are sorted by SIZES, they get larger the further down you go...

If you happen to fall in love with a ring, but I don't have it in your size, please let me know, I'll do my best to create one especially for you, as long as I have a ring-mandrel in the correct size....

And don't forget: These rings also look and feel awesome on your MIDDLE FINGER!

Shipping for all rings is $ 3.00, no matter where they go to! If you order 2 or more, I will refund any overpaid shipping...



I just wanted to play with the smallest ring-mandrel I had, and this ring just about fits on my pinkie finger. Maybe there is someone out there with REALLY tiny fingers, who can never find any interesting rings....this one might be for you:

# 1 - Miniature in Black and White

Fits size 3 1/2, 25mm long, $ 42 (SOLD)


The 13 rings below are only for sale "grudgingly", because they fit me (more or less), and I could keep them all for myself, if not for that pesky rent thing....

# 2 - Eternal Curiosity

Of course I HAD to make some rings with frogs, one of the beauties of being able to make your own jewelry with the "things" you love. The ring frogs are leaning a little closer to the surface, so you don't run danger of "snagging" on something.... This frog is trying to peek around the corner of the ring, trying to find out what's on the other side of his world. Poor guy, he will never find out.

Fits size 7 -7 1/2, 27 mm long, $ 85(SOLD)

# 3 - A Mermaid Phantasy

Beautiful swirly patterns with a hidden mother-of-pearl sheen reminded me of the locks of a mermaid swimming at a depth where the sun just barely penetrates. Can you tell I am ready for some tropical vacation? Alas, not on the menu for a long time.

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 33 mm long, $ 60 (SOLD)

# 4 - Secret Garden

A very subtle design of encased pale lavendar flowers with black stamen, on a green background with flecks of dichroic. The decorative surface is slightly curved on one side, which was not intentional, but you won't notice it all all when wearing the ring. My camera slightly over-saturates green, the ring is not THAT green, just a nice light grass-green.

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 25 mm long, $ 50

# 5 - Field of Dreams

One of my personal favorites, simple but totally stunning. It's really hard to tell that this is glass, it has some aspects of abalone shell, beetle wings, and something else that is just full of depth and sparkle. Glass, I guess.

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 33 mm long, $ 60 (SOLD)

# 6 - Peacocks on the Moon

Another elegant piece, in a design inspired by an early bead by Michael Barley...Palladium leaf on shiny black, with superfine intense black lines and a silver lined dot for a classic abstract piece of art on your finger.

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 32 mm long, $ 55 (SOLD)

# 7 - Rainforest Frog

The hardest part about making frogs on a ring is the weight of the ring-mandrel. For each little toe the mandrel has to be shifted into a different position, and after a while your hands get so tired that you just want to dunk the whole darn thing into a glass of water and walk off to have a beer or something equally wonderful (from the perspective of a German). But it's well worth hanging in there, this little guy has a lot of personality and sparkle underneath....(and again, the green hue is just due to the camera...)

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 31 mm long, $ 85 (SOLD)

# 8 - Butchard Gardens # 1

I tried to make one ring in each of my favorite designs, of course, the "Butchard Garden" style had to be there! I always loved the bold contrast of green dichroic with black and white and pink elements on shiny black. I made three of to keep for myself...and one in a bigger size, further below.

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 33 mm long, $ 65 (SOLD)

# 9 - Heavenly Raindrops # 3

I named the pictures before deciding in which order to list them, that's why I started with # 3. No method to my madness. I really love the raindrop look, which I had on earlier beads as well. This decorative surface of this particuar ring is more rounded than elongated, like all of the other rings. Kind of pretty actually, don't know know why I got so stuck on the long oval shape.....

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 26 mm long, $ 50 (SOLD)

# 10 - Fairy Dust

Oh, I wish I could have captured the colors of this ring much better. In this picture the pink looks kind of yuckie, but in person it's the perfect color with tons of dichroic sparkle. You just have to believe me when I say that this ring is really lovely in a romantic whispy kind of way. And it nobody believes me, I'll get to keep it, so no worries either way.

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 29 mm long, $ 60 (SOLD)

# 11 - Ripples on the Pond

Similar to # 5, the "Field of Dreams", but with a more textured surface, which creates a little more variety in the shades of green and gold shining through the clear layer. Really cool!

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 28 mm long, $ 60 (SOLD)

# 12 - Reggie the Roadrunner

Cute Little fellow on one of those "reactive" Double Helix experimental colors that turn your hair grey before they turn any other predictable color....but Reggie can handle it...

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 33 mm long, $ 68 (SOLD)

# 13 - Dancing with the Stars

There is a lot going on on this ring, multiple swirls in green and gold interlocking like some sort of puzzle. Not for the faint at heart, so to speak...

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 33 mm long, $ 50 (SOLD)

# 14 - Heavenly Raindrops # 1

No comment necessary, just beautiful in all the different shades of blues, greens and even purples! One of the longer decorated tops, but still very comfortable...

Fits size 7-7 1/2, 33 mm long, $ 60(SOLD)

About one size up:

# 15 - Tidepool Tragedy # 1

One of my all-time favorite designs, I will have some matching pendants and bracelet beads in the works...

Fits size 8-8 1/2, 28 mm long, $ 75 (SOLD)

# 16 - Butchard Gardens # 2

Very similar to # 8, just bigger. Still love those colors together, and I'm always a sucker for dichroic...

Fits size 8-8 1/2, 30 mm long, $ 65 (SOLD)

# 17 - Princess Bride

This ring has the smallest decorative surface of all the rings, and the "simplest" design, but the pinkish golden color is just yummie.

Fits size 8-8 1/2, 25 mm long, $ 40 (SOLD)

# 18 - Midnight in Manhattan

This is the kind of ring I could imagine Carrie Bradshaw wearing, with some fancy black and white outfit. Bring out the city girl in you! Black and white designs on silver dichroic on a base of shiny black.

Fits size 8-8 1/2, 30 mm long, $ 65 (SOLD)

# 19 - The Ring-away-Bride

Gee, I had the hardest time taking a picture of this clear, white and silver dichroic ring, so I finally gave up. Just trust me that it's beautiful, and if I were a bride, I would wear a ring like this, and forget about the diamond...or, wait, that's why we have 10 fingers, right?! We can have it all!

Fits size 8-8 1/2, 29 mm long, $ 60 (SOLD)

# 20 - Heavenly Raindrops # 2

Okay, I loved this design so much I made three different rings, and one for myself. Couldn't resist...

Fits size 8-8 1/2, 31 mm long, $ 60 (SOLD)

# 21 - Just Magical

This is probably my personal favorite ring of the bunch, too bad it doesn't fit me....The design is straight and classic, and the colors that popped out are so amazing, I know that I'll never be able to recreate it in the exact same way, I guess that's one of the beauties of glass, and one of the frustrations.

Fits size 8-8 1/2, 30.5 mm long, $ 80 (SOLD)

The largest rings I can make at this point:

# 22 - Another Tidepool Tragedy

Again, I will have some bracelet beads and pendants to match coming soon.

Fits size 10, + and - a little , 30 mm long, $ 75 (SOLD)

# 23 - Mystical Tulip

I think one of the reasons I made rings in sizes that don't fit ME is to be able to let go of some of them...this one was hard to say goodbye to.

Fits size 10, + and - a little , 30 mm long, $ 60 (SOLD)