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All these frogs were for sale in 2008/2009/2010 - if you see a STYLE you like, send me an email and I will do my best to make something similar. Frogs have such an individual expression that they are impossible for me to reproduce exactly....

2010 Christmas frogs...

# A - George on green lightbulb

22mm long, SOLD

# B - Greg on green lightbulb

23mm long, SOLD

# C - Gunnar on green lightbulb

20mm long, SOLD

# D - Bob and Bill on blue lightbulb

matching pair for earrings, 21mm high, SOLD

# E - Brian on blue lightbulb

22mm long, SOLD

# F - Young Santa on yellow lightbulb

20 mm long, SOLD

# G - Robert on red lightbulb

22 mm long, SOLD

# H - Ronny on red lightbulb

21mm long, SOLD

# I - Peter on a package

There is only one of these, because shaping and wrapping this package took me forever. So, he's a little more expensive, but definitely one of a kind...what's IN the package? A bunch of good wishes, and a few curse-words as well... SOLD

# J - Ike on giant ice cone

1 inch long, on sparky silver dichroic. SOLD

# K - Pandora Santa

simply adorable, on silver dichroic over white, fits Pandora and Troll bracelets, SOLD

Group 2: Emotionally confused frogs finding love in winter time...

# L - Lewis loves his snowman

no description necessary, absolutely adorable, incredibly fine detail. 28mm high, $ 54

# M - Chris loves Carrotnose Snowman

30mm high, SOLD

# N - Frank in frog-heaven

32mm high, SOLD

# O - Sean and his snowbuddy
Snowman and frog sport matching scarfs, springtime will be a heart break. 30mm, SOLD

# P - Emmet is envious of snowman's hat

largest bead of the group, 38mm, SOLD

Group 3: There is winter in frog heaven!!

# Q - Gilbert Google-bubble

big-eyed frog on clear hollow bead, 16mm, SOLD

# R - Stuart the snowstorm angel

Tiny frog angel on solid dichroic bead decorated with white dots, 15 mm high, SOLD

# S - Sammy the snowflake angel

Tiny frog angel on solid bead with clear over silver, complex snowflake decoration. SOLD

# T - Oscar the ornament angel

20mm high, SOLD

# U - Stevie the snowglobe angel

frog angel on hollow bead with tiny white dots, 20mm high, SOLD

# V - Sven the snowglobe santa waiting for his wings

20mm high, SOLD

# W - Spencer the Northstar angel

frog angel on large hollow bead with dichroic band and tiny white dots. Much more sparkly than in the picture...38mm, SOLD

oups, I almost forgot this one...

# X - Ivan the Ice-tear Angel

30mm long, frog angel on elongated teardrop with silver dichroic lining. $ 40

Group 4: These have nothing to do with Christmas, but would make great Christmas presents...

coming this weekend, along with some non-frog beads and sets......


August 5th, 2010

A new style of frog-mania:


These little guys are so much fun to make, and hopefull equally fun to own, collect, or give away. Not every frog lover wants to carry their new pet around the neck, right?

The measurements given with each paperweight are diameter x heights, this one measured from botton to top of the frog head.

The bottom of the paperweight is "ground" on a lapidary wheel and the paperweight sits completely flat, no wobble.

The frogs are listed in the order of price - the cheaper ones on top....well, none are really cheap, but it's relative.

One last note about the paypal buy-now buttons - they WILL show that something is sold out, but only AFTER you click on it. Sorry about the inconvenience, if someone has an idea how to fix that issue, please let me know...

# A - Proud winner of the Golden Globe

Bronze metallic frog on green golden "ball"
1 inch x 1.3 inch, $ 75


# B - Texas Blue Bonnet

Blue flowers on green dichroic,
0.8 inches x 1 inch - $ 75

shipping options

# C - Into the Pink

3-dimensional flowers with pink petals with a purple center.
0.9 inches x 1 inch - $ 85


# D - The Dream of Glory

very sweet "shiny" look, both underneath the flowers and the courageous little frog.
0.85 inches x 1.2 inches - $ 85


# E - Over the top Pink

larger then the previous pieces - this big-eyed frog overlooks a meadow of pretty pink flowers over subtle green dichroic. Sweet!
1 inch x 1 inch - $ 88


# F - Quark me Crazy

From all the bead-styles I have created over the years, Quarks are still my favorites. And topped off with a smirking frog, it doesn't get much better for me than that (it does a LITTLE, if you scroll down...)

1.1 inches x 1.2 inches - $ 125


# G - The Chess Masters

No comment necessary, I'm very happy with these guys, and hope they will find a good home!

1.4 inches x 1.25 inches, $ 150


Thanks so much for looking!!!


# R - Mushrooms Anyone?

No worries, there is nothing fishy about the mushrooms, it's just that I'm going to be near the "Mushroom Capital of the world", and things pop into your mind. This frog has a definite "male" feel to him, dark colors, strong lines, you either love it or you don't, but he might be turned into the perfect keyholder for that husband who doesn't understand what beads are all about.. (SOLD)

# S - Summer Snow Cones

This froggie on the other hand is female and dainty, sweeeeeeeeeeet, as they say. 1 inch high (please note that this is a tear drop shaped bead with a white "cap". In some of the pictures the white kind of blends in with the background (SOLD)

# T - Romeo is looking for Love

A timid lover holds a pale blue flower, hoping to one day hand it to the love of his life. 3/4 inch high (SOLD)

# U - Juliet is not interested in Love

And why should she? She raises fragrant pink flowers all by herself, and has a cushy lily pad that no guy expects her to keep clean, and for entertainment, she hunts dragonflies. Life is good for this one. $ 40

# V - Gay-bert is just groovin

On his sleek little i-pad, located right beween Romeo and Juliet, he's happy he is the way he is. Instead of looking for what is impossible to achieve, he is best friends with the remote control to ALL his applieces, and when he gets bored, he feeds the is best on HIS i-pad, or so he thinks. wouldn't you, with a purple flower with pink stamen right on your doorstep?! (SOLD)


1. Pandora/Troll Frogs

# A - Gary Glitter

1/2 inch high (which is really tiny!), green frog on green dichroic, (SOLD)

# B - Darryl, Dancing with the Stars

1/2 inch high (this one is tiny too!), green frog on pink-purple dichroic. (SOLD)

# C - Elvis parachuting into Venice

1/2 inch high, green and pink twisted legs and arms on pink dichroic, supercute. (SOLD)

# D - Marty Googleman

Less than 1/2 inch, superfine detail, bright colors on green dichroic, (SOLD)

# E - Randall rises and shines
1/2 inch+ high, golden frog and encased white flowers on golden-green background. (SOLD)

# F - Frank loves his flowers

1/2 inch high, green frog on teal bead with lavender flowers. (SOLD)

# G - Fridolin's first ride

1/2 inch high, green frog on purple bead with pale teal flowers. (SOLD)

# H - "You didn't see that!"

1/2 inch particularly guilty looking frog on green bead with tiny pink flowers. (SOLD)

# I - "I didn't do it, I swear"

1/2 inch of yet another guilt-ridden frog. (SOLD)

# J - Stevie on a Stein

1/2 inch high, bringing out the German in me. Best enjoyed with a nice cold beer in your hand. But watch him! (SOLD)

# K - Clive climbing up in the garden

Pretty cute fellow I found in the garden. He had climbed on the rosebush, trying to prove to his buddies how brave he was. And then he got stuck, which is when I caught him, with that terrified look on his face. Do you want to rescue him? 4 cm long bead, $ 6 (SOLD)

# L - Bamboozle

Simple but elegant bead, similar to the plant the dog is clinging to. 1 3/4 inch long, (SOLD)

# M - Mikey is riding the test tube

I made the base bead after Mike Frantz gave me a bunch of new Effetre colors. Originally I didn't really plan on making "a real bead", but once it was done it looked too good to toss, but too boring by itself. Thus, I put a frog on it...2 1/4 inch long flat tube, pale colors with shiny metallic frog, (SOLD)

# N - Gold-digger aiming high

2 inch long lantern shaped bead, super shiny metallic frog. Very elegant. (SOLD)

# O - Fishing for Compliments

Once in a while I make a frog on a Tidepool bead, but in a way it breaks my heart because I have to make a complex bead with details all around - and then cover half of it up. I'm the only one who knows what's underneath....but then, it's still worth it, I hope you think the same. 2 1/4+ inch long flattened bead, (the color is not as reddish-brown as in the picture) SOLD)

# P - Frog on Fire

Reminiscent of a bead I sold a few years back on ebay (that one is now residing in Singapore! if you ever run into someone with a similar bead, you have to buy each other a drink!) - the bead itself is based on a tutorial on using enamels by Diana East, in Jim Kervin's booklet. Bright vibrant colors, just in time to get into the mood for 4th of July fireworks. (SOLD)

# Q - The Bucket Frog

The vertical bubbles in this sparkling gold-green barrel shaped bead reminded me of the rainwater gushing from our gutters, collecting in a bucket. Each bubble represents something to do before we die...There are lots of bubbles in this...1 1/2 inch high, (SOLD)

New frogs, Sunday, March 07, 2010

(I'm sorry, I have a really bad cold, so I don't feel like writing cutesy description...hope the pictures will tell you all you need to know...)

# A - Roger on the Rainbow

1/2 inch high, $ 30 (SOLD)

# B - Quarkini

Tiny frog on Tiny quark, 1/2 inch high, $ 42(SOLD)

# C - Big Brother Quark

First a size comparison with "Quarkini":

The focal bead is 3/4 inch high, $ 70 (SOLD)

# D - The Hot Dog Frog

5/8 inch high on teal dichroic, $ 35(SOLD)

# E - One more Jeremiah

One of my favorites, so couldn't help making one more. 3/4 inch high, $ 60(SOLD)

# F - Pixie Pandora Frog

Less than 1/2 inch high, large hole, $ 35(SOLD)

# G - Pandoroogle Boy

Less than 1/2 inch high, large hole, $ 40(SOLD)

# H - Cutie Pie-dora

For some reason I discovered this little fellow in a corner behind the TV. He must have been lonely there. Tiny, colorful, funny, with a large hole. $ 30(SOLD)

# I - Pandora Blush

1/2 + inch high, very pink! Large hole, $ 50 (SOLD)

# J - Pandora in Bloom

Sweet little flowers on golden green background! 1/2 inch high, large hole, $ 40(SOLD)

# K - Flowers, no frog insight

This bead doesn't really belong on this page, but since it matches the frog above, what the heck. White flowers o golden green background. Pandora size, $ 20(SOLD)

# L - What's on the other side of the world?

My first and maybe only double-frog-pandora-bracelet-bead. Very cool. 7/8th inch long, $ 85(SOLD)

# M - Roberto in the Rain

Really big green frog on a 1 1/2 inch long mysteriously rainy barrel with semi-raised leaf and vine decoration. $ 70 (SOLD) (the "fold" in the right cheek is just an optical illusion)

# N - Lilies in a bottle

Elegantly shaped bottle bead in pale pinks and greens, with two encased lilies, proudly guarded by a dainty frog. $ 88 (SOLD)

# O - "Lets check it out together"

Two friends, on their way to find out what's beyond the pond. 2 1/8 inch long, green golden, $ 100(when I'm holding this bead, I find myself looking at WHAT it is these two guys have discovered. I still don't know....but it must sure be interesting!) (SOLD)

The next three beads have been inspired by the (way too early) blooming plum trees in our yard:

# P - Ume-lantern

(Ume is nothing fancy, just the Japanese word for plum. Hey, gotto show my education off SOMEwhere, right?!) 2 1/8th inch long, encased plum blossoms on purple background, purple rims, $ 100(SOLD)

# Q - Blossoms beyond the Pond

Really really beautiful squeezed bead of golden amber pools with semi-raised plum blossoms and bright green frog, kind of a "local version" of the rainforest frog. One of the vines grows around the backside of the bead. 2 inches long and 1 1/4 inch wide, $ 110 (SOLD)

# R - Delicious Lollipop

I usually "reserve" my favorite bead till last - and the same is true on this (miserable) Sunday. I love this bead! 2 1/4 long squeezed slim bicone. The only "drawback" with this bead is that I cursed a lot while I made it, and I cursed even more when I discovered that I had cursed for 2 hours....but, it was worth it. $ 125(SOLD)

That's it for today, now I'll have some chicken noodle soup, answer some emails and crawl into bead. Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

Monday 8th of February 2010

# A - "Pick Meeeeeeeeeee"

Dichroic basebead is 12mm high, $ 30 (SOLD)

# B - Mini Michael

Pandora-frog on small "Barley-style bead", 11 mm high, $ 40 (SOLD)

# C - Pandoruby

Pandora-frog on ruby red and silver mesh, 10mm high, $ 45 (SOLD)

# D - Frog Afloat

Metallic frog on reddish-purple-blue encased swirls, 3/4 inch high, $ 40 (SOLD)

# E - "Life's A Swirl"

Metallic frog on 1-inch long teardrop with mother-of-pearl green/blue swirls. $ 50 (SOLD)

# F - Popsicle Frog

Bright and Google-eyed on solid green dichroic. 3/4 inch high, $ 50 (SOLD)

# G - Busy Lizzy

Crazy ivory lizard on 1 1/2 inch long flat reddish bead, $ 55 (SOLD)

# H - Jeremiah's Twin

Remake of an earlier favorites, 3/4 + inch high, $ 60 (SOLD)

# I - Raindrops are falling

Curious green frog on 1 inch teardrop shaped encased floral. $ 62 (SOLD)

# J - The Buddy System

1 inch + long barrel with golden dots, and two friends who look out for each other. $ 80 (SOLD)

# K - Gunnar Green

This green guy sits on a 1 1/8th inch flat lentil with green dichroic, and would look best as the centerpiece of a bracelet (check matching beads!) - $ 60

# L - Frog in Pink Paradise

1 1/8ch inch flat lentil, lovingly decorated makes the perfect home for a happy frog. Works both as pendant or bracelet centerpiece (the green in the picture is more oxnoxious than in reality). $ 80 (SOLD)

# M - A magic moment

1 1/8th inch flat lentil - just fun (back is motstly black with corners of green dichroic. $ 80 (SOLD)

# N - A froggie february fantasy

Adorable little frog on a 1 1/8th inch flat encased floral lentil. Small florals are 11 mm wide, lavender on dark green, the entire strand is 4 inches long. Would make both a great bracelet or a necklace. $ 160 (SOLD)

# O - Remember the Rainforest?

A remake of one of my all-time-favorite frog-themes - and one of the fun things is that they usually get a tiny bit nicer each time. 4 cmm high, $ 100 (SOLD)

# P - A magic trip to Europe

Definitely my favorite frog-focal of the year (well), really fun and stunning. 1 1/2 inch flat "medallion" shape, black and lots of green dichroic (which wraps around about half of the back). Why is this called "a magic trip to Europe"? I was looking at the little design elements, and for some reason I envisioned buildings in Paris and London. ????? Oh well, it's been a long day, what can I say?! Did I say it's REALLY big? And ready to wear as a pendant, $ 135

And the last frog of today's "line-up" is a little untypical for me - last weekend I took a class on recuction glass - and this one was the first (and last) bead I made at home with my new knowledge. As you can see, I couldn't help myself spicing it up a little with a frog. Actually, a really cool bead with lots of color and metallic veining.

# Q - Into the Sunset

2 1/2 inches long, $ 120 (SOLD)

Lots and lots of frogs coming!


NEW FROGS ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND 2009 - I"m working on it!

I'm starting out with the 2 most expensive frogs for today, they get cheaper (and smaller) as you scroll down. It will take a little time between each frog, since I still have to edit and resize the image. Thanks for your eternal ribbeting patience!

# A - Geronimus the Gardener

I usually place big frogs on big beads, but this time I just liked both beads (this and the next) so much that I didn't want to hide the inside with a big green dude. Of course, I could have just left the frogs off, but sometimes I can't help myself. What's the big beadcap doing on top? I was trying out the beadcaps I have in my silver box, and this one fit so perfectly that I wanted to make it go with the bead. I "tacked" it onto the top with some glue, but it's only a temporary connection and it's very easy to take off without any harm to the bead. What I like best in this bead is that the little white flowers go very deeply into the layer of clear, they almost jump at you. 1 3/4 inch long, $ 95 (SOLD)

# B - Kimono Joe

I really fell in love with the bead Joe is guarding, it reminds me of the long-sleeved engagement Kimono I brought home from my life in Japan. The Chrysanthemum flowers look very similar to those on the silky fabric, and I got a kick out of them because it was just "a small idea" I tried for the heck of it, and it worked out way better then expected. How are they done? Well, if you've been making beads for a while, one close look at it will tell, but if not, it will definitely be a small tutorial in the new book! Whenever that will be finished, if I keep making beads and spending days taking pictures and listing them.
This bead is 1 1/4 inches long, a perfectly shaped oval, and the tiniest frog toes imaginable (very sturdy though, I test-drop!). $ 85 (SOLD)

# C - Thomas says: That pink quaaaak is mine!

(the name is a joke that probably only Germans will understand: they German "frog-talk-word" is not ribbit, but quaaaak). Anyway, Thomas, with his proud outfit of striped pants and dotted vest, got a hold of one of the pink quarks lying about my studio, and he has no intention of giving it up. So, if you like him, you've got to get the quark as well. Or you would have one unhappy frog on your hands! 3/4 inches high, $ 70 (SOLD)

# D - Oh Bob!!

My classic combination of a green frog without much fuss on an encased round floral, this one is made on a base of green dichroic with white stamen. This one has a very soulful "yearning" look on his face, reminding me of my dear Canadian friend Bob. 3/4 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)

# E - Going to the Fair

Can you tell this guy is having fun? So will I - I am going to the fair myself tomorrow, let's hope I am not going to run in any insane murderes on the loose....Pandora/troll size, $ 60 (SOLD)

# F - Ed, the Hot Dog King

This one is for all the Bachelorette fans - of course we all know, a Hot Dog is a Hot Dog - unless it has four legs and comes jumping at you. Should I ever be chosen as the Bachelorette, I would present my Frog-leg theory! ("Tell me what frog legs taste to YOU, and I tell you what you are..."). 3/4 inch high, $ 50

# G - Bond, Frogs Bond (aka: Martini anyone?)

This frog was the result of a rescue mission - I was making a bead for the "Victoria's Secret" set, but the stringer decoration didn't work out, so instead of "chucking it" (after all, there was a substantional piece of dichroic in the core), I raked through the black and turned it into something "shaken, not stirred". Actually, the frog has something elegantly understated British about him. Slightly larger than 3/4 inch, $ 40 (SOLD)

# H - Frodo over the Fence

Another P/T frog (henceforce abbreviation for Pandora/Troll). I don't have to describe much for the following froggies - the pictures pretty much say it all - but this bead is entirely wrapped in fine silver mesh, over a core of Aurae. $ 60 (SOLD)

# I - "I swear it wasn't me!!"

Sometimes these frogs just name themselves - and honestly, that's what this little fellow told me. He is trying to hide on top of a P/T fossil bead, which has two shells and a black/ivory twisty under one foot (can't see that in the picture). Very adorable, $ 55 (SOLD)

# J - Zebra or what?

The second P/T frog on top of an encased fossil bead (unfortunately there isn't room for much decoration on that scale), this one is just as clueless as the last. $ 55 (SOLD)

# K - "I know there is an Alligator down there, so don't drop me!"

I bet you didn't know that frogs on bracelets could be neurotic? This one has invented the concept - there is nothing to worry about, but the terror is written in his face. Will not be sold to Florida or other swamplands! $ 50 (SOLD)

# L - "Get me out of here!"

In a way you have to feel sorry for the frogs in this household, I mean, the things they have to put up with - but being thrown in with jellyfish at 1000 fathoms, that would get the bravest of them.....but he can't really complain, because he jumped in there on his own, to get the little "diamond" embedded in the bead....$ 55 (SOLD)

That's it for today, I'm going to be exhausted for a long time....I have earned going to the fair, that's for sure....thanks for being so patient!


Before I list all the frogs I have today, I wanted to give you an idea of the different sizes, because sometimes it's just hard to visualize how big a bead is, even though the measurements are given. So, here is a picture with 4 frogs in different sizes, hope this helps:

# A - Rembrandino

The smallest frog of the litter - and in the photography and lighting something strange happened - the frog looks majorly green. In reality, you can't see the green, just metallic, with a very slight ivory spot on the buttock. This was an experiment in reducing Precision "Rembrand"in a differernt way (I will show you all about that in "The Book"....) - and I like it a lot. Overall a simple frog with very dainty features, sitting on a little round "caramel swirl" encased bead, 16 mm high, $ 30.

The Foster Family

The next 6 frogs in this "line-up" where inspired by my long time friend Diana Foster, who is a huge Michael Jackson fan, and she had asked me to make a frog with one white glove on the right hand. I admit, I would have never thought of that (I didn't even know about the white glove, though I did my research later on) - and I just fell in love with the idea. It's subtle, but for those "in the know" it's as good a sign of recognition as any. I hope that you will enjoy this tiny tribute to a great artists who touched many lives, no matter what age or race or religion...I am listing the frogs in the order of "fanciness" an size.

# B - Mikey

Mikey is a fairly simple fellow, doesn't need anything fancy, just some fake diamonds on a base of black, that's about it. Charming googly eyes. 2 cm high, $ 42

# C - Moonwalker

A slighty fancier version of "mikey", with more silver speckles on the black and one more diamond, on an olive shaped bead. Moonwalker has one TINY tear under his left eye, don't ask me how that got there, the glass must have had a mind of his own...2 mm high, $ 45

# D - Ben Beats it

Another moonwalker style M, but a little fancied up, with a white chest, black bow-tie and murrini eyes. I love this little guy....$ 50

# E - Billie Jean

I tried to go a little bit "disco" with the base-bead - it's an actual patchwork of tiny pieces of different color dichroic....really cool. The back is also decorated with green dichroic and skinny lines of frog-green. The bead with frog is 21 mm high, $ 60

# F - Not Black or White

Another M bead on a patchwork base, the only difference is the design on the back and the googly eyes....21 mm high, $ 62(SOLD)

# G - Heal the World

The last one in my "Michael Jackson memorial frog" series (thanks again, Diana), this one is the largest and fanciest in a way - the base of the large round bead is dichroic patchwork, and then I created "World-lines" around it with very fine intense black stringer. It looks a little dark in the picture, but in person you can see the different colors "glimmering" inside as you turn the bead. 22mm high, $ 75 (SOLD)

# H - The Mole (aka: the hotdogfrog)

This little fellow is mischeviously cute - the yellow dot at the end of the nose follows the general lines, it doesn't just "sit" there like the picture indicates. Lots of color, intricate design, very sweet. 2 cm high (it seems like all the frogs are that high, which is weird, because they seem very different in size when I look at them...) $ 50(SOLD)

# I - Stars and Stripes, well, sort of

The pictures here speak pretty much for themselves, a romantically inclined frog who is ready to fall in love at a drop of a dragonfly. 2 cm high, lots of loving detail inside and out, $ 75

# J - 2 Martian Frogs playing in the Garden

I didn't notice when I made these beads how big the eyes turned out, which makes the frogs look like perfect little Martians.....of course, they have never seen such pretty flowers on Mars, so they are all excited, and fighting for the best spot. Don't let these out of your sight, they are up to no good! 2 mm high, $ 85(SOLD)

# K - Don't tickle me man, I'm already pink

In all the years I have made frogs, I have NEVER made a pink one. Now I know why - working with the bubble gum pink and the Rubino Oro at the same time is a bitch (excuse my English) - they prefer a different flame and you feel like a juggler of oxygen and propane. But the result was well worth it - IF you like pink! 25 mm high, $ 85(SOLD)

# L - Seriously Green

This frog is majorly annoyed by all the Gay frogs parading around this site today. He believes that a true frog is GREEN. And that his is. Really pretty "markings" and a beautiful basebead as well, 2 cm high, $ 75. (SOLD)

# M - Turquoise Delight

Green is good, turquoise is better, according to this specimen - well, judge for yourself! 2 cm, $ 75(SOLD)

# N - Kiss me, Kate

The last and largest frog in this series - the kind that you either love or hate. He has a slightly silly face with bright pink kissy-lips - but what do they say about kissing frogs? Who wants another prince that can't cook and wants you to do his laundry. You might already have one of that case, you might enjoy this one a lot least you don't EXPECT him to answer to you when you talk to him. The pictures show all the details, definitely one of a kind, 3 cm high, $ 90 (SOLD)

# O - The blind leading the blind

I am really pleased with this one - perfect for people who always loose their glasses - who would be better equipped to guard them then a pair of blind frogs (if that idea doesn't appeal to you, just imagine they have 20/20 vision and are wearing Maui Jims.....). Base-metal chain with "fixtures" to attach glasses, $ 95

That's it for today, thanks for looking!


Monday, August 10th

# A - "Jailhouse Joey"

Of course, he is wearing striped pants, where else could he be? But Joey is not a very criminal guy, he finally got busted for repeated theft of pink pillow cases. I'ld say he needs a shrink rather than bars....but what do I know? 3/4 inch high. $ 50 (SOLD)

# B - "Dandy-Doo"

Not only the jailfrogs get to sport fancy leg-wear...this guy is a bit sneaky though, he likes to hop around under women's skirts...that's why he needs big googly eyes. 3/4 inch high, $ 48 (SOLD)

newly listed:

# C - Jeremiah

Can you tell that I got infatuated with the bright pink Millefiori I unearthed in a dusty bag in a seldom visited corner of Frantz Artglass? I just love the color and the pattern - and so does Jeremiah. He is pretty fancy himself with lots of decoration on his back and feet. 3/4 inch high, $ 52 (SOLD)

one more coming before I go to bed...

New frogs today, Monday, July 20th

# A - Steven Stargazer

A cute green fellow on a complex little green and aqua olive lined with dichroic, twisted cane and murrini on the surface. Slightly shorter than 3/4 inch. $ 50 (SOLD)

# B - Meshed Pandora Frog!

I really love the pandora/troll hole-sized frogs, there is something pityfully cute about the way they hang around the bead. I try to fit as much of the frog as possible onto the bead, creating a minimum of "overhang", so they don't collide with neighboring beads. Why are they more expensive than the regular frogs? Try making one, between getting tired fingers and hoverin on the edge of burning said fingers, you would want to chare 10 times as me! This little dude has a whole round of gold-colored mesh to protect, so he is looking fierce. I forgot to measure him, but he is small....really! $ 55(SOLD)

# C - Tim the timid treefrog

this one is just adorable, hope nobody wants him.....but if, he fits pandora/troll bracelets and is $ 55 (SOLD)

# D - The un-crowned frog prince

This frog reminds me somehow of the fairy tale frog who returns the golden ball to the princess....the bead this frog is sitting on has a distinct dark golden shine to it (which doesn't show in the picture). Speaking of picture, the little dot on top of the nose is just some weird reflection. His nose is clean, guaranteed! $ 30 (SOLD)

Thanks for hopping by!
# A - Ludwig is longing

I usually name my frogs according to the expression on their faces. So, I don't think I have to explain this one. He is 3/4 inch high, on a bead of bright fuchsia dichroic, decorated with tiny white dots, and a tuquoise millefiori on this rear end. $ 50 (SOLD)

# B - "Gimme a popsicle" - Google Frog

I always fall in love when I make these bright funky fellows - he will charm you too, I promise! 3/4 inch high, $ 50 (SOLD)

# C - "Le Petit Prince"

I couldn't make up my mind whether this little guy is a curious French prince, or a dude on a Harley. He's adorable either way. You decide - 3/4 inch high, $ 40 (SOLD)

# D - "Cinderella"

The last frog I have was the first time I used DH Aurae for the frog itself. It's really interesting, halfway translucent, and half golden purple. It made me think of what a glass-slipper would look like, thus the name. Cinderella is slightly cross-eyed, which ads to her charm. Smaller than 3/4 inch, $ 35.(SOLD)

that's it for today, thanks for looking!

As usual, I am starting out with just the pictures, I have 20some frogs, so this will take me a while, but at least you can get an idea what kind of frogs I have today. Descriptions and prices will follow last.

# A - "Must Ketch" - The Hot Dog Frog

Dark red body with lot of "pizzaz", 3/4 inch high, $ 50 (SOLD)

# B - Pandorito

Tiny google-eyed frog on DH "pandora", which turned into really cool purple swirls on green. A little over 1/2 inch high, $ 28 (SOLD)

# C - Fabulous Fabio

Metallic frog on a black teardrop with subtle metallic lines, 1 inch tall, $ 60 (SOLD)

# D - Freddie Flower power

Freddie spent too much time in the rose-bush, he thought "jee, these things have grown on me"....slightly under 1 inch tall, $ 48 (SOLD)

# E - Jamy Google

Prison Pajamas or just bad taste? We will never know. 3/4 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)

# F - Somewhere over the rainbow

1 inch high flat oval bead with rainbow shades of dichroic. Fun! $ 55 (SOLD)

# G - Bobbie Blue Bonnet

Mentally preparing for my next trip to Texas, even Bobbie looks in that direction with longing in his eyes. $ 42 (SOLD)

# H - Friendly Fossil Frog

I always love this combination (I have 3 in my personal collection) - just stunning. Over 2 inches long, $ 85 (SOLD)

# I - Bernie has big dreams

Nothing special to say about this guy, he just IS....the base is made with encased Triton and has that special blue mother-of-pearl look. 3/4 inch high, $ 30 (SOLD)

# J - Gay frog, who would have guessed

How do I know that he's gay? man, you should see the way he moves, and lifts his pinky just know. 3/4 inch high, $ 42 (SOLD)

# K - Crayola Google Frog

Fancy both ways - Crayola boy sits on a black and white quark, which shows off his bright outfit even better. Very stylish. 1 inch tall, $ 65 (SOLD)

# L - Peter Pan-tsdown

Peter got trapped on a long flattened "Princess Diary" focal (I have one set of "Princess Memoir Beads" - let me know if you're interested, have to take a picture). 2 inches long, lots of gold, purple and blues, $ 80 (SOLD)

# M - Boy, what a toy

Sweet little (tiny!) googly eyed frog with lots of oranges on a purple beach-ball. 1/2 inch high, $ 35 (SOLD)

# N - Mama's Boy

Perfect for the upcoming Mother's Day - show mom where your heart is (or not). Between 3/4 and 1 inch high (whatchacallthat?), $ 45 (SOLD)

# O - Titian holding on to his treasure

Golden boy on 2 cm tall olive shaped bead with silver-black scrollwork over green dichroic. $ 50 (SOLD)

# P - Scared out of his socks

Troll/pandora bead with little encased flowers, the metal eyes are a little "eery", so he has a really intense stare. Don't let him intimidate you! Less than 1/2 inch high, $ 42 (SOLD)

# Q - High Roller

This guy looks like he might roll off his troll-bead any time, but trust me, he's on there for good! Encased Triton with shimmery hues of blue and grey-green, 1/2 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)

# R - Bird of Paradise

lots of color going on here, purple dichroic over transparent red core, and then all the other colors you love...3/4 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)

# S - Poppy Greed

Hmm, can't think of anything to say about this guy. He will have to talk to you in person. 3/4 inch high, $ 40 (SOLD)

# T - Foghorn Fantasy

Another troll frog, this one almost looks like a troll himself. For a change, I etched this bead, which makes the purple dichroic underneath the clear look like it's in the fog... 1/2 inch high, $ 40 (SOLD)

# U - Prince Quirky

The fanciest guy of the bunch - "quirk" style decoration on a 1 1/4 inch high lentil with a purple dichroic core and green dichroic on top, no decoration on the back, $ 90 (SOLD)


Sunday, March 22nd

# A - Leah Fairfrog

The first new frog I have today is a variation on the "Rainbow Frog" - but on an urnshaped bead rather than a flat oval. Because of the shape, and the vine-decoration underneath the surface it reminded me a little of one of Leah Fairbanks gorgeous focals, so I named him "Leah Fairfrog". The bead is 1 1/2 inch long and $ 85 (SOLD)

# B - Goldfinger

I made this cute guy about 2 weeks ago, right after I got a pound of Double Helix new "Aura" glass. I was really enamored with the way the glass looked encased - but as a focal itself it was a little bit too bland, so I added some flowers and a frog on top. The whole bead has a strong golden look to it, and then, I love James Bond, hence the name. The slender olive shaped base bead is 1 1/4 inch tall, $ 75. (SOLD)

# C - Cesar

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest sources - Sheri gave me the "boot" 2 years ago for Christmas, and I had it in my studio as a glass holder. I finally took another look at it and figured that I had never made a frog hang "sideways" like that on a bead. Well, now I have, and it's one of my favorite frog beads ever. Very classy in the goldish color, but full of character. When I looked at the picture the bead somehow reminded me of a Roman coin, that's why I named him "Cesar"....Hope that whoever will get this guy will really enjoy him - and let's hope he won't hop off the bead, because he sure looks like he is ready to do just that - and go out and explore the world. The lentil is 1 1/4 inch in diameter, $ 100. (SOLD)

that's it for frogs today, more coming on Thursday.
Tuesday, February 10th

New "Collector's Edition" frogs. Why collectors edition? These are the frogs that even my long-time customers don't have yet...

# A - Firefrog

Bright red patterns are making this slightly silly boy a definite attention getter. He sets a 1 1/4 inch lentil with a dichroic core on fire, $ 45 (SOLD)

# B - Treefrog

Climbs up on a 1 1/2 inch blue dichroic oval lentil, with vines and leaves, $70 (SOLD)

# C - Rainforest frog

One of my favorite frogs in a long time, 1 1/2 inch long oval lentil, with bright green dichroic, hot pink orchid-like flowers, really special, $ 85 (SOLD)

# D - The world is upside down

These two friends are always chatting to each other via email, one lives in the United States, the other one in Australia...isn't it wonderful how people and frogs around the world can be connected now? The encased floral is a little over 1/2 inch high, $ 75 (SOLD)


Sunday, February 1st - "Bargain hopping frogs"

In case you don't get my newsletter: the beads this week are part of my "Beadonomic Stimulus Package" and are up to 50 % less than my regular prices. To give everybody a chance at getting something, I am having a "random drawing". Which means, I created a monster I am still wrestling. I will try to get back to everybody who emailed, but I might not, in which case I apologize.
I don't take orders for any of the frogs below, but I will have more available in about 10 days. Thanks for stopping by.

# A - Marty Metal Man
24mm high, peacock metallic on green dichroic, $ 22 (SOLD)

# B - Wedgy Wood, the pond frog
flat bracelet size bead, 3/4 diameter, $ 20 (SOLD)

# C - Classic Bob Frog
1 inch high, similar to the one on the cover of Passing The Flame, timeless. $ 35 (SOLD)

# D - Hank on a Handgranade
Cute critter on oval bead of silver plum "mesh" over blue dichroid, 3/3 inch high, $ 15 (SOLD)

# E - Deluxe Google Frog
Poisonfartfrog on yellow dichroic egg, 1 inch high, $ 40 (SOLD)

# F - Blue Eyed Google frog
delightful poisonfartfrog on green dichroic, $ 30 (SOLD)

# G - Boobee Bubble Boy
Tiny bubbles suspender over green dichroic, less than 3/4 inch high, $ 22 (SOLD)

# H - Gunther has a grip on the garden
3/4 inch high, $ 22 (SOLD)

# I - Walter waiting for the perfect wave
Troll/pandora style frog, $ 30 (SOLD)

# J - Helpless Harry
Troll/pandora style frog, $ 30 (SOLD)

That's it for today, please remember that it's "random distribution" today, so, don't pay with paypal just because the bead you like doesn't say "sold"....thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 24th

(I am listing frogs one by one, so, unless it will say "that's it for today", there will be more on the way)

# A and # B - Tic and Tac

Tic and Tac are two tiny frogs that fit Pandora or Troll bracelets....each is clinging fiercly to a small purple/blue dichroic bead, the highest point of each frog is 1/2 inch, $ 40 each. (BOTH SOLD)

Tic from the back: Tac from the back:

# C - Stevie in the snow-storm

Another troll/pandora "worthy" frog bead, this base bead is slightly larger than the two above, because it has a layer of tiny white "wind-blown" flowers on top of a base of teal-green dichroic, encased in chrystal clear. The diameter of the base bead is 1/2+, $ 50. (SOLD)

# D - Jason Hopeful

In case you like to wear beads that have "meaning", this one might remind you never to give up on love. Your knees might turn red from being down on them, staring your loved one into (...whatever), and even if you fall on your behind in the process , you might fall right back into love. Well, we'll see. Adorable pandora/troll Valentine's frog on heart-adorned sleeping beauty design, $ 60 (SOLD)

# E - Romeo climbing the trellice

Love is obviously in the air these days (in more than one way..) - but THIS lover knows from the history books that his love will be answered, for a short time at least, so he attacks the lady with three big red hearts....white stringer decoration over sparkly green dichroic. 3/4 inch high, $ 75 (SOLD)

# F - Prince Charming

Prince Charming has heard through the grapevine that there is a Princess who has been sleeping for hundred years. He's just a good guy whose on the move the help the poor chick, he doesn't have any amorous intentions, after all, we all know that just being asleep doesn't hold up aging, and imagine the bad breath after not having brushed your teeth for that long, but then again, this particular prince wouldn't know love, even it it bit him in the butt.... 3/4 inches high, Sleeping Beauty design on green dichroic, $ 70 (SOLD)

# G - Harvey is hardly heartless

Oups, the description got lost somewhere in cyberspace, now I'm too lazy to write it all over, so here are just the basics: he is almost 3/4 inches high, with lots of detailed decoration on the frog, $ 60 (SOLD)


Sunday, February 1st - "Bargain hopping frogs"

In case you don't get my newsletter: the beads this week are part of my "Beadonomic Stimulus Package" and are up to 50 % less than my regular prices. To give everybody a chance at getting something, I am having a "random drawing". Which means, I created a monster I am still wrestling. I will try to get back to everybody who emailed, but I might not, in which case I apologize.
I don't take orders for any of the frogs below, but I will have more available in about 10 days. Thanks for stopping by.

# A - Marty Metal Man
24mm high, peacock metallic on green dichroic, $ 22 (SOLD)

# B - Wedgy Wood, the pond frog
flat bracelet size bead, 3/4 diameter, $ 20 (SOLD)

# C - Classic Bob Frog
1 inch high, similar to the one on the cover of Passing The Flame, timeless. $ 35 (SOLD)

# D - Hank on a Handgranade
Cute critter on oval bead of silver plum "mesh" over blue dichroid, 3/3 inch high, $ 15 (SOLD)

# E - Deluxe Google Frog
Poisonfartfrog on yellow dichroic egg, 1 inch high, $ 40 (SOLD)

# F - Blue Eyed Google frog
delightful poisonfartfrog on green dichroic, $ 30 (SOLD)

# G - Boobee Bubble Boy
Tiny bubbles suspender over green dichroic, less than 3/4 inch high, $ 22 (SOLD)

# H - Gunther has a grip on the garden
3/4 inch high, $ 22 (SOLD)

# I - Walter waiting for the perfect wave
Troll/pandora style frog, $ 30 (SOLD)

# J - Helpless Harry
Troll/pandora style frog, $ 30 (SOLD)

That's it for today, please remember that it's "random distribution" today, so, don't pay with paypal just because the bead you like doesn't say "sold"....thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 24th

(I am listing frogs one by one, so, unless it will say "that's it for today", there will be more on the way)

# A and # B - Tic and Tac

Tic and Tac are two tiny frogs that fit Pandora or Troll bracelets....each is clinging fiercly to a small purple/blue dichroic bead, the highest point of each frog is 1/2 inch, $ 40 each. (BOTH SOLD)

Tic from the back: Tac from the back:

# C - Stevie in the snow-storm

Another troll/pandora "worthy" frog bead, this base bead is slightly larger than the two above, because it has a layer of tiny white "wind-blown" flowers on top of a base of teal-green dichroic, encased in chrystal clear. The diameter of the base bead is 1/2+, $ 50. (SOLD)

# D - Jason Hopeful

In case you like to wear beads that have "meaning", this one might remind you never to give up on love. Your knees might turn red from being down on them, staring your loved one into (...whatever), and even if you fall on your behind in the process , you might fall right back into love. Well, we'll see. Adorable pandora/troll Valentine's frog on heart-adorned sleeping beauty design, $ 60 (SOLD)

# E - Romeo climbing the trellice

Love is obviously in the air these days (in more than one way..) - but THIS lover knows from the history books that his love will be answered, for a short time at least, so he attacks the lady with three big red hearts....white stringer decoration over sparkly green dichroic. 3/4 inch high, $ 75 (SOLD)

# F - Prince Charming

Prince Charming has heard through the grapevine that there is a Princess who has been sleeping for hundred years. He's just a good guy whose on the move the help the poor chick, he doesn't have any amorous intentions, after all, we all know that just being asleep doesn't hold up aging, and imagine the bad breath after not having brushed your teeth for that long, but then again, this particular prince wouldn't know love, even it it bit him in the butt.... 3/4 inches high, Sleeping Beauty design on green dichroic, $ 70 (SOLD)

# G - Harvey is hardly heartless

Oups, the description got lost somewhere in cyberspace, now I'm too lazy to write it all over, so here are just the basics: he is almost 3/4 inches high, with lots of detailed decoration on the frog, $ 60 (SOLD)

more coming soon

Thursday, December 18th

# A - Love Struck

I made this bead as a response to a request from a nice guy from Canada, whose girlfriend lives far away and he wanted something to "commemorate" their love. Well, it only took me one attempt to find out that we was thinking of a couple of bracelet beads with frogs, so, these love "birds" are available for someone else to enjoy.
The base bead is 3/4 inch high, at the widest point it measures a little over an inch, this type of "double frog bead" is really difficult to make, because you have to keep the first frog just warm to keep him from cracking, while fitting the second frog in the right position, without overmelting the toes and legs. That's why I ask $ 100 for this particular bead, hope whoever gets it will enjoy the spirit of "love spanning any distance" with which it was made. I know what that is all about...(SOLD)

# B - MiniMax conquers the Troll

The tiniest frog I have made for troll/Pandora bracelets, he is only 1/2 inch high, on aqua dichroic. The second picture shows a comparison with a "regular" sized frog... (SOLD)

# C - Stargazer

The Stargazer is the bead shown for comparison in the picture above - I don't know why is chose to look up at the stars, instead of looking down at the beautiful flowers right underneath his toes; maybe to remind us that we too often long for something we will never obtain, and forget to appreciate what we have in our hands...3/4 inch high, made on encased triton, so it has that special glow. (SOLD)

# D - Gonzo and the Golden Cage

Gonzo is a close relative to last weeks "Serious Sebastian" - the main difference is that in this bead I encased the silver mesh with Double Helix fantastic new "$ 60-clear", which instantly turned the silver mesh a bright golden color. "Eureka"!!! 17 mm high, $ 55 (SOLD)

# E - Bubble Boy

This started out as an experimental design - when I made the "snowflowers" on the bead page, there was a moment when the encased bead was so hot that the white flower petals where transparent, and all you could see where the poked bubbles. So, I tried that as a design by itself, basically just poking the inner layer of clear before encasing it, without the flowers, and it looked really cool. Since the bead was a little too big to be used as part of a bracelet set, I added the black "cones" and the frog. A really fun bead, at a lower price, because while I was pulling the knees of the frog, a superfine stringer of Rembrandt got stuck to the top black cone - if you don't look very closely, you would probably not notice it, still, I know it's there, so it's half of the regular price, $ 30 (SOLD)

# F - Frog, JAMES Frog

The names you come up with when you work on an olive shaped bead....Close relative to "Tschaikovski", but more related to the latest Bond-incarnation, with a slighly stupid expression. Someone take care of this guy, please! 1 inch high, $ 60 (SOLD)

that's it for now, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 1st

TodayI have a lot of frogs that will fit Troll or Pandora bracelets. Since I first started making those (inspired by my friend Stephanie Handerman), I had quite a few requests for more, so, I got busy with the task, and I got somewhat addicted, as you will see below. I think I also developed some kind of heat resistance on my left hand, with which I hold the mandrel, and the mandrel tends to get very hot while I work...but after 10 frogs or so I don't seem to feel it anymore.

Since everybody seems to be struggling economically this year, I also lowered my prices a little, hope that you will find a frog you like and can afford (either for yourself or as a Christmas present) - this is PROBABLY (one never knows) my last batch of frogs this year - thanks for checking them out!

I almost forgot to list this large focal - here he is:

"Darwin dreaming of a Bubblebath".

Almost 2 inches long, 1 inch wide, with glowing bubbles in golden green and blues, kind of like a squished version of the "Rachmaninoff design". The back is flat in a gorgeous shade of golden mother-of-pearl, if there is such a thing. $ 80 (SOLD)

The first three frogs are actually "regular" frogs, meaning, they have small holes and look best as pendants... the "Google Frogs" are fun and wacko, each part is made with a different colored cane - well, the pictures pretty much show what's going on...

# A - Green Eyed Google Frog

This frog sits on a 1/2 inch high purple dichroic bead, $ 45 (SOLD)

# B - Blue Eyed Google Frog

The second Google frog is slightly smaller, he sits on a 9mm high purple bead, $ 40 (SOLD)

# C - Google Frog on Ice

This funky frog clings to a 1 inch high/ 3/4 inch wide and 1/4 inch thick slice of clear glass, he is dreaming of a career in figure skating....but I don't think it's going to happen. Life is hard! $ 60(SOLD)

The Troll frog series: the average heights of all the beads below (just the bead, not the frog) is 1/2 inch. Some are a little larger and some are a little smaller....I added a picture of one frog in my hand, to give you an idea what that looks like, since I blew up the pictures of all the frogs to show you the detail. They look HUGE...but they are really tiny.
A lot of people line the large hole beads with silver - unfortunately this is impossible to do with the frog beads, since the toes are too close to the hole.
As for today's names: I basically picked the FIRST word that came to my mind that described the facial expression, and then found a matching name....

# D - Begging Bob

Sits on a Jellyfish bead, $ 50

# E - Cautious Claus

Silver Plum stringer decoration on black looks amazingly elegant....$ 50 (SOLD)

# F - Clueless Christopher

A tiny barrel of fumed Triton-bubbles, $ 50(SOLD)

# G - Curious Constantin

enjoys his bead of bright green dichroic... $ 52 (SOLD)

# H - Daredevil Dick

There is something incredibly charming about this tiny big eyed critter, perched on purple dichroic.$ 52 (SOLD)

# I - Desperate Donald

the only blue-metallic frog of the bunch, on a bead with intricate earthy encased pattern. $ 50(SOLD)

# J - Dreamy Dave

Bright pink dichroic, $ 52(SOLD)

# K - Flirting Florian

He might be flirting with YOU, or with the black and palladium leaf bead he sits on... $ 50 (SOLD).

# L - Go For it Greg

silver blue decoration on Copper green, always gorgeous...$ 52 (SOLD)

# M - Longing Ludwig

what is he longing for? who will ever know. He sits on a tiny "Rachmaninoff" Style barrel, $ 52(SOLD)

# N - Mystified Marty

wonders what it is he is sitting on - which is Palladium Leaf on top of metallic black (a new Effetre Color). Peacock colors on interestingly textured bead, $ 52 (SOLD)

# O - Nasty Nick

The only of the troll-frogs who sits "around" the bead, I don't like making them in that direction, because it's very awkward to do, but it looks good....brilliant green dichroic with black stripes, $ 52 (SOLD)

# P - Peeping Pete

Purplish blue dichroic, $ 52 (SOLD)

# Q - Pitiful Petronius

(if you are wondering what drug I was on when I named these guys, it's called "coffee"). This bead is extra pretty with lots of gold shimmer, as you can see in the second picture. $ 52(SOLD)

# R - Serious Sebastian

on a base of encased silver-mesh on purple, $ 55(SOLD)

# R - Skeptical Skip

the base bead is fairly simple, black with a rim of triton, but the triton fumed onto the black and created interesting purple highlights, unusual! $ 50(SOLD)

# T - Soulful Steward

Silvered Ivory stringer on metallic black, extra small bead, $ 48 (SOLD)

# U - Plodding Phoenix

Blue and metallic encased stripes, $ 50 (SOLD)

# V - Thinking Theodore

this is probably the fanciest bead of the bunch, with silver, silvered ivory and silver mesh with hints of purple and aqua. $ 55(SOLD)

# W - Timid Tim

Is he cute or is he cute? I obviously like green dichroic...$ 52 (SOLD)

one more larger focal to come


Friday, October 31st

Last time my frogs where named after composers and famous tenors, today's frogs (well, at least the majority) are more on the carefree, flowery side of life, so I named them after country singers.
The first bead though is the ONLY political motivated frog-bead I have ever made:

# A - Frogbama-McToad Teeter Totter

(of course, AFTER election day these magic frogs will revert automatically to simple happy-go-lucky frog-dudes dancing around a bead...). 3/4 inches high, 1 inch wide, $ 70 (SOLD)

# B - Garth Brooks

3/4 inch high (which is measured from butt to eye, and it's smaller than you might think. The base bead is 11mm high), lots of tiny white flowers, $ 42(SOLD)

# C - John Denver

Although John sits on some very pretty purple and white flowers, he has a certain melancholic look, which is understandable, given the circumstances. He is hiding his wings, since he isn't really all that comfortable with winged things, angel or not. 21 mm high, $ 48(SOLD)

# D - Alan Jackson

Honestly, I have no idea who Alan Jackson is, I asked Sheri for names of country-western, I don't know whether this frog looks anything like his name-sake, and whether the music is any good, looks like I might have to listen to the country music channel while making beads, and expand my repertoire....But at least Alan has good taste when it comes to picking his flowers, two big pink blooms with stamen...3/4 inches high, $ 45

# E - Keith Urban

Keith is having a romantic moment and is mulling about a field of roses. Now, who is he going to give THOSE to? Let's take a guess... 3/4 inch high, $ 40(SOLD)

# F - Tim McGraw

A one woman kind of guy, so, he only needs one flower...3/4 inch high, supercute, $ 42(SOLD)

that's it for the green froggies, here are a few more of the "golden classics" I like so much:

# G - Andrea Bocelli

Classicly beautiful, with that special sparkle, 3/4 inch high, $ 40(SOLD)

# F - Who can I be?

Okay, I admit, I ran out of tenors, classic or "modern", if you like this little fellow, you can name him yourself. Just promise not to call him Elvis....that would hurt his feelings, not that there is anything wrong with Elvis, it's just not his style....3/4 inch high, encased triton with metallic surface swirls. $ 42(SOLD)

# I - Tchaikovsky

The largest bead for today, in the style of "Rachmaninoff", but olive-shaped instead of tube-shaped. I really like the effect of the fumed, flattened, raised'll see on the general bead page how much fun I had with that design...Tchaikovsky is one inch high, $ 65 (SOLD)

That's it for today, Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 20th

All of todays large frogs are inspired by my favorite classical composers (except for the last one, you'll see) - and the smaller frogs are named after famous tenors.

# A - Beethoven on You-Tube

Beethoven hugs a long, lender tube (6cm long, 11mm wide) in golden shimmering shades of blue and green. He is said that there was no You-tube at his times, man, the possibilities of spreading the joy...$ 80(SOLD)

# B - Brahms on Bubbles

Legend has it that Brahms was once walking the streets of Vienna, with a lady he courted - and they came across a large puddle of rainwater. Instead of doing the obvious, spreading out his cloak, he launched himself straight into the puddle, thus creating a bridge for his beloved to walk across (quoted from 2 inch long flat bead, 1 inch wide, $ 85(SOLD)

# C - Chopin plays Chess

According to Corinapedia, Chopin used to have a Chess set on top of his grand piano, and he moved the figures inbetween playing notes, which is the main reason that a lot of his work is on the slow side. Although Sheri is convinced of the opposite, the black chess figure bead is NOT inspired by thoughts of my long-distance boyfriend. Think Chess! 2 inch long bead, $ 75(SOLD)

# D - Mozart on Midnight Lace

Mozart was tought early on that locks matter, so he was often found with one of his hands twirling curls in his wig. Once, during a concert when he was 2 years old, his finger got stuck in the curls, and he had to finish the piano concerto with one hand. Too bad, if that mistake hadn't occured, he might have become famous....(if you have been considering subscribing to Corinapedia, you might reconsider at this point....) 2 inch long bead, a little over 3/4 inches wide, on a base of dichroic on black, tricky stuff, $ 75 (SOLD)

# E - Rachmaninoff after the Rain

I have absolutely nothing to say about Rachmaninoff - other than that the bead he sits on is really cool - "pools" of encased fumed glass, and the cools are flattened, but not entirely, and the fuming created the most interesting "frosted silver" look between the rain pools - one of those effects I am sure I can never re-create. 1 3/4 inch long bead, $ 78(SOLD)

# F - Schumann on Swirls

Okay, looks like I have utterly exhausted my composer trivia...I am sure if I state that Schumann was on LSD I would get some angry comments, so, I don't say it, although the bead kind of looks like that....Very rich copper-tones in the psychedelic base bead, 1 3/4 inch long, $ 70(SOLD)

# G - Hans Zimmer quarks it all

Of course, my favorite "modern" bead has to be named after my favorite modern composer: Hans Zimmer. I own some of the movies he scored just because I love to listen to the music while I work (my favorite "listen to" movie is Hannibal, good thing I don't really LOOK at what is going on on the screen, that brain-eating scene still makes me sick...). But back to the bead - Hans sits on a long skinny "diet-quark" (meaning, not as much stuff inside as a regular round quark), a band of green dichroic winds around the core for sparkle..., a really fun bead, and the frog has a sweet expression as well. $ 100 (SOLD)

And the tenors:

# H - Jose

Jose carreras around on a fat olive with a sparkly green dichroic core and black pinstripes, $ 45 (SOLD)

# I - Josh

Josh grabbed the most wonderful marble round green dichroic base-bead - he is the largest of all the tenors (or, the other 3 would be ticked off if they knew...they all believe THEY are the biggest)... somewhere between 3/4 inches and 1 inch high (this American measurement system drives me crazy at times...), $ 50 (SOLD)

# J - Luciano

A little under 3/4 inches tall, $ 40(SOLD)

# K - Placido

Placido is the littlest of the bunch, but he has big personality. Again, one of those crazy measurements, larger than 1/2 inch, smaller than 3/4 inch....go figure...$ 40(SOLD)


One frog today - I knew that there was a bat-frog here in the Pacific Northwest, and I searched for almost a year and finally hunted one of the almost extinct species down!

Batfrog Bruno is staring at the moon, hoping that the silhouette in the distance is a female in heat. I hope I didn't contribute to the extinction of the batfrog by taking Bruno out of the dating pool...he sits on a 2 inch long flat bead, the wings are thoroughly attached and "bang-tested", $ 100

Friday, September 19th

Today I have a few frogs and lizards that will fit Troll or Pandora bracelets. Each frog is "toe-tested", meaning, I wore it for a day on my own bracelet - and all toes are intact! Here is a picture of my personal bracelet:

You will notice that the Troll-frogs are a little more expensive than the "regular" frogs. The reason for that is the mandrel I have to use to make the beads with large enough holes. Here is a comparison of the regular mandrels versus the "Troll" mandrels:

# A - Copernicus

$ 55 (SOLD)

# B - Newton

$ 65 (SOLD)

# C - Galilei

$ 60 (SOLD)

# D - Grass D. Hopper

$ 50 (SOLD)

# E - Smar T. S.

$ 80 (SOLD)

# F - Google O'Me

$ 70 (SOLD)


Friday, August 29th

Today I have a few larger frog-focals, although I announced last time that I was done with the metallic frogs, I erred. I don't think I will be done with those any time soon, they look just too precious. Judge for yourself.

# A - Frog-Mun-Ra

A member of a rare species, commonly found in the Egyptian desert, who basks in the warming rays of the Sun-God Ra. 2 + inches long, a super-metallic frog on a slender flat tube of encased Triton, that just glows from the inside, $ 75 (SOLD)

# B - Froggie Olympics

With all the competitive events going on right now, of course the local frog population can't just sit around and do nothing. These two guys are the tail-end of Marathon water drop climbing, the other guys were too fast for me to catch. So, as far as their sports are concerned, these two aren't winners, but they are super cute....almost 2 inch long round tube of encased Triton, with lots of goldish pink glimmer, $ 85

# C - Lonesome Frog on Golden Pond

This guy is on a mission - he just doesn't know yet what. But you can tell from his face that he is one determined critter. Beautiful pastel golden body on a 1.5 inch lentil of encased Triton. There is a pattern on the back, forgot to take a picture of that....$ 90 (SOLD)

# D - Pete the Poison Fart Frog

For those of you who like the bright and the whacky....another member of the Camano Island Poison Fart Frog species. More of these next week, but for now, Pete is it, hanging onto a lapis 0.75 inch flat bead. $ 70 (SOLD)


Sunday, August 24th

Socrates and his gang of Philosopher Frogs

This is my last batch of "precious" frogs for a while (made with metallic looking glass) - and they are all named after famous Greek (and Roman) Philosophers. I tried to match their facial expression to the essence of the philosophy of their name-sakes...well, at least I tried to. Hope you'll find one that reflects your own outlook on the world.

# A - Aristotle
3/4 inch high, on an olive shaped bead with a "folded-stripe" pattern. $ 45 (SOLD)

18mm high, on a round encased Triton bead, $ 35 (SOLD)

18 mm, on an interesting encased bead (don't know how else to describe it...), $ 38 (SOLD)

# D - Epictetus
1/2 inch high, on a round encased Triton bead with a strong golden hue, $ 35 (SOLD)

# E - Epicurus
The largest of todays beads, 22 mm high, with a flat back, perfect as a pendant on a short chain. My favorite...$ 70 (SOLD)

Plato is made entirely from Triton - on an encased olive shaped bead, with a really strong blue-metallic body. Cool. 2 cm high, $50 (SOLD)

# G - Seneca
I don't know whether Philosophers ever look cute, but this guy sure has his moment... and at the same time, he stares far into the universe...15mm high, $ 35 (SOLD)

# H - Socrates
The last frog is made with blue-metallic Tritone on a round green-dichroic bead. Snazzy. 15mm high, $ 35 (SOLD)


Thursday, July 31st

Today I have a number of "miniature charm-frogs" to offer. Why I call them charm frogs? Because they are the perfect size to be worn near the clasp of a bracelet, (and they all survived my specially designed "frog-charm-crash-test), or they could be turned into a cellphone-charm, or whatever you come up with. I know that me giving measurements often doesn't help, which is why I am going to start out with a picture of the "frog in the hand", to give you an idea what a 15 mm frog looks like. All the frogs listed today are more or less the same size.

All of the froggies are made with Precicion Glass's "Rembrandt" (one of those crazy $ 100/pound-but-we-can't-live-without-it colors) and are $ 35 - the very LAST frog (which is made with good-old-pea-green) is $ 32.
Today I named the frog-babies after the expression I saw on their little face...the more or less match any of the Chadwick sets, but if in doubt, you can ask me whether the guy of your choice goes with the set of your choice...








That's it on the frog-front for a while...


One of my friends asked me whether my beads would now be "inspired by love" - and to tell you the truth, my beads have ALWAYS been inspired by love. Not love for Todd of course (although maybe that kind of love was always lingering in the back of my mind somewhere), but by love for nature, for the way the flame turns a hard rod of glass into something flowing that I can shape into whatever I want....but THIS particular bead was definitely inspired by love for love itself. That feeling that you want to embrace someone and never let him go... I wish I could "encase" you know who like this in a little bubble and hang on to him. This is what this bead is about, and I hope you have someone in your life you feel just the same about.

The googly-eyed frog sits on an encased frog bead which is 1/2 inch high, so, this is really a small bead, which is harder to make than a larger one....I'm kind of proud of the technical aspect of these two guys. $ 75 (SOLD)


"Blue Moon"is a design and color-theme you will find a lot in today's specials - the colors are purple, lime green and teal/aqua. I'll write more about the Blue-Moon design on the bead-page later on.

Paul is 3/4 inches high, full of design and dichroic sparkle, $ 70 (SOLD)

# C - Ted on Dream Lake

This is definitely my favorite frog of the day, I should quit looking at him, or he'll end up around MY neck...I named him "Ted", because that sounded close to Todd, and you are going to get so tired of me being love struck, sorry about that!

Ted sits on a 1/2 inch long/ 1 inch wide flat squeezed focal that has a core of the most brilliantly sparkling purple dichroic, decorated in the Blue Moon theme, well, the picture shows it all. The back-side has no decoration, but the purple dichroic by itself is beautiful enough (though I just realized that the colors of this bead look very muted in the picture, they are really bright in person. $ 100 (SOLD)

# D - Goldi-nose on a psychedelic quark

I made this bead before my trip to Austin, and if I remember right, it was a test for some new twisties and millefiori I had just made. Because I wasn't sure that I liked the bead (sometimes it's hard to tell while the bead is still hot, a lot of colors look totally different when they are cold), I put a frog on top (which is often my recipe for rescuing a so-so bead, or to cover some kind of flaw...) - and I was really pleased with the way the color of the frog turned out. He was made with one of those "$ 100/pound/insanelyexpesivebutinsanelybeautifulifyougetitright" colors from Northstar (Precision Glass) - and this particular color, Rembrand, is transparent green in the rod, but CAN turn into this incredible coppery gold, which showed up in it's most perfect shade right on the nose of this frog.

3/4 inch high (including the frog), $ 65 (SOLD)

# E - "WHO, ME?" (aka, SCOOTER-FROG)

This is a "classic" corina-frog - pea-green on a pink encased floral, and when I looked at him I was so reminded of the way my dog Scooter looks at me, with that pitiful mischievous look that makes your heart melt.

The encased floral bead is 1/2 inch high, 3/4 inch with the frog, $ 38 (SOLD)

# F - BOB

One last classic frog, don't ask me why his name is Bob, that was the very first name that popped into my mind, and that's what I usually go with. He is fiercly garding a single pink flower - 1/2 inch high bead, $ 30 (SOLD)

more next week, thanks for hopping by!

Monday, 16th of June - Frog having summer fun...
# A  -  Let's have some fun in the garden
A couple of cute frog babies playing among the flowers. The haven't discovered the more sophisticated ways in which frogs are playing these days, and thus, are not in imminent danger of being eaten, unlike their daredevil cousin Benchley...They are occupying a 2 inch long flat focal, decorated with watercolour-style florals. $ 110 (SOLD)
#  B  -  Benchley - better watch out!
A fearless little boyfrog, impressing the girls on shore with his waterskiing skills. Let's hope the best for him. 2 inch long, $ 100
# C  -  Randy caught in the rain(-drop)
For over a year my friend Gee tried to talk me into making an encased frog, and I always argued that it wasn't possible, that it was likely to get smeared etc. - but with all the training I had in encasing raised items (in the quarks), I finally felt that I was up to the task, and the result is absolutely adorable, unique and near indistructable....the worlds (?) first encased frog - and the poor guy got trapped in a raindrop in our yard last week.... If you live in a hot climate and need something refreshing to wear, this might be the answer! 3/4 inch tall, $ 100 (SOLD)
 # D  -  Rupert over the Rainbow
Another encased frog on a dichroic rainbow inside of a pretty chunky bead, capped with silver-plum bead-caps, this bead falls in the category of "wearable self-defense weapon", 1 1/2 inch tall, $ 125 (SOLD)
Monday, 9th of June - Patriotic Frogs
# A  -  Frank for president
Frank is 3/4 inches high and is very proud of his special order for him today! $ 35 (SOLD)
# B  -  Jimmy for Vice-president
Not quite 3/4 inch high, $ 30 (SOLD)
# C  - Baby-Bob
doesn't give a damn, he is just wondering where the ice-cream went...1/2 inch high, $ 35 (SOLD)
# D  -  George
just wants to go home and play golf, 3/4 inch high, $ 40 (SOLD)
# E  - Carlton, CIA
1 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)
# F  -  Gerald resides in the Garden
A particularly nice examplar of the "garden-variety" on a dichroic background, 3/4 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)
Monday, 24th of March
Jacques, the snorkeling frog
Living on a lake brings you a little closer to nature - and sometimes you witness wildlife behaviour you would have never dreamed of before...Well, Jaques showed up a couple of days ago, and though he would have usually blended in with the lakeshore vegetation, his red speedos made him stick out. And after about half an hour of face off, he decided that I was no threat, and he hopped over to shoot the, well, you know...and although he gave me that "if you kiss" me blabla and was sort of indignated that I didn't go for it, we became fast friends. And so I learned about the purpose and origin of his outfit. Jaques has always been a big dreamer. And one of these days, he told me, is is going to dive the Great Barrier Reef! When I told him that I had plans to go to Australia at the end of the year, he got all excited - since one of his biggest headaches had always been the problem of transportation. But why, you might wonder, does a frog need flippers, mask and snorkel? Well, in reality he doesn't - and frogs aren't all that different from us humans, we have a lot more stuff than we need, and "purpose" has nothing to do with "want". Luckily, modern civilization caters to nearly each and every one of it's creatures whims, so Jaques got himself a mailorder catalog for frog diving supplies (he is saving his bucks for "real" scuba gear), and for now he is training in the murky waters of Lake Dolloff, but he is able to see through the muck and the bead I made for him is based on what he told me it looks like down at the bottom.....Let's hope he'll manage to get his scuba gear before our trip, I am sure he would be much happier....   the purchase price of $ 95 for this 1 inch high focal bead will be entirely donated to Jaques to support his big dream....
# A  -  Sir Lancelet on Golden Pond
I'm starting out with my favorite frog today, I don't know why I named him "Sir Lancelot", that was the first thing that popped into my head, and I usually just go with that. He has chosen residence on a 1 inch tall squeezed fossil bead with raised barnacles, and he assured me that he plans on taking that with him to whatever new homes he will travel. Very nice metallic effect and an intricate new eye design. $ 75 (SOLD)
# 5  -  Orville the office manager
What does Orville have to do with the office? You'll see when I list my new focals on the other page - Orville is trapped on an office quark.  He features some pretty little details like amber eyes and goldstone pin-stripes on his legs. 3/4 inch high, $ 60 (SOLD)
# C  -  Ebenezer keeping an eye on things
I was into the bizarre names today, just one of those days. Ebenezer is too cute to be true, the little dotted murrini eyes turned out perfectly - and he is sitting on a poked eye beads accented with metallic lines. The round bead is 11mm tall, $ 50 (SOLD)
# D  -  Stubby the Quark-toad
I don't know for sure what the visual difference between a frog and a toad is, but Stubby somehow looks like a toad on a cheerful little quark. 3/4 inch high (from toad butt to toad nose), $ 55 (SOLD)
Wow, just as I was writing the date I realized that I haven't had any frogs for sale for almost 5 weeks, it's about time to get back into the creative frog mood. Today, I have 3 to offer, all of them on variations of quarks...but see for yourself.
# A  -  Maxi, the mini-frog
Maxi is pretty adorable, he is the smallest frog I have ever made on a quark - all of 1 cm high, I added a picture "in the hand" to give you an idea of his size. $ 50 (SOLD)
# B  -  Timothy on a Tear of Joy Quark
Adorable creature in a slightly "shiny" green (not the usual pea-green I use for frogs, but a rare batch of Vetrofond odd green), on a 3/4 inch tear of joy quark, $ 75 (SOLD)
Monday, 3rd of March
# A  - "Daytona Racing Frogs"
"Gentlefrogs, start your engines". Can you hear the roar? No gentle "ribbit" for these guys. They were actually made as a request from a friend. This is what she wrote in an email yesterday:
"Hows the longed-for Daytona Poopy coming along?  (That is hysterically funny to say ou tloud!!!)  Im dying to know!!!!!  I am so psyched about him!  Name him Zoomer or something fast.  Zoomer the Fast-Farting Frog.  He dodges Dodges, Chevys, Fords and Toyotas at Daytona and his fast-farting gas still propels him to  cross the finish line first!  All in one piece.  Woo hoo!
At that point I had made the frog on the left - and for some reason he didn't look like a Zoomer, I knew that he would be the one who holds up everybody else on the race track, which is why he comes with two bumpers on his behind. His name is Boomer. So, in order to please my friend, I made a Zoomer as well, and he comes equipped with a fancy exhaust pipe that also functions as a parachute, in case the breaks can't handle the lightning-fast speed with which he approaches the checkered flag.
I also showed reluctantly a picture of the underside of their tires....I don't know about the wetlands around Daytona, but those fatty green dots look a little suspicious, I don't even want to think about it...
They are one inch long and $ 70 a piece....(SOLD)
# B  -  "Eddie the Sore Loser"
Eddie has been dreaming of Daytona forever, but that's all he can do, because is eyesight is very poor, he wouldn't even be able to SEE that darn checkered flag. And then there is the sad subject of his rear, no, no magic exhaust pipe for him, it's just hemorrhoids. And a bad case of it to boot. $ 70 (SOLD)
# C  -  "Peteee, the Mama's Boy"
Can you tell that someone is gearing up for Mother's Day? Of course, since Pete is a Poison Fart Frog, smelling his roses make not be what you expect, but his Mama knows, and loves him just as well. $ 70 (SOLD)
# D  -  Michael, Master of the Quarks
The picture pretty much says it all....2 cm, $ 100 (SOLD)
# E  - The Truth about the Easter Bunny
I am sorry if I'm robbing you of an old and beloved illusion, but the Easter Bunny is nothing but a myth. In reality, the distribution of Easter Eggs lies entirely in the hands of a sub-species of the Camano Island Poison Fart Frog: the benign and friendly Easter froggy. Also, there is not just one (yes, Santa Claus can handle the entire world, since he has the support of flying reindeer, but the world of Easter needs myriads of Easter froggies, who are shy but quick, and has thus eluded the observing mind of the myth-makers. AND of course frogs do actually lay eggs, so, why the heck did you ever believe in the bunny, other than in the mansion, looking their part (blond and dumb). People are so incredibly gullible, tsssssss.
Each of these are about 1 inch high, on very detailed cameo-shaped beads. $ 75 a piece. I asked them what there name were, but they kept their mouth shut, so, your guess is as good as mine.   (THE ONE ON THE RIGHT IS SOLD)
Saturday, 1st of March
Scientist discovers new species: The Camano Island Poison Fart Frogs
# A  -  Poopy the Playground Frog
He can jump really fast, because of the constant danger of being stepped on by little feet. 1 inch tall, $ 65 (SOLD)
# B  -  Plop the Pond Frog
He can swim really fast, because he looks like a candy to the big fish in the pond. 1 inch tall, $ 65 (SOLD)
# C  -  Skippy the Stream Frog
Skippy is one step up on the evolution of waterbound Poison Fart Frogs, he is all stream-lined, so, he is the laziest of the bunch, he just floats through life.  1 inch tall, $ 60 (SOLD)
# D  -  Fry the Fire Frog
A very rare poison fart frog, since he loves to hide in the fire, which this badly adapted species only does once successfully. Darwin new that stupidity doesn't propagate, this frog doesn't . 1 inch tall, $ 60 (SOLD)
# E  - Whim the Wedding Frog
While this guy is one of the prettiest poison fart frog found on Camano Island, he is also the meanest. Camouflaged as a bridal bouquet, he waits for the bride to pick him up, and then he rips one right in her face. While this seems an utterly cruel thing to do, nature has intended this as a kindness, in order to prepare the wife to be for real life...1 inch tall, $ 65 (SOLD)
# F  -  Charlie the Chaplin Frog
Charlie and his cousin, Buster are almost never seen in nature, because there is just nothing for them to blend in with. After the Creator discovered the eternal wisdom that "not everything is black and white"...she went crazy with color, and the Chaplin and Keeton Frogs became dearly beloved anachronisms.  1 inch tall, $ 60 (SOLD)
# F  -  Buster the Keeton Frog
 1 inch tall, $ 65 (SOLD)
Monday, 18th of February
3 Frog-beads today - all frogs are MINIATURE frogs, sitting on Butchard Garden focals. Why miniature? Well, the average frog size in the funky batch was 2 cm - the ones I made in the past 3 days are less then 1 cm....very cute! And for some reason harder to make than the "full-size" brothers...
# A  -  Peonius in Butchard Garden
The cameo-bead is 1 inch tall, miniature frog mingling with the roses. $ 65 (SOLD)
# B  -  Dahlius on Butchard Garden Inro
1 1/2 inch tall, 1 inch wide, an "Inro" shaped bead (click HERE to learn what this is, in case you don't know....). Almost my favorite, until you go one more down....but he is pretty cool. The backside is decorated as well, but I was getting too lazy with taking the pictures...$ 90  (SOLD)
 # C  -  Rosie and Roseo on Butchard Garden Madeleine
This is definitely among my favorite frog-beads, I think I only ever made 3 beads with two frogs on them, because I had the hardest time with the bead cracking at the opposite and from the one I was putting the frog. But I finally figured out how to do it safely - I mafe both frogs at the same time, one toe here, another toe on top etc. The miniature frogs and all their toes are very securely melted to the bead and will survive the wear and tear of clinging to a pendant....2 inches long, 1 inch wide, $ 130 (SOLD)
Friday 15th of Februay
Today's frogs are all funky and bright - and they are clinging to QUARKS. What are quarks? (Not that I think you don't know what Quarks are, but I myself needed a little refreshing, so I asked Wickipedia):

A quark (IPA: /kwɔrk/) is a generic type of physical particlethat forms one of the two basic constituents of matter, the other being the lepton. Various species of quarks combine in specific ways to form protonsand neutrons, in each case taking exactly three quarks to make the composite particle in question.

There are six different types of quark, usually known as flavors: up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom. (Their names were chosen arbitrarily based on the need to name them something that could be easily remembered and used.) The up and down varieties survive in profusion, and are distinguished by (among other things) their electric charge. It is this which makes the difference when quarks clump together to form protons or neutrons: a proton is made up of two up quarks and one down quark, yielding a net charge of +1; while a neutron contains one up quark and two down quarks, yielding a net charge of 0.

Quarks are the only fundamental particlesthat interact through all four of the fundamental forces.

Antiparticlesof quarks are called antiquarks.

Isolated quarks are never found naturally; they are almost always found in groups of two (mesons) or groups of three (baryons) called hadrons. This is a direct consequence of confinement.
There is quite a bit of variety in color - hope that you will find a friend for life, who inspires you to venture beyond the world we see, and who puts a smile on your face (by the way, did you know that in Germany, frogs don't say "ribbit", they say QUAK)... All of these quarks (except for # A and # ?) are made with handmade Murrini, Millefiori, twisted cane, striped cane, ribbon cane, latticino and dichroic - they would be wonderful to make in a workshop, because it includes many of the skills an beadmaker can use for anything they want to make...
# A  -  Denny on the Disco Quark
Denny is the "simplest" of today's bunch, but he is Mr. Brain, and his eyes don't ever miss a beat...bead? His quark is 1 inch tall, tabular shaped, encased rainbowdichroic on black. $ 70 (SOLD)
# B  -  Nimrod the Firefrog on Nature Quark
1 1/4 inch tall, the pictures tell all, $ 120 (SOLD)
# C  -  Sherlock Homes on a Mystery Quark
This Quark has a core of shimmering Palladium leaf under a heavy layer of Diamond Clear, the decoration is slightly raised. 1 inch high,  $ 140 (SOLD)
 # D  -  Fritz on the Flower Quark
A really fun retro frog on a Watercolour-floral squeezed bead. 1 1/2 inch long, $ 100 (SOLD)
# E   -  Picasso on a Creativity Quark
One of the reason there are two frog-less Quark beads on the Specials page is that I had planned putting a frog on, but then I loved the beads so much that I wanted to keep them "pure". But then I got the "pure" bead-urge out of my system, and the frog on the Creativity beads finally became reality. I almost kept him, but you know that "Oh, I can always make another one for myself"-syndrom (which usually doesn't ever happen). So, whoever get this one has to promise to give him lots of love and attention.  $ 140 (SOLD)
# F  -  Max on a Midnight Quark
You either love or hate this little guy, who is a baby toad, trying to run with the big frogs. So he chose a long Midnight Quark bicone (2 1/2 inches) to cling to, hoping that his prop will make up for his lack of stature.....$ 100  (SOLD)
 # G  -  Stevie on a Sunshine Quark
Stevie is definitely the star of todays collection - he is perched on a 1 1/2 inch Tequila sunrise lentil, which is signed and dated on the back. $ 150
# H  -  Sindbad on a Space Quark
The last frog was captured from outer space...and he hangs on to a Quark that holds the Universe together. He grew a tail, in order to be able to navigate in weightlessness, and his eye can see millions of lightyears ahed....1 1/2 inch long, $ 85
Monday, February 11th
Just one frog today, matching any of the black and white sets...
Darius the Dalmation-frog
He is sitting on an encased zebra bead, dreaming of safari in Africa some day. If you adopt him and go to Africa, make sure to take him along. 3/4 inches high, $ 48
# A  -  Jonny Fairplay
This little fellow was the first to get voted out of the kiln - and he is quite happy to be jumping around in the big world. Precision Rembrand on the "magic" recipe, 1 1/2 inches long, $ 65 (SOLD)
#  B  -  Jackie's Fault
This adorable little critter is sitting on an experimental bicone which was inspired by an excited email from my friend Jackie in Oziland, who said I "HAD" to try this combination of Silver Pink, Petroleum Green and Psyche....(how do people ever come up with the idea of trying something that bizarre together?). So, I tried it, and of course I did my "frog-to-the-rescue" thing (= if you're not all too thrilled about the bead by itself, put a frog on it...), and now it's actually fun. Still, since it has the element of experimental to it, it's a little on the cheaper side, 1 3/4 inches long, $ 30 (SOLD)
# C  -  Pete on Pink
This is  a "classic" little frog in green on a 1/2 inch encased floral. I used the Precision Diamond Clear for the encasing, and even on a small bead like this it's amazing how perfect the clear is..For the frog I didn't use my standard "pea green", but a Vetrofond Odd Green that is opaque, but at the same time it has a certain translucency to it. Very cute....$ 35 (SOLD)
# D  -  Bathroom Bob
A similar bead, but with a different color frog, this color is called "Grasshopper Green", but whoever named this color looked at the rod without actually every MELTING the glass, because it completely changes, from a medium grass green to a light "bathroom blue-green". The floral bead underneath is 1/2 inch high, $ 30. (SOLD)
Tuesday, January 29th
All Frogs today will come with a free braided-cellphone lariat....
# A  -  Micky Moto
An adorable little critter from the "Precision-glamour-green" variety, he hangs on to a tiny round bead of encased terra with ivory stripes reminding me of pajamas...and his facial expression is so the frog-version of micky mouse....1/2 inch high, $ 38  (SOLD)
# B  -  Swirlygirl
The picture pretty much says it all, very girly, even with a little flower....just cute. 3/4 inch high, $ 42 (SOLD)
# C  - Cockidooo
This guy is just "cockie", and he sits on the bead a wee bit, the name is perfect. Precision-frog (with metallic hints) on a green dichroic bead with faint golden swirls, a little over 1/2 inch tall, $ 40. (SOLD)
# D  -  Rose (not) Red
A "traditional" green frog on a long teardrop shaped bead made from a new experimental  (= not yet available, and it maybe never will be, who knows, but you have to say that in Italian....) glass from Effetre, which is transparent green on the inside of the rod, and light opaque green on the outside, which turns into the random swirls you see on the bed. This would make a nice focal for a long fancy necklace...and I might even be talked into making some matching beads out of the last 5 inches I have of this mystery glass....1 1/4 inch high, $ 70. (SOLD)
Friday, January 18th
# A  -  Little Booger-boy
I don't think I have to say much, he is yummie and adorable, and teeny-weeny. Lots of golden shimmer on this guy (made with Precision glass) - $ 35 (SOLD)
# B  -  Tyra Hangs
Can you tell that I am watching too many reality-shows? Tyra hangs onto an olive shaped Mystic-water bead that has subtle hints of purple. 15 mm high, $ 42 (SOLD).
# C  -  Louis on the Lilypad
Louis could either be worn as a pendant, or as a focal for a bracelet (maybe in combination with the mystic waters II set.) His facial expression just cracks me up, somehow I think he looks as if he is up to mischief.... 22mm long, $ 45 (SOLD).
# D  -  Googlyeyed Goldilocks
The next two focals have a different style of eyes - "googly", but still classy. 3 mm high, $ 65 (SOLD)
# E  -  Googlyeyed Jonas on the Wale-bone
Over 4 cm long, just perfect ....$ 75 (SOLD)
more coming!!!
Tuesday, January 1st, TWOTHOUSANDEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# A   -   Franklin and the Fireworks on the Pond
Could there be a better way to start the New Year than with a classy-crazy Pondfrog? (Yes, I hope....but anyway) - Franklin must have had either some sad news or extremely romantic thoughts, his eyes are all watery and "googly", which looks good on him, so, let's hope that it was the romance that made him tear up.....He is sitting on a 1.5 inch x 1 inch wide flat pond-bead with exploding fireworks. Happy New Year to Franklin - $ 85. (SOLD)
# 2  -  Kevin hanging on to the Waterworld
This bead doesn't need any explanation, other than dimensions: it's 1 3/4 inches long. Since Kevin is hanging on to the side of the bead, it's perfect as a pendant, there is no front or back, it looks good no matter how it hangs. $ 70
 # C  -  Dichroic Darling Froggie
Darling Froggie would match any of the "Dichroic Darlings" on the Specials-Page , he looks just too cute, as if he is scared that the bead will explode underneath him. I promise him and you, it won't. $ 30 (SOLD)
# D  -  Hanabi Max
Max is sporting a camouflage look on top of a "Hanabi" style large oval bead (3/4 inch high) of those "can definitely never make a second one of these" type of beads, $ 50. (SOLD)
Sunday, December 2nd
Just two frogs today (but lots of regular beads on the other page), in case you are thinking of a Christmas gift for a frog lover among your friends or family, these might work!
# A  -  Mario Eleganza
A metallic gold frog in a very "froggish pose" (somehow), perched on a 2 inch flat oblong beads in black and a myriad of caramel, green, purple and blue abstract pattern....very stylish, and probably one of the nicest frogs I have ever made...
 $ 75 (SOLD)
# B  -   "Name-him-yourself" 
A Classic Frog, trying to hang on. Green frog managed to attach himself to a pretty encased floral, though it looks like he doesn't have much confidence in staying put. 3/4 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)
Monday, November 26th
Today I have a whole bunch of frogs on Christmas Lightbulbs  - initially I got the idea from a set of plain Christmas lightbulbs made by my friend Leslie Belanger (aka "Canterbury Keepsakes") - and when Sheri started to decorate the house with strings of Christmas lights I thought it was finally time to turn my idea into being. I spent two days on these little fellows - and if the bug bites me again I might even decorate the miniature Christmas tree that bead-mom Peg gave us for the next beadchallenge with a family of Christmaslight-frogs. But to be honest, that must be a BIG bug that has to bite me feroceously.....since these are very stressful to make - having to keep everything warm without the bulb cracking - and not so warm that the frog toes or the metal "screw" part melts into oblivion.
I have sorted the frogs by colors of the bulb (there are differences in the blue and the green, I have dark transparent blue and medium, same with the green.....but you should be able to tell from the picture) - they are all more or less the same size (a little less than an inch tall), and let me know if you want me to turn yours into a pendant/ornament (I have really tiny Sterling beadcaps that fit perfectly on top of the metal part). I made one sample pendant (# A). Each frog is $ 40 ($ 43 as a pendant) - shipping today is FREE!
After I'm done listing the frogs, I have to leave for a little while, so, today it will be "random distribution". My apologies if you don't hear from me right away....Oh, one more thing, the clear stuff underneath the frogs is Museum's Putty, it is not part of the frogs ! Thanks Chris!
# A  -  Santa Andrew (his hat slipped over his right eye) (sold)
# B  -  Santa Bob (sold)
# C  -  Santa Claus  (sold)
#  D  -  Santa Don  (sold)
#  E  -  Santa Edward   (sold)
#  F  -  Santa Fred  (sold)
#  G  -  Santa Greg  (sold)
#  H  -  Santa Hannibal  (sold)
# I  -  Santa Ives  (sold)
#  J  -  Santa Jack   (sold)
# K  -  Santa Kurt  (sold)
#  L  -  Santa Lucio   (sold)
#  M  -  Santa Michael   (sold)
#  N  -  Santa Nick  (sold)
#  O  -  Santa Olaf    (sold)
#  -  Santa Paul (he refused to be classic, so, he chose a hot-pink lightbulb)  (sold)
Monday, November 5th
# A  -  Socrates
This flat frog focal is way cool...the core is purple dichroic over black, with accents of twisted silvered ivory.....and the "wings" of the oval lentil are incase in crystal clear. Since the R-4 glass I used for Socrates the frog has a lot of silver in it, it fumes onto the base-bead, which creates the golden shine you see around the bottom half of the bead. One fun detail is also the look from the backside: you can see the little GREEN fingers and calves of the frog. When looked at from the front, the frog is caramel-metallic....that's because the glass is actually green in the rod-form, but I am reducing it as I apply the frog....where the frogs bodyparts touch the clear, it can't reduce, and thus looks the original green. Sweet. Why is the frog called "Socrates"? Well, he has a very philosophical look on his face, and the main character in the book I am currently reading ("The Peaceful Warrior") is called Socrates....
The bead is 1 1/2 inch long, 1 inch wide...$ 75 (SOLD)
# B  -  Henry Matisse
I had an order for another "Hanabi" frog....but accidentally I must have grabbed a different rod of Precision Glass....because instead of blue, the frog turned all kinds of colors. Hard to believe, but the frog was only made with ONE color. Aren't we beadmakers lucky? Surprises are around every corner.....Henry Matisse sits on a 1 inch high heavily encased universe bead, lots of fun. $ 60 (SOLD)
Friday, October 26th
Today's 4 frogs are part of the dichroic "party-time" series I have on the other page of strands and focals....not much to say about the frogs, the pictures speak pretty much for themselves (I am also running out of steam for listing beads....)
# A  -  George of the Jungle
George has a beautiful metallic glow all over his body (made with Precision Glass), and the base bead (which is 14 mm high) is very cool, with a deep green dichroic glow and a stringer decoration that has all kinds of metallic hues of purple, green and pink, unfortunately I forgot what kind of stringer I used....$ 48 (SOLD)
# B  -  Abraham on top of things
This frog sits on another green dichroic bead on a black core (14mm high), topped with "bead-caps" in silver plum, which reminded me of those jewish "caps" (oh, I hope I don't get myself in trouble by admitting that I don't know what those are called....). Anyway, that's why his named him Abraham, after my favorite Israelian friend....$ 42 (AVAILABLE)
# C  -  Forbes on the Fence
Forbes got himself hold of another 14 mm dichroic bead, slightly olive shaped, with a stripe of encased silver-mesh "fence" underneath the encasing layer....his is on the bluish metallic side, with two layers of dots (Clear over Kronos) on the back...He has a sweet inquisitive look on his face...$ 50 (SOLD)
# D  -  Pajama Phil
Phil is a classic green bead-frog, perched on a green dichroic bead over a purple core, lots of clear encasing and fine intense black pin-striped underneath the encasing layer....This bead is also 14 mm high, how do I do that, making them all the same heigths? I have no idea........$ 42 (SOLD)
Thursday, October 18th 
Today I have a few frogs in "focal size" (anything bigger than my usual 1/2 inch). The first two are a beautiful sparkly mossy green, which is one of the new Vetrofond "Limited Edition" colors I had the pleasure to test a couple of weeks ago. Since Mike is having some kind of naming-contest for those new colors, I will just call it what came into my mind first "sparkly mossy green". It's not "obviously" sparkly, like the bullseye aventurine, but it looks like someone accidentally dropped a big chunk of goldstone into the furncace when they made the glass....and you can see it when you know its there. Very pretty.
The base-bead is quite a bit more sparkly than it shows in the photograph, there is lots of ocean-action on a base of blue dichroic....with handmade Murrini, double-twisted cane and "stuff". One inch high, $ 45
I named this guy "Rembrandt", because that is the name of the glass I THOUGHT I used to make him, but then looking at the photograph, the blueish hue of the legs actually made me wonder - and indeed, I didn't use the Rembrandt-glass, but he was quite happy with his name, told me that it made him feel like a hot-shot artist, I didn't have to heart to take it away from him. He sits on an olive shaped heavily encased bead in shades of blue, with dichroic and silver mesh...a little over 3/4 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)
This is the first time I tried a little different "eye-makeup": a very fine stringerline with a dot in the center....somehow reminded me of that look that Miss Piggy had when she was dressed up. So, this frog HAD to be a girl, and one with an attitude for sure. The pond she is terrorizing has lots of blue-green stuff, murrini, twisted stringer, enamels, dichroic and the un-avoidable silvermesh snippet, all encased in very pale blue. This would make a great pendant I think, $ 60 (SOLD)
Oscar is the first frog I made with the PrecisionGlass color "Rembrandt"....remember in my newsletter, when I was so excited to have found the "perfect metallic" - but when I took him out of the kiln most of the metal look had disappeared. Well - this is what he looks like. He is still metallic on his eyes and around his nose, with some metallic hints around the knees - the obviously protuding (and thus hotter) parts kept the reduction, the rest of the frog must have been too the reduction was an interesting lesson - but te frog I made is still very beautiful I think, mostly a dark transparent green. The tear-drop shaped focal was made on berry-purple, with a piece of copper-mesh, encased in clear. The bead is 1 1/4 inch high, $ 45 (SOLD)
Friday, October 12th
Today's "Frogtheme" is   DON'T KISS A FROG, BE A PRINCESS.
You can interpret that any which way you want, but I think there are quite a few women who go through painful breakups or divorces, sometimes after many many years of marriage - and they discover that there is a life WITHOUT men. I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but statistics show that the percentage of women who get remarried after  a divorce is way lower then the percentage of men who enter a new relationship. The theory behind that is that a lot of men who were married a long time just don't know how to do the basic things in life.
Which reminds me of a little fairy tale my friend Jackie from downunder sent me (and please excuse the profanity at the end, if you read it in that Aussie-accent, it sounds much friendlier)
Once upon a time in a land far away,
a beautiful, independent, self-assured princess
happened upon a frog as she sat contemplating ecological issues 
on the shores of an unpolluted pond in a verdant meadow near her castle. 

The frog hopped into the princess' lap and said: " Elegant Lady, 

I was once a handsome prince, until an evil witch cast a spell upon me.
One kiss from you, however, and I will turn back 
into the dapper, young prince that I am and then, my sweet, we can marry 
and set up housekeeping in your castle with my mother,
where you can prepare my meals, clean my clothes, bear my children,
and forever feel grateful and happy doing so." 

That night, as the princess dined sumptuously on lightly sauteed frog legs

seasoned in a white wine and onion cream sauce, she chuckled and thought to herself: 
I don't fuckin think so.
Now to the frogs. All of these princesses were made with the color "Rembrandt" from Precision Glass (aka R-4). The color is very hard to describe (well, in the unmolten rod-form it's easy: it looks like transparent green). The reduced result is more like a pastel-golden-caramel-marble. Absolutely gorgeous for princess-frogs - and here they are, on parade:
# A  -  Ambrosia
Ambrosia is the perfect lady to "show off" the new glass.....she has the shine, the marbling, a little bit of blue-green eyeshadow, and she is a classy frog who doesn't need much in her life, so, a little amber, with three encased "diamonds" is all it takes her to be happy. The base bead she sits on is 1/2 inch high, $ 40. (SOLD)
# B  -  Audrey (SOLD)
Audrey, like her name-sake, is dainty and elegant, with a long neck. She holds on to a small oval bead in pale purple with encased silver mesh, and silverplum beadcaps. $ 45
# C  -  Elizabeth
Elizabeth sure likes her glitz and glamour stuff, but hey, since she's the richest frog in the world, she can afford it. Melted silvermesh on gold stone band over royal purple, encased in clear. $ 45 (SOLD)
# D  -  Goldilocks
Another glamour-girl, but with very humble origins, so she has a certain nostalgic fondness to garbage cans. This barrel is completely wrapped in goldstone band, has a patch of silver mesh, encased in clear and rimmed with encased Goldstone stringer. Sweeeeet. $ 48 (SOLD)
# E  -  Martha
Martha definitely likes to decorate, inside and out. This little Easteregg (in Martha's world, every season is another reason to...) has a mosaic of small goldstone band pieces under a layer of light amber, and silvered ivory, silvery mesh and a spiral of whatever-was-handy-who-knows-what-it-was stringer.... you should see her bedroom - there is no place for a prince, with all those pillows, and throws and shelves....$ 45 (SOLD)
# F  -  Paris Super-8
Frogprincess Paris has a little bit of a stupid look on her face....I better not comment on this one....goldstone swirl on white, encased in light berry-purple, shaped into a little barrel. $ 40 (SOLD)
# G  -  Nicole Poorie
Of course, the best friend can't be far, but wait? Do I have my facts straight? Friend or Foe? I am behind on my gossip, sorry  Nicole is a bit more colorful this time, she chose to reside on a dark pink bead with patches of goldstone band on the outside. $ 40
H  -  Phoebe
Phoebe is distinguished, friendly, and she likes purple. That's about all I can say about her. $ 40 (SOLD)
# I  -  Ruby
Ruby is probably my favorite...just because the red is so RED (which is not always the case in lampworking, you never know what your red will look like till it's too late)....Her heart is fenced in - or fenced out? but it's BIG, and that's what counts.... $ 45 (SOLD)
Thursday, October 4th
# A -  Babyfrogs
First the gang of baby-frogs that raised hell in the gumball-machines. I added a "regular" size frog to the picture, just to show you how small the babies are (the frog king is unfortunately not for sale, you can't see it in the picture, but he lost his knee in a horse-backriding accent (frogs are not the smartest creatures....they should stick to riding things they know how to hang on lilypads, margarita glasses, rockets...). But I am getting side-tracked here. The frogs-babies really got a kick out of "The Sound of Music", so they lined up by size. Basically, each frog sits on a 5-7 mm wide spacer-bead. Just let me know the color of the one you want...they are $ 25 each. (3 AVAILABLE)
# B  -  The Snooty SpaceKing, the picture says it all (and hey, he has some diamonds to guard who are floating in the atmosphere of his planet. He is VERY important, and he knows it. Whoever gets him: WARNING, don't kiss this guy, he is cute in your hand, but nasty as a man in your house! He'll never do the dishes, the laundry, rub your feet....he'll be sitting in front of the TV all day and demand you to do things for him. You already have one of those in your life? hmmmmmmmm, there must be some kind of reversal process....)
Snooty SpaceKing is 1 inch tall, $ 65 (SOLD)
 #  C  -  The Nosy SpaceCadett -  he is a little dumb-witted, but very friendly and always looking for something cool to stick his nose into. Faintly related to the earthbound Anteater, but there are no ants to suck up in Space, so, instead he has to focus on "affairs of the universe". He knows all the dirty stories on Luke, and Paris Leia .....He would love to wisper some of the rumors in your ear, but once he's in your ear, he might never want to come out....what a cozy space to be for that nose!!! (Oh geeee, I just went to the coffee table where I take my pictures, to measure how tall he is - and he is GONE. Toby has this nasty habit to steal beads.....I'll have to search the entire house and the yard, to see whether he dropped him - or, whether the droppings tomorrow will, oh, sh....t, I don't want to go there.....) ---- phhhhhh, I found him on the doggiebed under my studio-table.... badly shaken. But one he was back up hight, out of reach for either one of our dogs, we wiped the slobber of his face and proudly prounounced! " I am a SURVIVOR. Who knows, next week I might be the BACHELOR. Since I'm from out of space, DANCING WITH THE STARS is no big deal. World - WATCH OUT!" If YOU think you can deal with this kind of attitude in your life, he is yours for $ 55
# A  -  Hanabi Kaeru  (Japanese for "Fireworks Frog), interesting patterns in blues and greens, with silver-plum "beadcaps", $ 50 (SOLD)
#  B  -  Marty Feldman, 18 mm high (small), cute, $ 34 (SOLD)
I am going to have a few moreblue-green metallic lizards and pale "creatures" next week, but in my mind I am cooking up a new set of Theme-frogs: FROGS AROUND THE WORLD. Any suggestions or images are welcome!
Here is a "handful" of Theme-frogs (Frogs throughout the Year)....close ups of each frog below (I just liked that the "frogs-in-the-hand-is-better-than-a-prince-in...???-shot, to give you an idea of size) ...The prices vary according to the amount of time that it went into making each frog - especially those the include parts made ahead of time, kept on a hotplate and then carefully applied to the "finished" frog (like the bridal veil, Romeo's rose or Zorrogs cape).
Sad news: Sneak the Snorkelfrog lost his snorkel, after a near-death experience in the mouth of a confused dog....Without his snorkel, he drowned and he will receive a heroes funeral....
# A  -  Romeo Frogtague, on his way up the balcony... (SOLD)
#  B  - Flower Boy, hiding from the spring rain...  (SOLD)
# C  -  Frogs Bunny. He loves going to Starbucks, can you tell?  (SOLD)
# D  -  Maui Jim, proud of his imported SPEEDOS (wait, should he live in Florida?) (SOLD)
# E  -  Gordon the Golfer. Where is the club? Wait, he's hanging on to the golfball... he must have dropped the club when the ball took off. Warning: Low IQ frog. Think twice. (SOLD)
 # F  -  Bridget the hopeful Bride, man, she loves her engagement ring. But will the Groom show up?  (MARRIED)
# G  -  Gary The Groom. He was missing in action and was finally located, a thousand miles away. Smart guy....but I have to tell you - he's a cheapskin....notice that he doesn't wear a tux? The daily rental fee was too high for this guy....and the hat....later on you see that one of the real heroes in frogland is NOT wearing his hat. Now, how Gary got away with THAT guys hat, will be an eternal mystery! Rumor also has it that Gary applied for a job as a stage-magician. But he didn't want to invest in a rabbitt.....ribbit!  (MARRIED)
# H  -  Beau Bewitched,  (SOLD)
# I  -  Bat-frog, got his props a little confused, since he loves spiders, but the spider-man outfit, com'on, just not cool.....but then, who the heck needs Robin? (SOLD)
# J  -  He is definitely the coolest Zorrog who has ever seen the face of the earth. Even without that hat that got lost - where again? (SOLD)
  # K  -  Santa Frog. Where are the presents??? So, you still believe that Santa brings the presents? How naive are you? this guy lives in a pond, they would get SOAKED.....tssss. People.....  (SOLD)
# L  -   Stevie Snowball. He is not happy, since his mom forgot to give him gloves, his toes are frozen to the snowball. Winter is supposed to be fun? Who are you kidding? (SOLD)
# M  -  Skunk the Skifrog. His mom had a crush that was a little out of the Froginary, can you tell? So, no wonder he had to fashion himself a little pair of ski, to skid down the mountain....whereas every other kid in the neighbourhood went down the hill the natural froggie-way: "No frogging way...."  (SOLD)
 # N  -  Rupert the Rednose comment  (SOLD)
and finally, how could we all do without HIM: Michael Frogelo,  (SOLD)
Thursday, September 13th.... I was a bit in a playful mood, so many of the frogs below have a little "twist" to them....hope you'll find one you would like to adopt.
(more coming every 5 minutes or so...)
#  A   -   Smiley Frog, 19 mm from nose to butt,  (SOLD)
#  B  -  Sissy the Space Frog, 18 mm high, very adorable, with blue mini-murrini eyes and two little antennas.... (SOLD)
# C  -  Michael Meltdown, 15mm high, gearing up for winter in the NW....Michael is holding onto a nice frozen cylinder of sparkly blue, with icycles on the opposite side...don't let the sun shine on this one! (SOLD)
# D  -  Ferdinand the Flower King, 17mm high,  (SOLD)
#  E  -  Petronius the Petal Prince, 17mm high, (SOLD)
# F  & G -  Freud and Jung discussing the philosophie of dots, 16 mm, ..(he has some dichroic inside the bead) (both SOLD)
#  H & I  -  Franklin and Fridolin, two Florists on a coffee break, 19 mm,   (both SOLD)
# J  -  Babe, the baby chameleon from down below (the water, I mean), 2 1/4 inch long tube bead with fancy fossil decoration and a chameleon that is trying hard to blend in with something, it just doesn't know with WHAT...  (SOLD)
# K  -  Albert on a  bed of roses. 2 inches long. This (and the next) is probably my favorite floral+frog bead ever...there is just a great variety of flowers in a Monet-like look. The dichroic peeking through adds a little bit of glamour. I hope someone will give Albert a loving home. (if he doesn't sell, I'm not unhappy keeping him, hehe). (SOLD)
# L  -  Barnabie and the Buttbegoneia. 2 1/2 inches long, just pretty. (SOLD)
Monday, September 3rd - Some of today's frog actually "match" some of the beadsets I have on the other's photography-karma was extremely good, so, be aware of the "side-mirror-principle": FROGS MAY APPEAR BIGGER THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE. I try to add the size of each frog in the description.
# A  -  Amber Alwin, matches the Satin Amber Chadwicks. 1/2 inch tall.  (SOLD)
# B  -  Dotty Dagobert, 1/2 inch tall. (SOLD)
# C -  Grey Garrett, 1/2 inch high, matches the Satin Grey Chadwicks. (SOLD)
The following two guys also match the Satin Grey Chadwicks, they are also "twins" and could be turned into a fun pair of earrings....(# D is SOLD)
 # D  -  Grey Gunther, 1/2 inch,        # E  -  Grey Gustav,  1/2 inch,
# F  -  Dan the Dichro-man, 17 mm high (sorry, can't figure the inch thing out on this one), (SOLD)
# G  -  Sam the Starer, the hole goes vertically through the bead, 17mm high, matches the pond-life orrbs,   (SOLD)
# H  -  Bob the Boob-watcher, the hole goes horizontally, but it's in the upper third of the bead, which is meant to be warn on a short chain or necklace....18mm high, hope nobody is offended by my naming of this one...  (SOLD)
# I  -  Brew-no on the bottle, one of my favorites in this batch of beads, 1 inch tall with nice pinkish metallic accents on his back.  (SOLD)
#  J  -  Frodo the Fuse-rider, a very nice metallic blue on dichroic over ink-blue, matches the fuse-earrings I have on the other page, a little over 1 inch long,  (SOLD)

# K  -  Finally Prince Charles on the Throne -  (SOLD)
#  L  -  Creamy Craig  - the picture speaks for itself, small bead!  (SOLD)
# M  -  Freddie loves his Flowers, a chunky focal  (1 1/2 inch) with a silly looking frog, (SOLD)
 # N  -   George the Glamour frog....on a dichroic/metallic flat "surfboard" bead that is
2 1/4 inch long. Very glitzy.  (SOLD)
#  O  -   Peter the Pond Frog, 2 1/4 inches long....the picture shows all you need to know. (SOLD)
# P  -  Paul the Pondneighbor, who spends most of his time in the window looking at the other guys in the pond.  (SOLD)
#  Q  -  Ted on the Tear, perfect frog on a big clear tear-drop, which looks like a very pale yellow, due to the silver fuming that happens when the Precision glass I use for these frogs turns molten. (SOLD)
Kevin (SOLD, he will henthforth be "Kevin Levin")
Konrad (SOLD)
Kurt (SOLD)
Sample for a pendant (the silver piece underneath is "dangling"...)
Wednesday, August 22 -
Lots of different GREEN frogs today, I got very fancy in the decoration of the bead underneath the frogs. Just email me ( and tell me the NAME of the frog you want.
For payment, click on the paypal link and fill out the fields according to what you got.
The first group (A) are just frogs on round beads, the beads are about 1/2 inch in diameter. Shipping for all beads is $ 2.00
ABRAHAM - sitting on a dark bead that has hints of metallic, but it looks mostly black,  (SOLD)
ADAM - orange round bead with fine vertical stringer lines,  (SOLD)
AIDAN - tiny frog on a turquoise bead decorated with wedgewood blue/periwinkle twisty.  (SOLD)
ALAN - he has a mischieveous look to him, and pointy knees - on Lauscha purple with amethyst stringer scrollwork. (SOLD))
ALEX - big eyed frog on a clear bead with teal and dichroic core...simply sparkly.  (SOLD)
ANDREW - inkblue bead with copper stringer decoration, (SOLD))
ASHTON - sad looking frog on a metallic copper bead,  (SOLD)
This is it for the round beads, the next batch (B) are frogs on tiny slim barrels (thus all names start with B)....These beads are anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch high and 9-13 mm in diameter. They would make wonderful pendants, but I could even imagine some of these as earrings. I am listing them in alphabetical order. If you want a "pair", you might have to look around a little, because there are some frogs on similar looking base-beads - but they will not appear listed together. Again, let us know the NAME/S of the frog/s you want. (Pictures that appear NEXT to each other are just different views of the same bead, not two separate beads!
BAILEY - very interesting base bead, Kronos with clear dots. (SOLD)
BAKER - transparent purple with dichroic dots, encased in clear and some more transparent purple around the top rim.  (SOLD)
BALDWIN - greenish blue base with abstract ocean-creatures, encased in clear, the frog has browish spots on the back. (SOLD)
BARBAR - a brother of "Bailey"....the base-bead is slightly shorter. (SOLD)
BARNEY - maybe MY favorite of the barrel-hangers....a purple bead with green-blue dichroic and a green striped rim. (SOLD)
BARRY - fairly simple, but with interesting shadings of blue and green. Kronos with thick clear stringer wrap and encased in clear. Barry has a very inquisitive look as he peeks over the top of the barrel.. (SOLD)
BART - encased silvered ivory dots on a base of enamel and silver powder. Very "underwaterish".  (SOLD)
BAXTER - brother of baker - purple with dichroic dots, encased in clear,  (SOLD)
BENJAMIN - he is very fashion conscious - he wears a hat to prevent sunburn on his nose when he is out gardening.  (SOLD)
BENNY - he just took a hopping trip to Australia and fancied an Aboriginal bead is now clinging to. He is pouting a little, since he misses the koala bears he made friends with.  (SOLD)
BENTON - A serious guy, but his friends always tease him because he wears dark copper nailpolish. Kronos encased with clear.
BOB - very classic and simple - just "Bob"...(dichroic with purple) -  (SOLD)
BOBBY - I sure like this bead - very intricate, the picture speaks for itself.  (SOLD)
BOSLEY - He is just gay, what can you say. Kronos stringer decoration on dark ivory, encased in clear. Very interesting color varigation on the stringer.  (SOLD)
BOSWORTH - Bosworth loves the ocean, he is considering becoming a saltwater frog, he is clinging to the rocks, trying to learn from the barnacles....but we already know that he'll jump off as fast as he can when the tides come in.
BRAD - he went to Australia with Benny. But he liked the Kanguruhs much better.  (SOLD)
BRANDON - only one picture, a very skinny barrel in dark silver plum with goldstone scrollwork.  (SOLD)
BRETT - clinging to a "Felkner-Shibori" barrel (that name is a long story....some of you might remember). I love the way he leans his chin on the edge of the bead.  (SOLD)
BURGER - (that's actually his middle name, his first name is HAM)....he is hugging a purple bead with very subtle flowers embedded.  (SOLD)
BUTCH - He is definitely related to Brad, but his butt is bigger.  (SOLD)
more to come - batch (R) - FROGS ON THE ROCKS - all these guys are beachcombers and they are clinging to a flat, handshaped (no mold) bead that has a more or less "rocky" look. the average height is 3/4 inch, some are taller, some are shorter.
RENEE - hangs on to the side of a sparkly pebble with dichroic and silver powder mixed into the enamels I used to create the stone look.  (SOLD)
RICHARD - a smaller rock, but with lots of sparkle, (SOLD)
RILEY, cousin to Barbar,  (SOLD)
ROBERT - lot's of sparkle in Robert's Rock - and seaweed stringer, (SOLD)
ROGER - he picked the longest rock on the beach - with dichroic dots and barnacles. The picture is quite a bit darker than the bead really is.  (SOLD)
RONALD - cousin to Riley, just more blue.  (SOLD)
THAT's it for today, they should "last" for a while....regular beads on Friday
Friday, August 17: All the frogs below were made with the SAME glass (precision glass) - and each frog has a different color - some are dark blue, others are more greenish beige, but one thing all of these frogs have in common is a suble metallic shine, very beautiful, if I may say so...I got a little carried away with this color, mostly because I was curious to see whether the setting of the flame influenced the color I got in some way. I wish I could report that I got it figured out, but I didn't....
I am still on the road - please email Sheryl with your requests for now:
# 1 - Frog on Psychedelic Surfboard - This fellow is a light bluish green and he hugs a FLAT squeezed bicone with rainbow-dichroic. The bead is about 2 inches long, (SOLD)
# 2 - Frog on Psychedelic Surfboard - This guy is a darker blue with hints of brown, the dichroic stripe runs straight up the center of the surfboard (which I guess you can see yourself by looking at the picture), (SOLD)
# 3 - Frog on Psychedelic Surfboard - The dichroic window is lined with metallic stringer, and the frog has dots on the back, which gives some added debth. (SOLD)
# 4 - Frog all buttoned up - this is one of my favorites - the frogs hangs on to the side of the bead....and he has a strong metallic look to him.  (SOLD)
# 5 - Frog on transparent lavender oval bead with metallic swirls and a dichroic core. This bead is about one inch high, the frog has all kinds of colors,  (SOLD)
# 6 - Another one on lavender with dichroic core, the frog is dark with a strong metallic look,  (SOLD)
# 7 - Frog on purple olive shaped bead with palladium and silver lined dots, caramel and blue frog with dots on the back, the bead is one inch high.... (SOLD)
# 8 - Frog on Dinosaur Egg, with embedded dichroic, one inch high,  (SOLD)
# 9 - Frog on Dinosaur Fossil Egg, blue and brown, (SOLD)
# 10 - Frog on flat encased bead, caramel frog body with blue metallic limbs,  (SOLD)
# 11 - Frog on Amphora...(MY favorite bead in this series), he is just perfect, (SOLD)
# 12 - Frog on fossil cone,  (SOLD)
# 13 - Frog on Fossil Surfboard (I made two of these and turned the other one into a necklace for myself. I love the feel of these flat beads....), (SOLD)