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This is (hopefully for more than one occasion) the place to pick up some beads that are ready to go. All of my jewelry is strung on medium Softflex wire - and I use those horseshoe shaped "thingies" that prevent the wire from rubbing and breaking...some of the findings are pewter, but most are Sterling Silver....Hope you'll find something to fall in love with. And if you're like the Bachelor and can't decide - pick both!


# 1  -  Don't worry, be happy (a long time classic that will guaranteed put a smile on your face!)

adjustable up to 8.5 inches, $ 175





# 2  -  Charlie Chaplin (you can never go wrong with b&w)

adjustable up to 8 inches, adorable Sterling Silver tassel, $ 175




# 3  -  The Princess Diaries (for the romantic in you)

(the pink in the beads looks different in the pictures, but in person, it looks the same, weird)

adjustable up to 9 inches, $ 190



# 4  -  The Princess diaries 2 (all beads strung with SS Heishe spacers)

same comment about the shades of person, they look the same

adjustable up to 8.5 inches, $ 205



# 5  -  Desigually on shimmery green (beads look more TEAL in person)

I never get tired of making this design, each bead is it's own journey, which sometimes takes me up to an hour. But it's an hour of beadmaking bliss.

This bracelet is not adjustable, it fits a small/medium wrist (it's 8 inches long), $ 210