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Fresh from my computer:

How to make a lampwork canvas ring
29 pages (no waste of space here!) with index, list of tools, detailed instructions, printable torch companion and gallery of rings.... for $ 15.00

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still popular:
Daffodil Bead Tutorial

I am very excited to offer my first e-tutorial/video combination. You will receive an electronic file with 55 full-color pages plus exclusive access to 55 minutes of High Definition streaming video divided in 6 easy-to-watch chapters.

ON SALE: $ 5

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This tutorial is written in the style of "Passing The Flame": wordy and friendly, with each step illustrated by "down-to-the-point" color photos that get as close to the action as possible.
Among other topics and "closer look" chapters, you'll learn all the steps necessary to make a 3-dimensional daffodils and other flowers, by making trumpets with embedded stamen, flattening dogs, creating pointed petals using a variety of methods and encasing beads with raised elements, which will increase your repertoire of beadmaking skills beyond what you would expect. Even if you never intend to make a daffodil bead, OR a flower bead, you will learn a whole bunch of new skills that will come in handy for your own style of beads.


Previous Publications now available as e-files:

The Spotlight on Magic Colorreactions was the last Spotlight ever created - that was before the advent of the "e-tutorial", now every artist basically creates their own publications. This Spotlight focuses on what Magic happens when you put THIS color on top of THAT color....It was published before the advent of "silver glass", so unfortunately you won't find any information on those effect in this very informative Spotlight....16 pages for $ 5.00.

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Spotlight on Hollow Beads and Vessels...

I just added the missing first volume of the Spotlight Series to my e-file collection. Normally this 16 page (and that's not your typical "stretched out" e-file format, but each page is jammed full of information!) would be $ 10, like the Spotlight on Silver below, but as a little Christmas special it's only $ 5.00 if you purchase it before the end of the year. Hope you have some time during the holidays to play with the cool techniques....

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The SPOTLIGHT ON BEADS FOR THE INNER CHILD. Lots of bright beads in here, animals, food, little people... this was my favorite layout of the series, I think the entire thing is a work of art...Hope it will inspire you to let your inner child out at the torch, 32 pages for $ 15.00 (The button takes you to PayPal)

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Also available: The well loved SPOTLIGHT ON SILVER as e-file. For those of you who live far away and don't want to pay for shipping or wait weeks for the mail to get there, just download the file for $10 (the printed version, which is still available at, is $ 12.50 plus shipping)

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