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Earrings for sale:

I made all of these earrings in a couple of days, I literally had to stop myself - making earrings like this is so addcitive that I probably would have ended up with 100 pairs...Whenever necessary, I mentioned "flaws" in the pairs (usually a slight difference in size)  - and reflected that in the price. Of course it's possible to make each pair perfectly matching, usually by making more than 2 of the same kind and then picking out the matching ones. To me, it's no big deal, and I only offered pairs that I would personally have no problem wearing together....


A - A drop in the ocean


this one is my personal favorite, made with bluish green silver glass (ARKE), a poked hole in the center, capped with a tiny clear dot which makes the hole sparkle like silver. I had so much fun that I made 4 of these! And one of myself of course..

6mm in diameter, $ 15.00




B - The blushing bride


Dark red with flecks of silver...

9mm in diameter, $ 15.00



C - A refreshing dip


This pair was named after looking at the lake behind our house, and the fact that the thermometer hit 95 degress today...Sadly, the lake is home to an army of Canadian geese, so swimming in it is not a good idea. The actual earrings are much more shimmery than in the picture!

11mm in diameter, $ 15.00



D - Princess in Pink


Very playful with encased pink Murrini. Petite. The pink is not as screaming bright as in the picture, definitely more subtle!

11 mm in diameter, $ 18.00




E - Sparkle in Cream


A tiny cubic zirconia embedded in gentle silvered ivory, capped with a drop of clear with a black backing. Very feminine...

9 mm in diameter, $ 15




F - Wheel of Fortune


This is the most playful of all the earrings, a fancy murrini in amer shades, slightly domed and "rimmed" with ivory, lots of detail.

12 mm in diamter, $ 15



G - My Precious

A Goldstone swirl on top of dark silver plum. And old "classic design". One earring is slightly larger than the other, thus the reduced price. The difference is not as large as in the picture, that one is a matter of perspective...Very pretty in it's simplicity.

8-9mm in diameter, $ 10




H - Purple Umbrella

This one was tricky to make - I used one of the murrini I made for the "purple Desigually" series. Keeping the transparent hole exactly centered is difficult - one of the earrings is every so slightly off (as you can see in the picture), nothing horrible though...

10mm in diameter, $ 12




I - Blue Bayoo


A "feast" for everyone who likes blue, especially since this is a color I don't work with very often....Blue frit under a dome of clear - one of the domes is slightly higher, but you would have to wear them in the same ear to notice.

10 mm in diameter, $ 12





J - Pink Roses


You can never get wrong with roses. Technically, you would want someone to give these pretty earrings to you..(the difference in the green color is just a matter of photography, they are both the same!)

12 mm in diameter, $ 25




K - Something fishy


Just fun, nothing else to say....

13 mm in diameter, $ 25





L - Tiny shiny buttons


exactly that! Very sweet....and really small!

8mm in diameter, $ 10





M - Silver Rain


Very classy, silver speckles on a black background, encased in a drop of clear. Again, one of the clear drops is slightly higher than the big deal.

9 mm in diamter, $ 10




N - Mango Flowers


The little flowers have nothing to do with the fruit, but I employed a technique developed by my friend Manda Muddimer, of "Mango Beads" - pulling the dots into petals with pointy of the petals is slightly smaller,

12mm in diameter, $ 10




O - Sparkling Fog


This pair is the "roundest" of all, with a tall blob of clear, which makes it super sparkly. These have a hint of blue in them, which makes them looks almost look like little opals. Cool. I should keep them...;-), especially since I don't remember how I got this effect....darn

8mm in diameter, $ 25





P - Pond Bubbles


This is the one pair where I have to ask you to trust me: they are BEAUTIFUL, shiny, with encased blobs of blue and green....I promise, if you get these and don't absolutely love them, I'll give you your money back AND you can give them to someone else!

14mm in diameter, $ 15




Q - Diamonds are for Wimps


A variation on the "cream" pair above, actually, they were made the same way, but the CZ LOOK larger due to their position in the clear dome...

8mm in diameter, $ 15





R - Windows into the Universe


Lots of different hues of blue and something shiny going on in these, my second favorite!

13mm in diameter, $ 20