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1.4 inch Medallion Easy Press click here*** Monster Shaper clickhere
Monster Shaper Demo Video clickhere
New Cool Tools!
SOLD OUT, sorry
Tungsten Tweezers
the must have tool:  $ 32

One of those tools you can't live without
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The "Corina-version Rodholder"



Mega Marver

Mega Marver (2" x 2.5")

One of my personal favorite tools...

This marver helps greatly shaping beads with a slightly curver surface, like "gentle bicones". Unlike a "shaper" it does not dictate the length or curve of your bead, but supports the shape YOU want to give it.
The curved indentation comes also in handy as a "frit tray" - and the flat backside of the marver is a fantastic tool all by itself.

Double Lentil Press

Double the fun! 1.3" and 1.4" in one tool


Large Olive Shaper

Shaken, not stirred!



6 Inch Tweezers

Like a great pair of cheap sunglasses! These high quality tweezers are 6 inches long and have a fine, serrated tip. They have very good tension and are perfect for pulling stringer and removing glass from your bead. One of those "can't live without tools".

Spoon Sickle
Spoon Sickle

Another type of "Magic Wand". Originally I designed to spoon part for pushing down dots and murrini, but while using the tool I realized how handy the spoon is for shaping beads itself, kind of like one of the shaping tools, just shallower and thus more flexible. The "sickle" part is very sharp at the edges and can be used to cut "Baileen-style" groves, and all kinds of other applications you will find out for yourself.

I am still working on getting pictures of all the new tools onto THIS page as well, a daunting task, if you're as inept with the web-stuff as me. For now, here is a list of all the new tools I have - the pictures, info and buy-now buttons are on the appropriate pages....

Pandora Step Shaper
Pandora Step Shaper

The tool you have been waiting for to help shape Pandora and other large hole beads

Mini Medley Press
Mini Medley Press
The Mini-Medley press is designed for those beadmakers who from time to time enjoy making really tiny beads. There are 4 different beads in this press: a small lentil (13mm) , a tiny tab bead (11mm), a slightly larger tab bead (12mm)and a deep lentil (13mm). This is also the press I use for my “capsule beads” – a combination of the tab in the center and clear glass on each side, shaped with the top part of the deep lentil. I’ll add a little tutorial for that soon!
To get some ideas how to use this press, click here
Shallow Shaper
Shallow Shaper
I have had the prototype for this shaper for over a year now, always thinking that nobody but ME would ever use a tool like this. I use it all the time for encased beads – the flat angle of the different indentations allows me to shape each inside layer of a floral or other encased designs. On top of that I can use the slightly more curved indentations to make elongated oval beads, which are great for earrings or small pendants. The smallest indentation in this shaper is ¾ inch wide, the largest is almost 1 inch. The tool itself (without handle) is 5 ¼ inch long. Not a “must have” tools, but it comes in really handy for certain types of beads. I love it.

Skinny Squeeze
Skinny Squeeze
The squeeze has always been one of my favorite presses, because of it’s “openness” when it comes to the amount of glass you can press. Unless the lentils or the orrbs, you don’t need to have a specific amount of glass – basically any amount will work. This is particularly convenient for designs where it’s hard to gauge how much glass you will end up when all the decorational elements are added – like my fossil beads for example. The press can also be used to make small beads and long focal beads – no other press allows this flexibility. What is “new” in the skinny squeeze is just what the name describes: it is “skinnier”, meaning flatter then the regular squeeze, which gives you flatter beads. Since this press is designed to give you the flattest bead possible, it is important to know which mandrel you are going to use. Model a) is designed for people who make their beads on 1/16th inch mandrel, while model b) is for those beadmakers who prefer to work with 3/32nd inch mandrels.
To get some ideas how to use this press, click here

Model A (1/16th) Model B (3/32nd)
1.4 inch Medallion Easy Press
1.4 inch Medallion Press
difficulty level **
1.4 inch
To see sample beads, and a comparison of the two medallion presses (1.4 and 1.5) click here
To see how easy my presses are to use, click here
To find out more about Easy Presses, click here
The price of the 1.4 inch Madallion Press is

Monster Shaper
Monster Shaper

24 mm (0.95 inches)

27 mm (1.063 inches)

30 mm (1.18 inches)

length of the tool WITHOUT the handle: 4 inches
Information about the Monster Shaper

The Monster-shaper is the third and “missing” piece in my collection of brass “shapers” – perfect for those who make larger beads. It comes in particularly handy when you make encasedbeads – pushing the encasement into the shaper not only shapes the bead into a round or oval, but it also cools off the surface and protects your design from getting too hot and distorting, as is often the case when you use only heat and gravity for the final shapingprocess.

The little video (which is part of the daffodil tutorial video series) shows how to use the shaper properly. Always keep in mind not to ROLL your bead, but to push it, lift up, turn, push etc. Rolling the bead might distort the design. The final shape of your bead depends on where you put the glass, and the ANGLE at which you hold your bead when shaping it.

To view
Monster Shaper Demo Video scroll to the bottom of the page.
The price of the Monster Shaper is


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Monster Shaper Demo Video
(this is an excerpt of the Daffodil Tutorial Video, which shows how to use the Monster Shaper to shape an encased bead)