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Bead Shapers
Large Olive Shaper

Shaken, not stirred!
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Pandora Step Shaper
Pandora Step Shaper

The tool you have been waiting for to help shape Pandora and other large hole beads

During the month of April 2012 there is a special promotion on the Pandora Step Shaper - you will get a $ 10 discount if you use the promo code "PANDORASHAPER" during checkout!

Monster Shaper

24 mm (0.95 inches)

27 mm (1.063 inches)

30 mm (1.18 inches)

length of the tool WITHOUT the handle: 4 inches
Information about the Monster Shaper

The Monster-shaper is the third and missing piece in my collection of brass shapers perfect for those who make larger beads. It comes in particularly handy when you make encasedbeads pushing the encasement into the shaper not only shapes the bead into a round or oval, but it also cools off the surface and protects your design from getting too hot and distorting, as is often the case when you use only heat and gravity for the final shapingprocess.

The little video (which is part of the daffodil tutorial video series) shows how to use the shaper properly. Always keep in mind not to ROLL your bead, but to push it, lift up, turn, push etc. Rolling the bead might distort the design. The final shape of your bead depends on where you put the glass, and the ANGLE at which you hold your bead when shaping it.
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Small Shaper
Hole sizes 0.5-0.7 inches
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Regular Bead Shaper

Hole sizes 0.6-0.9 inches
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Monster Shaper Video Demonstration