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On this page I want to give you an idea of what to expect in the classes mentioned on the "class schedule" page.


I just (February 2018)  added a new class to my repertoire, this one is a lot of fun (yeah, the others aren't) - and suitable for all levels, more or less. The title is:

"Desigually - Detail and Design, endless possibilities"

The "Desigually" means that the orginial beads were based on the fun and colorful designs of the Spanish clothing company DESIGUAL. In beads I recreated some of the patterns with Murrini, Twisties, dots and stringers. Here some examples (The beauty of this design is that you can create a large variety of beads, using the same elements: flat, round, encased - whatever you can think of):


The 2-3 day class (The 3 day class will include more about stringer control) will focus on making your own Murrini and Twisties, and creating a variety of beads, focusing on the principles of Design - something you might also find useful in all the other beads you are already making.


The most important class of all (In my opinion):

Beyond the Beginnings: Striving for Perfection

(formerly known as "Masterclass to Master Glass") - 2-3 days



I just started teaching this class in Black and White only, and it really helps to keep focused on TECHNIQUE - and not so much on making pretty beads. This class is aimed at beadmakers of any level and focuses on the essential techniques that every beadmaker should perform "in their sleep": basic round beads, placing and manipulating dots (poking, twisting), various methods of encasing, stringer control and, depending on how much time we have, shapes like bicones, barrels, lentils and hearts. At the end of the class I hope each student walks away with more confidence, more precision and a bunch of new ideas....

New class: Rainforest Beads

This class is a minimum of 2 days, but could be extended up to a week....we will focus on a large variety of leaves, colorful flowers, butterfly and birds (or frogs) - great fun for intermediate to advanced beadmakers and really corageous beginners...





this class is already listed below, but I wanted to show some new pictures for the class on  FLORALS, this can either be a 2, 3 or even 5 day class


This class covers all kinds of petals, leaves, stamen, vines, backgrounds - anything floral, the longer the class, the more fancy the flowers get...




Very Popular:  Inside-Out Ocean Beads - 2 days (or 2 + 1 day)

This class presents an alternative "view" of the classic aquarium bead: we will start with making a variety of components, like sea-weed, coral, shells and other sea-life (general skills: making encased stringer, fancy twisties, complex striped cane and simple murrini). We will create 2 different kinds of beads, the surface decorated bead and on day 2 the 3-D encased ocean-bead, meaning the elements are encased without flattening them, which creates incredible debth - AND enhances your encasing skill in general...



Oceanbeads, additional 1 day class: Ocean Creatures

This class is a great addition to the inside-out oceanbeads, preferably it would take place BEFORE the general class, since students could populate their oceans with starfish, turtles, jellyfish, crab and whatever else they want to learn. Making fish-murrini is unfortunately not part of the class, since it would take up all day, but we will discuss how to build the murrini....Students are welcome to bring inspirational pictures or tablets....



New Class: "Stringer-Control - no mystery"

Every time I ask students in a "general" class what they want to learn, "Stringer-Control" is without fail number one on the list. Throughout the years I have developed a number of exercises meant to "retrain the brain", so even the most stringer challenged person will figure it out in the end. Here just a few examples of bead designs that rely heavily on stringer-control:

4. Quarks and Quirks - 1-2 days

Initially I offered this as a 1 day class, but I always wished we had at least half a day more...- so I added the two day option, which makes the whole think a lot more relaxed and informative, but it depends on the studio and the desire of the students

I am typically not fond of classes who teach one specific design, because the students often go home with a bunch of beads that look like the beads the teacher makes - and when they want to sell the beads, they have to start defending their beads, or, even worse, being accused of being a copycat. I am sure you all know what I'm talking about.

The reason I teach a specific design ("The quark") anyway is because I believe that the skills you will learn come in handy in a huge variety of designs. By "skills" I am talking about: making complex twisties and even more complex striped cane, graphic murrini (like the checkerboard), the use of dichroic (even in twisties), application of commercial murrini, and then finally the 3-dimensional encasing of all this stuff.

In order to have a larger variety of "ingredients" to work with at the end, students have to cooperate and each work in different color schemes to trade for the design of the final bead(s).

Be prepared for this class to last a little longer than the usual 7/8 hours, if the "host studio" allows.

Student level: intermediate to advanced

5. Frogs and Lizards - 1 day

This is probably my all time favorite classes, I can hand over all I know about this in one day (wait? really? that is scary!) - and while some people told me in the past that they were not interested in making frogs, this is one of those times where I can answer: it doesn't matter, you'll enjoy it ANYWAY. Because making a frog is all about one thing: heat control. If you can make a frog that is 3-dimensional and still sticks to the bead, you're in business!
And there is more to a frog than just bright green! you will learn to use silvered glass or add color and texture by using frits and stringer....and I will teach you to make 17 different types of  eyes - which you can put on any other kind of creature, or just use on beads in general as accent points. Once we get beyond the lizard, we will add horns, wings or other types of addictional decoration....So, even if frogs aren't your things, you might want to consider this day of fun and learning.

Student level: ANY (the results will vary depending on your level, but everybody can enjoy and benefit from this class)

Student level: intermediate to advanced.

7. Let it Bloom - 2-3 days

This is a class I am very excited about - it's still a "work in progress" in my head, and every day I am making another sample bead for the class - and discover something new about the endless possibilites of floral beads.

First, there are "sculputural florals", where the flower is basically the bead, or the bead is the flower. The class will start with this type of floral and will give you ideas of different angles at which to start sculptural flowers, and differnent ways to shape petals and to add stamen.

The second type of florals that will be covered are "surface flowers", which are flowers that sit on the surface of beads (duh!). These can be either melted flat, or semi-raised. We will cover both.

The third type are (in my opinion) the "jewels of floral beadmaking" (and again, this is just MY taste, to preempt someone jumping in my face) - and here will lay the main focus.

I will cover background decoration, vines, leaves, petals and stamen. In theory, the students should be able to make ANY kind of flower with these instructions (wishful thining?), but in case you need to know more detail, I will try and cover "generic flowers", roses, tulips, poppies, wisteria, pansies, lilies, daffodils, bamboo and whatever else I can think of.

Students are encouraged to bring either life flowers, or images and books for inspiration.

Student level: intermediate to advanced, and beginners with courage to  be frustrated once in a while....I will help as much as I can