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 2018 - hope to see you somewhere....
March 1 - 5
"Rainforest Beads and Ocean Beads"
Private studio in Livonia, MI
contact Cindi Brunell at
April 23 - 28
please check website for topics
Beadcamp Winterthur, Switzerland
please contact Neus Shop GmbH at
this beadcamp is NOT affiliated to our beadcamp in Florida!
early May (topics and dates to be determined)
Perlenflo, Munich, Germany
contact Florian at
June 17 - 23 and June 24 - 30
lots of things
WILLIAM HOLLAND School of Lapidary Arts, Georgia
(current schedule is not on their website yet)
contact the office at
July 20 - 21 - 22
"Desigually - endless possibilities with Murrini and Twisties"
Mt.Hood Bead Retreat
contact ME with questions
August 2 - 3 and August 4 - 5
Jeff Barbers Studio
October 6-7-8
"Rainforest Beads"
Expressive Glass, Buffalo, NY
contact Vicki at
October 20 -21
"Rainforest Beads"
more to come...