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Unfortunately the system has a major flaw: until I manually remove the button after the item has sold, you won't know whether something is still available until you actually CLICK on the button. THEN it will tell you if the item is sold out. Until I figure out a way to change that, I can only apologize for the inconvenience.

Shipping for all beads is $ 3.00, no matter where they travel. And one last thing: all beads on my site are lampwork beads....just in case you were wondering.

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Thursday, July 14th, 2016
Today I'm selling a few pieces out of my "private collection", to replenish my Vet-fund, after Bonzai's little mis-adventure last month..And on top of that, I already have too many darn beads I have no time to turn into jewelry..
# 1  -  Mini-Mania Bracelet
This bracelet might not look like anything "special", especially to those of you who have followed me for 10 years or longer, :-), but this is actually a "hell-yes-one-of-a-kind". I made this a few days after coming home from Cincinatti, where two of the students had bought beads from me many many years ago, and they were both wearing bracelet with my beads, and I couldn't believe my eyes - the beads were so small - like "did I REALLY make those??" I was actually fascinated by the detail and "dainty-ness" - and the first mission upon coming home was "operation mini-beads". After one week of struggle, cursing and scratching my head, I made enough beads for ONE bracelet, and this is it. I'm done. I'm too old for this. I managed to make exactly 5 useable beads per day - so I am asking $ 300 for this, because it is delightful, it is adorable, and it is definitley one of a kind. Strung on Stretch Magic, fits a small to medium wrist (can be restrung on request....)
Just to get an idea of the size: in comparison with a Pandora-style bracelet in a similar design
# 2  -  Desigually Necklace Balls
I had these beads in my special "Corina-to-be-worn-someday" box...but I really suck at making bracelets. If you are any better and inspired by these beads, you will get to play with 7 "focal" beads, slightly graduated from 20mm to 23mm (across the hole)...6 handmade disk-shaped spacers and 15 faceted semi-precious stone beads. Total lenth of the strand is 9 inches, $ 225
# 3   -  Desigually Bracelet Balls
 A bracelet set matching the beads above, in "tres petite" - 12-13 mm each bead, with all the "usual Desigually detail" like handmade murrini, bullseye-dots, dichroic and intricate stringerwork, all on a small scale. 7 beads, 5.5 inch long strand, $  125
again, nothing shows the size of beads like a comparison - maybe this picture will give you an idea
and finally, as a bonus to either one of the two sets above (if you choose both, you'll get it for sure..:-), a matching heartshaped focal.....
thanks so much for looking, I hope I have a lot more beads later this summer....when I'm not zipping around the world teaching....
Monday, May 16th 2017
I am definitely "stuck" on the Desigually Design thing, it's the beadmaker's dream - a bead you get never tired of - and it gets better with every bead you make. I'm not sure it shows in the pictures (compared to the last batch), but the designs are more delicate, and more complicated. I am going to teach this in California next weekend, and I hope that I can "infect" the students with the excitements I feel when creating these in "oh, let's make ONE more"
# 1  -  "Desigually on Purple" (slightly larger beads, both sides shown)
7 beads with spacers, 7.5 inch long strand, $ 215
# 2  -  Desigually on Purple (slightly smaller beads, both sides shown)
7 beads with spacers, 7 inch long strand, $ 215 (as in: "size doesn't matter")


# 3  -  Desigually-Quark Focal
When I was working on a quark focal it suddenly dawned on me: I am working with murrini and twisties - exactly what I had made for the Desigually bead. The same material - a completely different way to put them together. Flat on a bead versus 3D inside a heavily encased bead. I had so much fun with it, and had probably kept going, but darn - I ran out of, here is the worlds' ONLY Desigually Quark. 
The bead is pretty big, I measured it as 1 inch, but I could swear it is a lot bigger. If FEELS bigger. $ 95
 # 4  -  Classic Quark
In case you are new to my site and don't know what a "Quark" is: this is it. Bright colors, sparkle and just - wow (at least that's what I feel when I look into these)  1 inch tall, $ 78
# 5  -  A Big Drop in the Ocean
Did I say that Desigually Beads are my favorites? Or, wait, maybe Quarks! But then again - there are oceanbeads, and I definitly love making those....instead of crying over the fact that I can't dive due to an inner ear "defect", making Ocean Beads is second best, and this one is a particularly pretty "dive-substitue"....1.5 inches tall, $ 105
Thanks so much for stopping by - I appreciate your interest!
Friday, February 19th 2016
"Desigually" - my favorite beads (of the moment)
here a picture of the different strands, to give you an idea of the relative sizes:
(Both sides of the beads are pictured! - each set is strung "ready to wear" - there is enough extra beading wire, and I will include a choice of 3 toggle clasps...)
# 1  -  "Classic" on Black Pearl
This strand was made with the same glass of my first set: Black Pearl...which has a very subtle metallic shimmer around the edges. Since these are made on a single layer of glass, the beads are slightly smaller than the ones below. Perfect for a small wrist - you might even have two beads left for matching earrings.
7 beads, 8 inch long strand, strung with 3mm sterling silver beads and hematite rondels, $ 225
# 2  -  Winter into Spring, small (bracelet?) set
This is probably my favorite color combination of the moment, the core of each bead is made with encased "DH Thallo" over clear, which gives a stunning green metallic look that is impossible to capture in the photo.
6 beads, 7.5 inch long strand, strung with 3mm sterling silver beads and Swarovski AB crystals, $ 225
# 3  -  Winter into Spring large (necklace?) Set
7 beads, 9 inch long strand, strung with 3mm sterling silver beads and faceted gemstones, $ 260
# 4  -  Midnight Magic
The color in this set was kind of an accident, I was trying to get the hot shimmery pink look below, according to Miriam Steger's "Hot Pink recipe", but I forgot the clear layer between the transparent orange and Clio - and it turned into a metallic blue of sorts. Very pretty - in the picture there is a subtle brownish tint around the edges, but that is only in the lighting in my photobox, on your skin it's just the pretty metallic blue...
7 beads, 9 inch long strand, strung with 3mm sterling silver beads and faceted crystals, $ 260
# 5  -  Crazy in Pink
The beads in this set are the largest of the bunch, basically because I had to layer 4 colors to get the hot pink look that is so popular...these beads took forever to make, so I stopped at 5, which are plenty for a bracelet with "impact".
5 beads, 7 inch long strand, strung with 3mm sterling silver beads and Swarovski AB crystals, $ 185
Wednesday, January 13th 2016
"Welcome to 2016-Monster Sale" (Under Construction)

I don't think I have ever had this many beads at once: 3 month worth of delightful labor. In order to not confuse myself when I pack and ship, I have not given these beads any fancy names, but I named them "by appearance". Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you will find something that will bring some extra sunshine into your heart.
I usually sort beads from "simple" to complex, but this time the order is more or less random, though I am showing my floral focals first, and then oceanbeads at the end, with a few sets in the middle. I made the images a little smaller than usual, if you want to the a larger view of a bead you might be interested in, just email me....
# 1 - Fancy Purple Flower-teardrop
2 inches long, $ 85
# 2  -  Pink and Purple encased flowers
1 1/4 inches tall, $ 62
# 3  -  Oval bead with pink flowes with whispy stamen
1 1/2 inches tall, 45
 # 4 - Lovely purple flowers with goldstone stringer
1 inch tall, $ 40
# 5 - Lovely purple flowers with copper green leaves
1 inches tall, $ 40
# 6 -  Mixed blossoms on Leaky Pen medallion
1 1/2 inches diameter, $ 60
# 7 - Large Pink Flower with stamen
1 inch diameter, $ 40
# 8 - Pink watercolor flowers on copper green
7/8th inches diameter, $38
# 9 - Aqua Fantasy flowers on Triton
1 inch diameter, $ 40
# 10 - Pink Flowers on Aqua
3/4 inches diameter, $ 28
# 11 - Multi-layer pink flowers on aqua over silver
7/8th inches tall, $ 35
# 12 - Layered purple flowers on aqua oval
1 1/4inches tall, $ 35
# 13 - Petal shaping "test-bead" with dichroic
7/8th inches tall, $ 25
# 14 - Fancy Heliotrope flowers on dichroic
1 1/8th inches tall, $ 120
# 15 - Fancy Heliotrope Flowers on black
1 inches tall, $ 95
# 16 - Skinny Barrel with flowers on dichroic
1 3/4 inches tall, $ 36
# 17 - Bicone with pink and purple flowers on dichroic
1 3/4inches tall, 50
# 18 - Encased Hibiscus in shades of pink
7/8th inches tall, 45
# 19 - Encased Hibiscus in shades of purple
3/4 inches tall, 60
# 20 - Tiger-rose barrel
1 inch tall, 38
# 21 - Tiger-rose bicone
1 3/4 inches tall, $ 45
# 22 - Encased Purple Hibiscus on striped leaf
1 1/4 inches tall, $ 70
# 23 - Mixed purple and pink flowers on bicone, Reichenbach colors test-bead
1 3/4 inches tall, $ 30
# 24 - Mixed encased fancy flowers in bicone, Reichenbach colors test-bead
1 3/4 inches tall, $ 50
# 25 - Watercolor flowers with stamen on white
1 1/4 inches tall, $ 35
# 26 - Lovely purple-layered flowers on white
1 1/4 inches tall, $ 36
# 27 - Amazing pink flowers on copper green, maybe my favorite of'em all
1 1/4 inches tall, $ 130
# 28 - Layered purple watercolor flowers on copper green
almost 1 inch tall, $ 32
# 29 - Small focal with purple flowers on aqua
3/4 inches tall, $ 26
# 30 - slightly larger bead with purple flowers on aqua
3/4+ inches tall (not for sale, has a flaw and will be a bonus bead for someone...)
# 31 - Mixed flowers with roses on aqua
7/8 inches tall, $ 38
# 32 - Large oval with pink flowers and white stamen
1 1/4inches tall, $ 25 (there rubino oro turned slightly darker in the center of a couple of the flowers, that's why it's cheaper...)
# 33 - Shiny Pink Freesia on graduated etched bicone
2 inches tall, $ 90
# 34 - Slender copper green bicone with deep purple flowers and goldstone band
2 1/4 inches tall, $ 70
# 35 - Purple and turquoise flower on cocoa with goldstone trails
1 1/4 inches tall, $ 40
 # 36 - Squeezed focal with pink and purple hibiscus
2 inches tall, $ 40
# 46 - playing with Reichenbach colors and sparkly dichroic medallion, test-bead, sort of
1.5 inch diameter, $ 40
# 47 - Rose Ring, size 5 1/2 (really small)
$ 30
# 48 - Experimental fancy flower pendant with dots
3/4 inch diameter, $ 30
# 49 - Downfacing fancy floral pendant
3/4 inch diameter, $ 25
# 51 - Last quark standing
1 inch diameter, $ 70
 # 52 - Purple flowers on ivory bracelet beads (5)1/2 diameter each, $ 65
1/2 diameter each, $ 65


# 53 - Purple and pink flowers on copper green with dichroic bracelet beads (7)
1/2 inch diameter each, $ 100
 # 54 - small set of b&w beads with purple stringer (6), made for the tutorial
2.5 inch long strand, $ 50
# 55 - "Desigually" - my alltime favorite (7)
6.5 inch long strand, $ 200
front and back of the same strand
# 56 - Gardening with pinks and purples
6 inch long strand, the back is decorated with a variety of stringer designs, $ 175
# 57 - Purple and white with a twist (8) and subtle dichroic, test-beads for Reichenbach purple
2 3/4 inches long strand, $ 50
# 58 - Dichroic reef bead with red starfish
almost 1 inch tall, $ 75
# 59 - Lemongrass (name of the basecolor glass) reefbead with purple and teals
3/4 inch tall, $65
# 60 - Purple and teal "drop in the ocean"
2+ inches long, $ 85
# 61 - Large oval encased ocean-bead with turtle and jellyfish
1.5 inch tall, $ 90
# 62 - Shimmery green squeezed focal with turtle
2 inches tall (the green shimmer doesn't show well, it's gorgeous, some kind of silver glass, forgot which one) $ 70
# 63 - Shimmery green medallion with clownfish
1.5 inches diameter, $ 70
# 64 - Purple and teal Reef-ball with blue starfish on triton
1 inch diameter, $ 50 (I had accidentally marked this as sold - but it wasn't, so here it is: with a little discount)
# 65 - Reefbead on triton with clownfish
1 inch diameter, $ 66
# 66 - Reefbead on shimmery green with clownfish and starfish
1 inch diameter, $ 66
# 67 - Reefbead on deep blue with two starfish
1 inch diameter, $ 68
that it for now...phhhhh, are you as exhausted as I am? More some time in March....
Thursday, October 22nd
 Today I have just one type of beads - but in a seemengly endless variety... Each strand consists of 14 lovingly lampworked beads, including stylish pewter spacers. Each strand should be more than enough to make a bracelet for a medium to large wrist - It would look very pretty to just string them "as is" on stretch-magic, but personally, I don't quite trust putting a small fortune on a piece of rubber. Thus, I recommend to use Softflex wire and a (toggle) clasp. Each strand comes with a pewter class of your choice - I added a picture with all the clasps I have available at the end of today's listing, just write the number of the clasp of your choice in a paypal note.
While the strands are relatively similar, I have kind of sorted them by intricacy of design, similarity in size, size....the "nicest" set is on top...(of coure, that was just my opinion) - the beads get slightly larger towards the botton.
For some reason, the beads look WAY better in person.
# 1  - Beads are a girls best friend
14 beads, 17.5 inch long strand, $ 200
# 2  - Pink Panthers little Gems
14 beads, 7.5 inch long strand, $ 200
# 3  - Diamonds are overrated
14 beads, 7.5 inch long strand, $ 190
# 4  - Pretty in Pink
14 beads, 7.5 inch long strand, $ 180
# 5  - Running out of names
14 beads, 7.5 inch long strand, $ 175
# 6  - Fill me in Pink
11 beads, 7.5 inch long strand, $ 115
# 7  - Kermit has gone over the deep end
7 beads (these are a lot smaller than you think!) plus tiny charm bead, 7 inch long strand, the backside of each bead is flat, with dichroic and pale green stringer decoration. I would string these into a relatively snug fitting bracelet, so the beads can't flip over. $ 125
Chose the toggle you would like:
(I added a bead for size comparison...)
Friday, August 28th 2015
Nothing is ever just black and white -
My Jerusalem Travel Bracelet
This bracelet has benn places! 7.5 inches long, $ 165 including Priority Mail shipping
Monday, July 13th 2015
3 - part sale: Florals + Oceanbeads + miscellaneous
Part I: "All that Blooms"
All beads come ready to wear as pendants, measurements shown are ONLY the bead, not the "pendant hardware"
# 1  -  Rainforest Medallion with Blue Butterfly I
1.5 inches in diameter, $ 110
# 2  -  Rainforest Medallion with Blue Butterfly II
1.5 inches in diameter, $ 110
# 3  -  Rainforest Medallion
1.5 inches in diameter, $ 100
# 4  -  Rainforest Teardrop I
40mm long , $ 100
# 5  -  Rainforest Globe I
27mm long , $ 65
# 6  -  Rainforest Egg
30mm long , $ 75
# 7  -  Rainforest Globe II
25mm long , $ 65
# 8  -  Rainforest Globe III
29mm long , $ 85
# 9  -  Rainforest Teardrop II
33mm long , $ 90
# 10  -  In the Poppyfield
50mm long , $ 65
# 11  -  Poppy Ball
26mm long , $ 35
# 12  -  A little Tenderness
50mm long , $ 30
# 13  -  Jungle Lily
1.5 inches in diameter, $ 30
# 14  -  Lily in the Meadow
1.5 inches in diameter, $ 30
# 15  -  Moonlight Sonata
1.5 inches in diameter, $ 35
# 16  - For Elize
25mm long , $ 35

# 17  -   Variation on a Theme
24mm long , $ 35
# 18  -  Ode to Joy
27mm long , $ 40
# 19  - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
40mm long , $ 20
# 20  - Wassermusik
28mm long , $ 38
# 21  -  Flight of the Bumblebee
24mm long , $ 30
 # 22  -  Variation on Wassermusik
22mm long , $ 28
# 23  -  Sonata in Pink I
22mm long , $ 25
# 24  -  Sonata in Pink II
22mm long , $ 25
Part II: "Go dive in"
# 25  -  Oceanbead Center Stage
54mm tall , $ 125
 # 26  -  Underwater Fantasy
38mm tall , $ 95
# 27  -  Reef Ball
26mm tall , $ 85
# 28  -  Silver Reef with Yellow Starfish
29mm tall , $ 85
# 29  -  Into the Deep
25mm tall , $ 75
# 30  -  Tropical Reef Ball
24mm tall , $ 75
# 31  -  Dance of the Turtle Derwishes
37mm tall , $ 40
# 32  -  Secrets of Turtle Bay
25mm tall , $ 65
# 33  -  Starfish Galactica
23mm tall , $ 70
# 34  -  Heart of the Ocean with Orange Starfish
34mm tall , $ 35
# 35  -  Yummie Coral Candy
48mm tall , $ 50
# 36  -  Nightmare on Turtle Street
52mm tall , $ 50
# 37  -  Curiously Crabby
34mm in diameter, $ 20
# 38  -  Ghost Turtles
38mm in diameter, $ 40
# 39  -  A Happy Nemo Family
34mm in diameter, $ 55
# 40  -  Calm Seas Lentil
37mm in diameter, $ 50
Part III: "Miscellaneous"
# 41  -  Fosill Flats
55mm tall, $ 35
 # 42  -  Down the Fossil Tube
60mm in diameter, $ 28
# 43  -  The Eye of the Zebra
60mm in diameter, $ 20
PHHH, that's it for today - don't forget to check the frog page!
Most of today's beads are made with CIM "Sakura"...a really pretty "soft peachy" color, I had a lot of fun making the color "center-stage"...definitely a color that mothers would love. I strung all of todays sets with pewter toggle clasps, but they are NOT bracelets...just beads on the wayto....since all the beads are made with the same colors (Sakura, white and clear) the different strands can be "mixed and matched" for the perfect "Mama's Outfit".
I started typing "these beads sparkle a lot more than the picture"  for a few sets, but then I realized that it applies for ALL strands. There is just no way to capture the way the light moves through the beads as you hold them....
Oh, and I made a few more "Bouquet Medallions" - they are more expensive than a bouquet of flowers, but they will last a LOT longer...
# 1  -  Snowflake Sakura Chadwicks
8 beads, 11x14mm (2 are matching for earrings) and pale pink freshwater pearls, 5 inch long strand, $ 85
# 2  -   Sakura Chadwicks Superstrand
10 beads, 11x14mm  and pale pink freshwater pearls, 7 inch long strand, it doesn't really show in the picture, but these beads are super sparkly!, $ 125
# 3  -  Sunrise Over Sakura-Bay
I always love the orrb-shaped beads for bracelets, they are really comfortable, even when typing on the computer. 6 beads (0.85 inch diameter) 7 tiny white spacers, which "continue" the white stringer decoration on the beads perfectly, 6 inch long strand, $ 95
# 4  -  Sunset Over Sakura-Bay
This is probably my least favorite set of the collection, I just the Sakura glass "straight", while all of the other sets were made with a base of white, a layer of Sakura and a "top-coat" of clear. A lot more work, but well worth it. Sheri LOVES this strand, so I am offering it for sale (she doesn't wear bracelets made with lampwork beads)...same "specifications" as above, 6 beads, 6 inch long strand, $ 55
# 5   -  Small Sakura Balls
These little guys remind me a little bit of the work of my dear friend Jill Symons....simple in a way, but full of small scale "stringer artistry" - this one would be perfectly with the larger necklace version below. 8  12x15mm round beads, strung with small crystal rondells, 5 inch long strand, $ 90
# 6   -  Large Sakura Balls
 Same as above, just bigger. The average size of these beads is 15 mm in diameter, 7 beads and 10 spacers, 5 3/4 inch long strand, $ 130
# 7   -  Sakura Dance
This is one of my favorite orrb-based designs, because it developed from a mistake - and it turned into a beautful design that I never get tired of. It combines the "easy-to-wear" part of the flat orrb with the "encased depth" look when viewed from the side. 7 beads (0.85 inch in diameter), more than you would need for an average bracelet, but I was on a roll.  As always, the beads are much prettier in person....- the bead in the center is not as dark as it looks..
7 1/4 inch long strand, $ 145
# 8   -  Small Sakura in Bloom
I usually prefer to make sets with a different design on each bead, but sometimes the design is so "precious" that it can be carried throughout a strand. Poked Flowers are such a design for me...the first set is the perfect size for a bracelet (13x17mm), 7 beads, length of the strand is 5 inches, $ 115
# 9   -  Really Large Sakura in Bloom
If you like the encased flower look, but want something a little "bolder" than a bracelet (or something matching...), this might be the perfect set (or maybe you could make a bunch of pendants for a host of brides maids....) - I put some extra effort into the you can see in the picture. 7 large round "flowerballs"...the largest one is about 3/4 inch wide...16 spacers...$ 195
# 10   -  Roberto! Mother's little Helper
I usually list my frogs on a separate page, but today I only have one, and he would be a little longely on that other page. If mom needs someone to take her to a party, he is the one who will accompany her! 1 1/2 inch tall, $ 65
I made a few more bouquet beads, thought that would be appropriate for Mother's Day
All 4 beads are made into pendants - the bails are a little hard to see in the picture..
# 11   -  Bouquet on the Green
1.5 inch diameter, $ 35 (I often reduce the price of a bead that didn't sell right away....just because. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the bead, I actually like it a lot. But people usually come to this page after the "initial day", so, once in a while you can find a deal if you check back a few days later.)
# 12   -  Tropical Bouquet
1.5 inch diameter, $ 110
# 13   -  Midnight Bouquet

1.5 inch diameter, $ 110
# 14   -  Colorful Bouquet
1.5 inch diameter, $ 100
TUESDAY, April 7  2015
Today I have all floral focals for sale - after my "fancy floral" class at the Dallas Craft Guild I was "on a roll" - hope these will bring a little whiff of spring into your life on rainy day...
Usually I start with the least expensive beads and work my way "up", today I start with the prettiest... these would make perfect Mother's Day gifts, if you are planning ahead. They come ready to wear as pendants!
# 1  -  Flower Bouquet on green background
1.4 inch medallion, $ 110
# 2  -  Colorful Flower Bouquet on bluegreen background
1.4 inch medallion, $ 110
# 3  -  Flower Bouquet on blue background
1.4 inch medallion, $ 110
# 4  -  Flower Bouquet on Tritone background
1.4 inch medallion, $ 110
 I really like poppies - so there are a lot of different poppy beads to chose from, in all sizes and shapes
# 5  -  Small round poppy focal
23mm tall, $ 30
 # 6  -  Oval poppy focal
1 inch tall olive shaped focal, with subtle green dichroic core, $ 35
# 7  -  The poppy field bicone
2 inches tall, $ 60
# 8  -  inside and out poppy bicone
2 inches tall, $ 40
# 9  -  Wild-flower field bicone
almost 2 inches tall, $ 90
# 10  -  Pretty in Pink
22mm tall, $ 28
# 11  -  Precious little Focal
20mm tall, $ 28
# 12  -  Elegant Freesia bicone
2 inches tall,  blended etched background (the flowers are still shiny) $ 75
# 13  -  Experimental Hummingbird focal
1 3/4 inch tall, I started this bead as a "practice bead" for making a little hummingbird, and when I finished the bird I realized that it needed an actual "bead" around it  - which is why the bicone is not straight sided, but in "steps"....a cute little bead, $ 20
# 14  -  Luscious Lily
 A really pretty lily on a 1.5 inch lentil - only the front has a flower...$ 45
# 15  -  My favorite
This is the second bead I made in this style...slightly reminiscent of my "bead idol" Kristen Frantzen Orr....just a little. 1.5 inch in diameter, $ 50
# 16  -  And not to forget: a little pink symphony
 I initially made this set for myself, to go with an outfit I was planning to wear (I have a very girly side in me) - and then I never did. So, I hope someone else get's to enjoy this strand of 11 bracelet sized beads (clasp included). $ 85
Wednesday, February 4th, 2015
It's been quite a few years since I made this kind of set, which is called "Don't worry, be happy". The bright colors and whimsical designs really make you smile....
# 1  -  Finished "Don't worry, be happy" bracelet
If you prefer something ready to wear, this bracelet might be perfect for you. It's 8 inches long, for a medium wrist.. It is strung on heavy soft-flew wire, with Sterling Wire-guard and Crimpcover beads, for the "perfectly finished" look. The disk shaped spacerbeads "float" over tiny sterling beads, so they move slightly...kind of like a wearable bead-rosary...the tiny frog-charm rounds is out and it is all "signed" by a small oval "Corina" signature tab. $ 165
# 2  -  Don't worry....strands
Prefer to "Do it yourself"? I have 3 more sets that have exactly the same beads, but in slightly different sizes, from "petit" to "regular" to "jumbo", well, sort of.... each set comes with a frog-charm, the signature tab and a gorgeous pewter toggle clasp, "almost" everything you need to make your own awesome bracelet...$ 100
a) Petite strand - SOLD
b) Regular strand - SOLD
c) Jumbo strand - SOLD
 Translucent Desigually Beads
From the bright bold colors of the Don't worry...strands, a completely different "feel": The translucent Desigually beads. You might remember my Desigually bracelet beads, with shades of purple and teal on top of Black Pearl. This time I used the same murrini, cane and dichroic bits - on top of CLEAR. Sadly, in the photographs its very hard to see, but this combination is "killer"....maybe even better than the original. I hope you trust me and give these beads a chance....
# 3  -  Translucent Desigually Bracelet Strand
one of those sets that are tempting to keep, but sometimes it's also nice to send your beads "out into the world". Actually, most of the time...;-)
6 squeezed beads (each about 1 inch wide), paired with light aqua faceted spacers, a heart shaped toggle clasp and a signature tab. 7 inch long strand (measured without clasp) - $ 180
other side of the same strand
Need a Focal to complete the outfit? I can help:
# 4  -  Translucent Desigually Medallion A
Wow, I sure wasn't very creative in the naming...guess all my creativity went into making the beads. Then there was not much juice left for the photography. Again, you have to trust me when I say these two focals are stunning....1 1/2 inch in diameter, $ 65
# 5  -  Translucent Desigually Medallion B
A very similar design - the dichroic in the right picture looks much different in person, not as red...1 1/2 inch in diameter, $ 60
 # 6  -  Translucent Desigually Squeezed Focal
I thought the photography of the beads above was bad - THIS one is even worse...but the bead is not, so I guess I go with "trust me..." it really IS pretty - the brownish tint in the picture is just there in the picture, the bead is clear.
1 3/4 inch tall, a little over 1 inch wide, very "airy"...$ 55

One of the wonderful possibilities of working with Murrini and twisties is that they can be used on the surface of a bead, as in all the beads above...or on the inside, "quark-style"...pretty cool, if you like purple and teal:
# 7  -   Desigually Quark A
1 inch tall, $ 50
# 8  -   Desigually Quark B
slightly smaller than 1 inch, $ 45
# 9  -   Desigually Quark C
a little less than 1 inch, $ 40
# 10  -   Tidepool Medallion
Where did this come from? Totally out of sync with all my other offerings today I guess I was in a brief mood for something different. Cool, actually.
1 1/2 inch diameter, $ 50



I posted pictures of the following two sets on Facebook and got some really nice feedback...hope you feel the same
# 11  -   The Garden Goddess
The perfect bracelet set for the gardening fans among you, especially during this sad time of the year, garden-wise. Each squeezed bead is approximately 1 inch or slightly less, the flowers are only on one side (I made a few with flowers on both sides, but they were just not comfortable to wear...). 6 beads, tiny matching frog charm, signature tab and modern toggle clasp. The strand (without clasp) with small green faceted spacers is 7 inches long, a bracelet in the making...$ 150
And finally the most unusual set I have made in a long time:
# 12  -   King of The Pond - and his minions
Not much explanation needed: you pretty much see what you get. The "fish-head" bead is one of my favorite beads ever, don't know why, but he looks alive somehow...The designs are mostly on one side (there are a few lily pads on the back)...again, mostly for comfortable wearing. These beads are orrbs (or straight sided lentils), 1 inch in diameter...nothing for dainty wrists! There are more beads than you need for a bracelet (8), so you might have enough for a matching pair of earrings - AND the 1 1/2 inch koi focal comes as a bonus! I am really proud of these beads, which is somewhat reflected in the price of $ might be a long time before something comparable escapes my kiln...
Thursday, January 15th
Celebrating the newest issue of the Soda Lime Times - with a little tutorial featuring beads like some of the ones below
I have made all the black and white and pink beads over a period of about 2 month - for the purpose of a new "Inspiration-file" on designs with dots and lines. I took pictures of each bead individually, so I'll work on that project when I have nothing else to do..;-) In the meantime, somebody else might as well have fun with these beads, they would be absolutely perfect for bracelets.
# 1  -  Pretty in Pink, strand 1
12 beads, average size is 10-11x12-13mm, length of the strand is 5 inches, $ 125
# 2  -  Pretty in Pink, strand 2
13 beads, average size is 10-11x12-13mm, length of the strand is 6 inches, $ 135
# 3 -  Pretty in Pink, strand 3
11 beads, average size is 10-11x12-13mm, length of the strand is 4.5 inches, $ 115
# 4  -  Pretty in Pink, strand 4
11 beads, average size is 10-11x12-13mm, length of the strand is 4.5 inches, $ 110
 # 5  -  It only takes two. Black and white strand 1
 12 beads, average size is 9-10x12-13mm, length of the strand is 4.75 inches, $ 100
# 6  -  It only takes two. Black and white strand 2
 12 beads, average size is 9-10x12-13mm, length of the strand is 5 inches, $ 110
# 7  -  It only takes two. Black and white strand 3
 12 beads, average size is 9-10x12-13mm, length of the strand is 5.5 inches, $ 115
# 8  -  It only takes two. Black and white strand 4
 12 beads, average size is 9-10x12-13mm, length of the strand is 5.5 inches, $ 100
# 9  -  It only takes two. Black and white strand 5
 12 beads, average size is 9-10x12-13mm, the center beads are slightly larger, length of the strand is 5.25 inches, $ 100
# 10  -  It only takes two. Black and white strand 6
 12 beads, average size is 9-10x12-13mm, length of the strand is 5.5 inches, $ 115
SORRY< I've been working on the page till 2:30 am, didn't get everything done, in case you are stopping by here...will finish this later
Valentine's sets with orrbs
This picture should give you an idea of the sizes of the
different orrbs. The beads in the top strand are 1 inch in
diameter, the turquoise ones are 0.85 inch and the ivory
ones are 0.75 inches...(even though in the individual pictures they look kind of the same size)...
# 11  -  Dancing Hearts
Each side has different designs...the red color is much prettier in person, not this screaming red in the picture, but a beautiful rich "fire red"...
 6 flat orrbs, one heart shaped charm bead, 7 matching spacers. Diamter of the beads is shy of 1 inch, the total length of the strand is 8 inches, these would make a really cool bracelet for a slightly larger wrist. $ 150
# 12  -  For the love of chocolate
This set of Valentine's orrbs is oddly charming, I went a little bit (just a little) out of my color comfort zone - adding chocolate brown stringer to turquoise, and then just for kicks etched the beads, after "masking" the little hearts with nailpolish. This takes quite a bit of extra time, but it's really worth it, the texture of the beads is downright "delicious"..."good enough to eat" (not really of course)....the design is more or less the same on both sides, so I only show one side.
7 x 0.85 inch flat orrbs, 1 heart shaped charm, 8 matching spacers. Length of the strand is 8 inches, $ 100
# 13  -  Sweet Nothings
As I mentioned above, the orrbs in these 3 sets look more or less the same, but these beads are "dainty" compared to the black and white strand. 7 x 0.75 orrbs with 8 matching spacers and the little heart shaped charm make a total length of 7 inches....$ 85
Bee my Valentine Hearts (some without bees)
# 14  -  Jungle Hibiscus
This cool silvery look happened kind of by accident, I meant to use a clear stringer, but it turned out some kind of Double Helix color. Of course I have no idea which one, so I probably won't be able to re-create the look. Love it though...Hibiscus on both sides of the heart, which is 40 mm tall. $ 85
 # 15  -  Jungle Hibiscus 2
Same description as above, though the bee has no wings - but the bead has more silver on it, so it's pretty in a different way. 46mm tall, $ 85
# 16  -  Raindrops on roses
This is definitely a bead for someone who love BLUE. Nothing else to say (those of you who have known me for a while know that I am not a big fan of blue...) 1.5 inches tall, $ 42
# 17  -  Romeo and Juliette
I really like this heart - love the contrast of the creamy ivory with "teardrops) of clear, the bright pink roses and the metallic vines, which reminded me of the Balcony in the the Romeo and Juliette story....the vines cover one side of the heart, which doesn't really show in the picture...not quite 1.5 inches tall, $ 45
# 18  -  King Arthur and Guinevere
Almost the opposite of the "dreamy" heart above, this one is somewhat "medieval". Get the sword out and rescue the damsel in distress! 1.5 inches tall, $ 48
# 19  -  Ribbon Gymnastics (couldn't think of any other name)
I love how the purple ribbon kind of meanders around the heart...the little bee is a cute contrast to the "calm" colors of the bead. 1.5 inches tall, $ 38
# 20  -  Eternally Hopeful - Love is in the air
This picture kind of speaks for itself. Romance galore! 1.5 inches tall, $ 44
as always: thanks for stopping by!!
Monday, January 5th, 2015
Most of todays focals are florals - I had three classes about this topic last fall, and I fell in love with florals again...It never gets as good as nature, but it's fun trying. Make sure to sign up for my upcoming Webinar on "Making your florals come alive with stamen"....
# 1  -  Stargazer Lily Medallion
1.5 inch diameter, $ 60
# 2  - Hibiscus Lentil with Bee
1.5 inch lentil, $ 78
# 3  - Midnight Blossoms Medallion
1.5 inch Medallion, $ 50
# 4  - Encased Hibiscus Olive
30mm tall focal with encased Hibiscus flowers in different shades. $ 80
# 5  - Encased Fantasy Florals
30mm tall encased olive shaped bead. $ 45
# 6  - "I never promised you..."
1 3/4 long bicone, $ 70
# 7  - Giant Stamen Bonanza
1.5 inch tall olive shaped focal, $ 40
# 8  - Water-lilies
1 inch tall round focal with amazing "3-D flowers", $ 95
# 9  - Floating Flowers
1 inch tall 3-D flowers, $ 85
# 10  - The Webinar Floral
23mm tall encased floral, $ 28
# 11  - Midnight Roses
20mm tall focal, $ 25
 # 12  - Small Fantasy Floral
18mm tall focal, $ 25
# 13  - Small Passionflower Focal
20mm tall focal, $ 25
# 14  - Small sweet pink Flowers
18mm encased focal, $25
# 15  - Snowflake Earrings
0.85 inch diameter orrbs, $ 68
# 16  - Snowflake Bracelet
8 1/2 inch long bracelet (I can make it longer or shorter if needed)- with sparkling Swarovski teardrops, stunning toggle clasp and a bangle with "Corina" signature tag - these beads are hard to photograph, they are much sparklier in person...$ 225


# 18  -  Fantasy Floral Bracelet
8 1/2 inch long bracelet with lot of "action" throughout, $ 185

# 19  -  2015 Fireworks Quark
1 inch tall oval quark with lots of bright colors, $ 62

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
# 1  -  Poppy-field Olive
1.25 inch tall olive shaped focal with two layers of poppies, my new favorite floral design...more below. $ 50
# 2  - Poppy-field bicone
1.75 inch long bicone, $ 65
# 3  - Small round Poppy-field
0.75 inch diameter roundish mini-focal, $ 28
# 4  -  Waterlilies - well, not really
My favorite part of this 1.75 inch tall olive shaped floral is the Triton background, it has an amazing iridescence that creates a beautiful contrast to the "tender" lavender lilies. $ 65
# 5  -  Lily Lentil
This bead is of the kind of "can't do this too often", it's a double encased lily-bead (meaning, the bead is first encased, then pressed into a lentil, then the lilies are applies, encased again and pressed in a larger lentil mold. Takes for f...g EVER to make....the pictures show one side of the floral (the backside looks very similar), and the SIDE view, to show that the lentil doesn't have a sharp "rim", but is kind of thick and rounded. Very pretty, with dichroic sparkling on both sides. 1.25 inch tall, $ 75
# 6  -  Fantasy Floral # 1 - white stamen
This bead doesn't depict any particular type of flower, but is more a play with stamen-type. Again, an iridescent Triton background, tiny white flowers on the inner level, and lavender and purple flowers with white stamen on the upper layer. It has an amazing depth that makes it fun to look "into".  1.2 inches tall, $ 65
# 7  -  Fantasy Floral # 2, Cool Colors
This bead is strangely simple and beautiful, a purple core, green vines, little turquoise "forget me nots" and aqua-purple fantasy flowers with pink striped cane as stamen. Cool. 0.75 inches in diameter (fairly small), $ 32
# 8  -  Raindrops on Roses
I had this particular bead for quite a while, and "fended off" a few potential buyers, but I guess sometimes I have to remember that I made beads so that OTHER people can enjoy them, since with me, they can of sit sadly in a plastic box till the next class...So, I hope this one finds a lovely neck to continue it's existence. 1 inch wide (slightly less tall) round focal with silver mesh over a pale transparent grey backgroung, beautiful 3 dimensional pink roses and cubic zirconia in the upper layer (still encased). $ 80
# 9  -  A Country Garden
This is a bead for someone who likes more variety in life, a glassy rendition of our own garden, with a stargazer lilie, an orchid, iris, roses, lupines, pansies, a peony and tiny white flowers...1.75 inch tall bicone, $ 130
This batch of quark beads is "fresh" from the kiln, almost...I haden't made any of these for a while, and I had a sudden urge...these turned out perfectly, crisp bright colors and deep, "clean" encasing. Any kind of bubbles you might see in the pictures are actually NOT visible with the bare eye. Darn photography...
The quarks are listed by size - they get bigger the further below they are...please "visualize" the given size, they look bigger than they are.
# 10  -  Quark # 1
0.85 inches tall, $ 55
 # 11  -  Quark # 2
slightly larger than the 1st, $ 58
# 12  -  Quark # 3
0.85 inches tall, $ 65
# 13  -  Quark # 4
almost 1 inch tall, $ 70
# 14  -  Quark # 5
1 inch tall, $ 70
# 15  -  Silver Reef Bead
A beauty - 1 inch wide (tall), $ 80
# 16  -  Really amazing Giant Ocean Bead
I had this gorgeous bead for a while and always planned on turning it into a pendant for myself, but just never got to it (since I don't really wear long necklaces). So I hope someone else gets to appreciate it's intricate detail. Lots of seaweeds, a turtle, jellyfish, starfish and a small school of clownfish make this large focal really special. 1.75 inches tall, $ 150
Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
Today I have a few sets and focals in my (currently) favorite design: "Desigually" (inspired by the Spanish Designer)
# 1  -  Desigually Bracelet strand
6 squeezed beads, 6.5 inch long strand, $ 185
other side of the same strand:
# 2  -  Desigually Bracelet strand
6 squeezed beads, 6.5 inch long strand, $ 185
other side of the same strand
# 3  -  Desigually Medallion
1.5 inch diameter Medallion (flat lentil), $ 75
# 4  -  Desigually Medallion
1.5 inch diameter Medallion, $ 75

# 5  -  Desigually squeezed focal
2 inch long squeezed bead, $ 65
# 6  -  Desigually Egg
1.5 inch tall "egg" focal, $ 50
Thursday, August 21st, 2014
 Today I have a "variation on a theme" - dichroic, orrb-shaped (also called "straight sided-lentils") beads, summer-themed stringer design, and contrast between matt (etched) and sparkling. I am really happy with the way these sets turned out, these beads will "set-off" your summer tan just beautifully...
# 1 -  A summer breeze, bracelet
7 beads, 0.75 inch in diameter, clear over silver dichroic. The bracelet is adjustable, from 7.5 inch to 8.5 inches.
$ 185


# 2  -  A Summer Breeze Earrings/center
I really love the design of these earrings, very classy, with a beautiful contrast of matt "body" and sparkling silver dichroic belt...
The beads without findings are 1.5 inches long, $ 50
# 3  -  A Summer Breeze Earrings/bottom
The same design as above, with a different location of the dichroic belt, 1.5 inch long beads, $ 50
# 4  -  A Summer Breeze Pendant
For those of you who like to have all their jewelry matching - a pendant, slightly shorter than the earrings, "topped off" (or rather, bottom offed) with a multi-faceted chrystal. 1.25 inches long, $ 20
 # 5  -  Summer Fireworks
This strand is "almost" a bracelet, I dug a little in my bead boxes and found some purple AB Swarovski chrystals who perfectly match the multi-colored Dichroic over a purple core. These orrb-shaped beads are 0.85 inches in diameter, partially etched. The strand of 5 beads and spacers is 6.5 inches long, $ 125


 # 6  -  Fairy Dust
This strand is made with the same (corkscrew) dichroic as the beads above, but instead of wrapping the dichroic around a purple core, I used clear for these beads. The effect is completely different - it's very "etherial", like a whiff of a light perfume in the air....The little green spacers pick up the green of the frog. The frog bead could be either used in the center of a bracelet - of as a small focal all by itself. A perfect strand to keep the summer alive... 7 beads, 0.85 inch diameter in this 7 inch long strand, $ 165
# 7  -  A Midsummer Nights Tale
 A friend of mine fell in love with my bracelet in these colors (you might remember from a few month back...), so I promised to make one for her...and as usual, I got carried away and made a lot more bead than I needed...I hope that whoever gets these will enjoy the beads just as much as "the rest of the club"....Shades of purple and teal on top of "black pearl" and different hues of dichroic. A delight for anyone who enjoys intricate design and beautiful colors......6 beads, total length of the strand is 6.5 inches...I included some color matching spacers...$ 185


other side of the same strand
Tuesday, July 15th 2014
Today I have ONE crazy strand of beads for sale: The Gummy-beads (you can't just have one). This is more like a BAG of Gummy-beads: 67 beads, strung LIKE a necklace (but I didn't add a clasp, because if anybody get's these, she might have more interesting ideas about what to do with these up her sleeve.) The total strand includes a bunch of silver rhinestone rondells and measures 37.5 inches. This represents a week of my life (without all the bullshit), and I am asking $ 1000 (gulp) - but this covers Priority Mail shipping and paypal fees (if you would like to save $ 30, let me know...) - if there is nobody with this kind of money laying around, I will split the strand up into smaller bracelet-friendly sets by tomorrow night...
The colors I used in this strand are pink, aqua, lime green, purple and lavender....there are more or less the same amount of beads for each color, so you could split the strand into 4 sets of each color....the average size of the beads is somewhere around half an inch. Need a payment plan for this kind of strand? Welcome to MY world....(Oh, did I mention that there will be a surprise included?)
To give you an idea of the length of the strand and the size of the beads.
Friday, June 13th, 2014
# 1  -  The lone turtle-warrior
1 inch diameter orrb, $ 15
# 2  -  The Married Couple
Just like in life, these two turtles are bound together, but they don't exist on the same "page". They will never get together, divided by so little...yet so much. 1 inch diameter orrb, $ 20
# 3  -  Baby turtle on the Beach
Just born, baby turtle escapes the danger of the beach and is folling his buddies into a new life...1.25 inches diameter medallion, $ 60
# 4 -  Turtles dancing in Moonlight
1.25 inches in diameter, the two turtle friends float over the reef (on the other side of the bead). $ 50
# 5  -  Boys on the Bahamas
1.25 inch diameter, lots of fun stuff going on, bright cheerful colors, $ 75
# 6  -  The turtle roundabout
Two turtles chasing each other - well, I guess you can guess where that is going..1.5 inch tall, $ 75


Monday, June 2nd, 2014's all about the ocean
# 1  -  Slender Coral
1 3/4 inch tall,  $ 50
# 2  -  Kind'a crabby
1 1/2+ inches long,  $ 70
# 3  -  Even turtles have ups and downs
1 1/2 inches tall, $ 78
# 4  -  Dance of the Clownfish
Amazingly colorful and sparkling in person, 1 3/4 inch tall, $ 90
# 5  -  A perfect world - underwater
1 1/2 inch tall medallion, full of interesting sea weeds and bright, cheerfull colors, $ 85
# 6  -  After sunset
Encased turtle in dark greenish blue water, you kind of expect a shark to appear as you turn the bead...1 1/4 inch tall, $ 70

# 7  -  The Secret Garden, at the bottom of the ocean
There is something enchanting about this bead - when using triton in the background it's always a little bit of a "hit and miss" as to what color it turns out - in this bead it turned a golden blue with hints of green, which is accentuated by the dichroic in the seaweed. Extremely fine detail makes this one of my favorite encased ocean beads so far. 1 1/16th inch high, $ 90
# 8  -  Silver Reef
One of those beads you want to have in your pocket when you're sitting somewhere waiting for something to happen...Dive into a world full of detail and wonder. 1 1/16th inch tall, $ 90
# 9  -  Triton Reef
More or less the same as the bead above, on a triton core...1 1/16th inch tall, $ 90
# 10  -  Ocean Tear
...makes you want to go out and put on Scuba-gear. Sadly, something I can't do due to some inner-ear problems...So I have to stick to looking at books and making my imagination take a dive...1 3/4 inch tall, will gladly turn this into a pendant for you if you would like, just let me know. $ 95
# 11  -  Monterrey Aquarium
I named this bead after the Aquarium in Monterrey, which I got to visit a few years ago. The special exhibition at that time was "Jellyfish", they had a lot of tanks you could walk around...which you could do with this bead...there is so much to see inside...The reason it's quite a bit more expensive than the other beads is because it wears me out to make (I have only made three of this style in the past 2 years...) - after putting it into the kiln I'm ready for a nap, or a beer, or a vacation to Fiji.....1 3/4 inch tall, 1 inch in diameter, $ 125
# 12  -  Ocean Creature-comfort
This strand was made as a "demo-strand" for my recent class on Ocean Creatures - but I could see you pick your favorite beads out of the strand and turn them into a beautiful bracelet. Each orrb-shaped bead (also called "straight-sided lentil") is 0.8 inches in diameter, so you would use 8 of the 10 beads for a medium size bracelet. The backside of each bead is "empty", which makes the beads more comfortable to wear...10 beads for $ 185
# 13  -  Not to forget
A fairly simple bead with a starfish on one side and a turtle on the other...on an "overpressed" 1 inch orrb...$ 20
Friday, May 2nd, 2014
Mother's Day Specials - just in time...
# 1 - A Heart of Roses
A really pretty "dreamy" focal heart with pink Murrini roses on a pale pink background with swirling goldstone stringer... 1.5 inches tall, $ 80
# 2 - Flood in the Flowershop
A fresh heart that will give Mom a little cool breeze on a hot day...1.5 inch tall, $ 72
# 3 - My Precious Petals
Bold aqua flowers with black stamen over a sparkly purple on silver foil background. 1.6 inches high, $ 80
# 4 - Lucious Lilies
A special treat for the lover of lilies, lots of detail in pale pink and in bright fuchsia on the other side...1.5 inches tall, $ 80
# 5 - Just pretty
If beads could be like a breath mint, this would be the one. Lavender and purple flowers on aqua over silver foil. 1.75 inches tall, $ 80  
# 6 - Spring Breeze
This one will put Mom in a cheerful mood for sure. Lime green and bright pink, 1.5 inches tall, $ 70
# 7 - The Big Bouquet
In the picture this one doesn't look any different from the previous hearts, but it is BIG. And beautiful of course. 1.8 inches tall, $ 95
# 8 - A Mother's Love of Detail
This might have been one of the more difficult beads I have ever made - encasing all the little murrini and twisties AND keeping the hear shape....nothing for the faint of heart, so to speak...1.5 inches high, $ 105
# 9 - A Drop in the Ocean
An interesting variation on the Heart of the Ocean-idea - a cone with the ocean bottom on top, and two little sea turtles swimming around the center. Ready to wear as a pendant, 1.5 inches long, $ 98
# 10 - Another Mini Heart of the ocean
Of course, this couldn't be missing in a collection of heart beads, the mini-version, 1.25 inches tall, $ 65 
# 11 - A Butterfly for Mom
A smaller version of the Butterfly I made a little while ago...this one is munching on a red poppy...1.25 inches in diameter, $ 70
# 12 - Bejeweled Rainbow
A step into the far far away past - Rainbow beads. These are made with my favorite color combination of the moment: purple and teal. 8 small beads, 14 mm high, $ 56
# 13 - Bejeweled Rainbow with frog
Same beads as above, but with a little matching frog bead, 8 beads, 14mm high, $ 70
# 14 - Make Mom some matching earrings
As you can see, I was on a roll, some beads are just so much fun to make that it's hard to stop. A matching pair for earrings, $ 14 
# 15 - Mama-mia
I have a bracelet like this, and it always makes me smile when I wear it. Maybe it has the same effect on your Mom. I didn't turn these into a bracelet, because then you couldn't claim that YOU made the bracelet for her - unless you want it ready to wear, let me know....7 beads with matching freshwater pearls, $ 175
in the mood for frogs? yes, I have some of those....
Sunday, March 16th, 2014
Today I have some "miniature" heart of the ocean beads. I usually wear just short necklaces, so the regular size was a little too big for wearing it this way, so I made a smaller version for myself, and the first day I wore it I got three compliments from total I decided to make a few more to sell, for my "moving fund"....
Each bead is not only ready to wear as a pendant, but it also comes with a shiny sterling silver snake chain, either 16 or 18", let me know which one you would prefer...
The first picture shows the mini version in relationship to the regular size, so you get an idea...
# 1 - Mini-Heart of the Ocean with coral starfish
1 1/4 inch high (bead only), $ 65
# 2 - another Mini-Heart of the Ocean with coral starfish
slightly smaller than the first one, 1 1/16 inch high (bead only), $ 65
# 3 - Mini-Heart of the Ocean "in the Blues"
1 1/4 inch high (bead only), $ 65

# 4 - Mini-Heart of the Ocean with turtle
1 1/4 inch high (bead only), $ 68
# 5 - another Mini-Heart of the Ocean with turtle
1 1/4 inch high (bead only), $ 68

# 6 - Mini-Heart of the Ocean with starfish and barnacles
1 1/4 inch high (bead only), $ 66
# 7 - Mini-Heart of the Ocean with tiny scuba-frog
1 1/4 inch high (bead only), $ 95
Tuesday, March 11th, 2014
Besides all the frogs (and not everybody is a fan of those, of course...) I also have two bracelet to offer. I kind of like the "Lobster Clasp/Chain" combo because every person can adjust their preferred length...though of course it's not as visually attractive as a fancy toggle clasp - but I tried to make up for that by adding some dangling stuff....
# 1 - "Desigually" bracelet with frog
It's always "questionable" when you have ONE bead in a bracelet that is heavier than the rest, but I "test-wore" this for a few hours and when you wear it relatively tight (not tight-tight of course, that wouldn't be comfortable) - the frog actually stays on top of the wrist. 7-8 inches long, $ 250
(both sides of the beads shown)
# 2 - "Desigually " in purple and teal
I sometime comment on a bracelet, saying that "I hope that nobody buys it", so I can keep it for myself. Well, this time I made one for myself FIRST, and then a second to sell. I say this once in a while, and it ALWAYS is true, but for now, this is the prettiest bracelet I have ever made. Handsdown....for people who love the combination of purple and teal...with plenty of "black pearl" and dichroic shimmer...
7-8 inches long, with sterling silver tassel (if you like the bracelet but don't want to expense of the tassel, I would be happy to take it off and refund you $ 25.00) - $ 300
(both sides of the beads shown)
Monday, February 24th, 2014
Today I have 3 finished bracelets...each one takes me a day to make, and I turn into a little Picasso at the torch...each bead inspires the next one - the colors "swing" with each other, and I hope that if you get one it will give you as much joy to wear as it gave me to create. Each of the three bracelets is 8 inches long and the chain extension makes it possibly longer - but if you want it SHORTER I can restring, but I will have to take some of the lampwork spacers out and exchange them for crystals or simpler spacers...
# 1 - Caramel n' Cream
Subtle and warm, the perfect winter bracelet, kind of "lady like" but playful...the little charm says "BELIEVE"
8 inches long, $ 150 (pictures show both sides of the same bracelet, the colors are much lighter than they appear in the picture)
# 2 - Bright, Bold and Beautiful
This is a variation on a bracelet I actually kept for myself - it cheers me up every time I wear it, which is quite nice in a dreary Northwest weather....the charm says "CREATE"
8 inches long, $ 250 (pictures show both sides of the same bracelet)
# 2B - matching earrings
what can I say? These are matching earrings....$ 50
# 3 - Desigual-ly
This is possibly the favorite bracelet I have ever made - the base is a beautiful color called "Black Pearl", which describes it very well, it starts out black, but reduces to a subtle black pearl finish. It shows best in the little heart-shaped spacer.
The designs and colors were inspired by a purse I bought a few month back at some airport (I am confusing myself where I've been and where I've done what...) - and looking at it every day, I finally "saw" the beads in it...I already ordered another pound of this $100/pound glass, so I'm looking forward to making another one for myself...the charm says "CREATE" ...
8 inches long, $ 300 (this one is MUCH nicer in person, the dichroic on each bead adds a beautiful colored sparkle....)
I made one "Heart of the Ocean" beads shortly before going to Florida - and I picked up the idea and moved it forward, heart by heart. The colors look slightly different in person, again, darn photography....I often get comments from people that my pictures don't do my beads justice, and I think that's a good thing. It's always better to be delighted when you open a package, rather than disappointed, right?
I listed the beads in the order of size and/or complexity... each bead is more or less built the same way - a rounded heart in blending shades from pale aqua to leaky pen...with a "window" onto the ocean bottom in one of the heart "butts":
Each heart comes "ready to wear"...
# 4 - Heart of the Ocean with yellow starfish
1 3/4 inch tall, $ 85
# 5 - Heart of the Ocean with turtle
The bead is not as dark as it appears... it's not black, but "Leaky Pen", one of my favorite shades of Messy Color...the turtle wraps around the side of the heart.
2 inch tall, $ 88
# 6 - Heart of the Ocean with blue starfish
All of the elements in this bead are blue...which gives it a really subtle feel...
2 inch high bead, $ 90
SOLD to Finland
# 7 - Heart of the Ocean with crab
I really like this one (well, I actually like all of the hearts...) beautiful blending of colors...
2 inch high bead, $ 95
SOLD to Norway
# 8 - Heart of the Ocean with Jellyfish
this one was really tricky to make - it has two "dancing jellyfish" in the second half of the's a the largest bead of the bunch, 2 1/4 inch high, $ 100
# 9 - Heart of the Ocean with scuba frog
This heart bead should be called "Heart attack" - making a frog with all the "scuba-frog detail" on top of the thinnest part of a focal is a dance with disaster - the bead has to be kept hot all the times - but the frog can't be hot or he loses all the detail. I pulled it off though, with a fair amount of sweating and cursing. It will definitely be a while before I will attempt another one.
1 3/4 inch high bead, $ 150
And if you made it all the way to down here: the last bead is a prototype (and might be the only one ever created) - it's a "love-bird". I really really like it - the idea came to me during an after-hour demo of a hollow fish at bead camp - as I was shaping the hollow bead into a fish it TOLD me that it wanted to be a bird...I tried very hard to ignore it, but in the end it became a bird (not this one, I kept the original for further inspiration), with dichroic wings and a cool red sculpted beak. So I made an other one after I got home, added some tiny feet, and then spent almost an hour at Michaels to figure out a way to attach the feet to the body (without copying Sharon Peters original chicken-feet)....and I ended up with the red craft wire. All in all, way too much work for my taste... but I hope that someone will enjoy this first (and maybe last) love bird - for $ 48 (he is 2 inches tall, toes to O-ring)
Monday, January 27th, 2014
# 1 - Wild at Heart
I guess there is not comment needed, other than the fact that the hearts are "calibrated" to hang as shown, I think they would make a beautiful short necklace that will give you many compliments, even when the "Love-day" is over. The largest heart is a little over 1 inch long, 7 hearts, 6 small accent beads and 8 spacers, 10" long strand, $ 155
# 2 - Sometimes Love comes in a box
Intricate patterns in fine Goldstone lines, framed in a bold Goldstone border. Playful but classic. The average size of the flat squares is between 3/4" and 1" (measured in a more convenient way: 2 cm), 6 beads and 7 spacers, 6 " long strand, Similar pattern with hearts on both sides, $ 125
# 3 - Love in the South (Mint-Julep)
I discovered a few rods of this color (probably some kind of "odd lot") - and there really is no better way of describing it than Mint Julep, just refreshing - shades of light teal with a hint of green create natural striations in the beads. I added little snippets of teal dichroic, topped off with some deep red hearts make for a bracelet set that will be fun to wear any time of the year. The hearts are only on one side, which makes it more comfortable to wear if you make a "tight fitting" bracelet. 7 squeezed beads, 8 red spacers, 8 inch long strand, $ 105
# 4 - In love, nothing is ever black and white
Very intricate (and hopefully interesting) white stringer decoration on flat black orbbs, with tiny red hearts on BOTH sides. For those with a more "elegant" idea of how to wear love on your sleeves… 6 beads, 0.85" diameter, 7 red spacers, 6.5" long strand, $ 140
# 5 - Straight into your heart
I usually try to make beads that form "one bead" by relating the design of each bead to the one next to it - but sometimes I even go beyond that and relate all the beads I am making during a week to each other. This strand is "opposed" to the one above, instead of curves and swirls, I focused on straight lines….if you want to splurge, you can even wear both strands together.
6 smallish lentils (0.75" diameter), with fine intense black stringer patterns on one side and larger single hearts on the other side (both sides shown), 8 red spacers, 6" long strand, $ 110

opposite side:
# 6 - The Heart of the Ocean
A fun concept, I think - a turquoise heart with wave swirls in transparent aqua - a little "Ocean-bottom-dome" to gaze into, some of my last surviving clownfish murrini and a coral starfish mingle on a 1.75" long focal bead. Cool, if I may say so. $ 75
SOLD, but more to come
That's it for today, thanks so much for looking - and of course, Happy Valentine's Day
Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
A few years ago I made a "rainforest bracelet" which I kept for myself, figuring I would never make another one. Well, I finally did, and this one is ten times nicer. This time I am giving it up "for adoption" - hope that someone will get as much enjoyment out of wearing it as I had making it…
The main design is only on one side (otherwise the beads would be too thick to be comfortable to wear) - but there is some sort of design on the back to keep the beads interesting even if one should "flip over).
The bracelet as it is is 8.5 inches long, but I can restring it to your individual needs…the beads are 0.85 inch diameter orbs, small enough for a bracelet, but large enough to accommodate the intricate design...$ 450 (includes free Priority Mail shipping)

SOLD, thanks so much!
Monday, January 13th, 2014
Today I wanted to share some of my "inspiration pictures" (I am sure there are people who can paint a butterfly just from memory - I'm not one of thoseI need to see it right in front of me. Thank God, for such visualization impaired people like me there is Google Image search….and since I can't even imagine what a mirror image looks like - I can flip it around in Photoshop….
# 1 - The Monarch rules
Probably one of my favorite beads ever - I am really pleased with how the butterfly turned out. It's not painted on the bead with enamels or glass paint, but it's all applied with dots and stringer. The flower petals were made first and then added to the bead, which gives it a beautiful 3-dimensional look.
1.4 inch diameter medallion, $ 125
# 2 - Large Fireplace Quark
My "signature" quark design in shades of amber, ivory and black. Lots of detail, I hope you will enjoy looking inside….something to warm you on cold and dreary winter days….
1 inch tall, $ 68
# 3 - Small Fireplace Quark
3/4 inch tall, $ 48
Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
Are you getting into the winter mood? Already had your first snow? I am sure looking forward to our annual "inch or two". In the meantime, I have to make my own snow....
# 1 - 2013 Snowflake Extravaganza
This is without doubt my favorite set of the year. Each bead took an incredible amount of concentration, and imagination - not only are "not two beads alike", but the front and backside of each bead are slightly different. Last year I had a similar, smaller set in 0.75 inch orrbs - this year I went one size up, these beads are 0.85 inch in diameter, which gives a larger surface to play with- and makes more impact in jewelry.
Some of the beads are partially etched to emphasize the snowflake design, and the contrast between bright and sparkly (each bead is built on silver dichroic) and muted etched. Enough beads for a long necklace, or a bracelet with earrings, or a bracelet and....I'm sure you will have fun. To make designing your masterpiece a little easier, I made 55 matching spacers, AND of course, there must be a frog to go along with this, he is riding on his very own snowflake.
I promise that you will love these beads - I'm sure you will find a reason to wear them in a middle of summer....they might keep you cool on a 100 degree day. (By the way, taking pictures of clear and white beads is insanely challenging...the beads are a lot more sparkly in person, which I guess is a good thing: to be pleasantly surprised...rather than mis-lead by a brilliant photograph, right?)
9 orrbs (0.85"), 1 frog (0.85") and 55 spacers, $ 350
(free shipping)
other side of the same beads:
And of course, the "extra stuff"
# 2 - 2013 Snowball-Beauties
If you prefer round beads over pressed beads, this set will be perfect for you. Really chunky round beads (the largest one is 3/4 inch wide), probably best for a necklace. Again, the photography was a challenge, I included one of those "bead-in-hand" picture to give you an idea of the size and the sparkle inside.
7 beads, 6 1/2 inch long strand, $ 175

That's probably it for this year, but then again, one never knows...
New beads on Monday, September 16th....
Todays beads are all from my "bead-box" - a plastic box I carry around to my classes, not to sell the beads, but to have examples of techniques we are going to cover in the class. They are all beads I didn't really want to sell - but sometimes you just have to move on, and maybe by forcing myself to make NEW sample beads I might come up with something new and even better.
# 1 - Silver Reef Bead
I have two kind of beads that would fall into the category of "Aquariumbeads": Ocean Beads and Reef Beads. The main difference is the "perspective" of the viewer. Oceanbeads contain elements like coral and seaweed - the viewer basically sits on the ocean bottom and looks AT the "stuff", kind of like a shrimp. A reef bead is constructed with the idea that the viewer hovers ABOVE the ocean floor, like a snorkeler or a scuba diver. So, if you hold this bead, you can magically transform yourself into a diver, without all the hassle of gear and oxygen and all the dangers involved in plunging into the depth. It's a "mini-vacation" in a bead....
1 inch high, 1 inch wide, $ 95
# 2 - Ocean Bead with starfish
1.5 inch high, 1++ inch wide, $ 75
# 4 - Ocean Medallion with Fish
1.5 inch in diameter, $ 85
# 5 - Fancy flowers in purple
1 inch high, 1 + inch wide, $ 80
# 6 - About Petals and Stamen
1 inch high, 1 inch wide, $ 45
# 7 - Lovely Lilies
1+ inch high, 1 inch wide, $ 75
# 8 - Water Lilies
1+ inch high, 1 inch wide, $ 40
# 9 - Slightly Oval Quark
Not quite 1 inch tall, 3/4+ inch wide, $ 60
# 10 - Round Quark
3/4+ inch tall, 3/4+ inch wide, $ 50
# 11 - Slightly smaller round Quark
3/4- inch tall, 3/4+ inch wide, $ 40

# 12 - Large Fossil Lentil
1.3 inch diameter, $ 70
# 13 - Large Fossil-Ocean Fusion Bead
1.5 inch long, 1 inch wide, $ 68
# 14 - Treasures from the Nautilus
Goldstone stringer on ivory lentils, the design is on BOTH sides. 6 beads, 3/4 inch in diameter, 6.5 inch long strand - MUCH MUCH prettier in person, $ 110
# 15 - Black and White Garden Bracelet
Finished bracelet with black and white 3/4 inch lentils, slightly adjustable in length, maximum 8 inches long, $150
# 15 - Black and White Pandora Bracelet
This bracelet is already sold, but I still wanted to write a little something about it. For ME, Pandora-bracelet that are "filled" with lampwork beads are kind of the crown-jewels of bracelets. If you make beads yourself, you know how difficult it is to make beads on thick mandrels. The "natural" shape of a bead is greatly influenced by the diameter of the mandrel, if you want nice round small beads, you pretty much have to use a 1/16th mandrel. The larger the diameter of the mandrel, the more "donut-shaped" the bead wants to be...So, if you want to make a pandora-type bead that is NOT all skinny and donut-shaped, you have the "fight" the natural shape all along the creation of the bead. I didn't even attempt making Pandora beads before Tony and I created to "Pandora-step-shaper"...
Making a "solid" bead with a big hole is relatively easy, but when it comes to designs with several layers, it's pretty much hit and miss" when it comes to the final size. That's why I have to make THREE TIMES as many beads to get enough for one perfect bracelet. I worked on this bracelet for a whole week (I also have to admit that I got addicted to the challenge). Luckily, besides this bracelet, I also ended up with one for myself.... Pricing jewelry is always tricky, I usually hesitate putting on a crazy price-tag - but sometimes things SEEM very expensive, but are not when you "break it down". I basically charged $ 10 per bead - which is cheap considering that some of the designs took 20-25 minutes to make...then I added the value of the bracelet and voila - it's $ 250, which is expensive and "a bargain" at the same time...
Ready to wear Pandora-style bracelet (the bracelet is included, it is Sterling Silver, but not authentic Pandora)...21 beads, 8.5 inches long, $ 250

Thursday, July 25th

This is my second attempt at a "Bonzai-necklace" (there is a long story about this type of necklace somewhere below on this page...the first one I offered was in the winter, with beads made in clear and white). This necklace, called "A summery bead treat", is, as the name suggest, a "summer version", in bright shades of pink (think: Rasberry), aqua (think: swimming pool) and lime green (think: Margaritas and fresh cut grass). A total of 41 beads, a frog charm at the end of the extension chain will hopefully delight your heart and get you oodles of compliments. The necklace is 20+ inches long...if necessary, I could make it a little longer....
The price for the necklace is $ 650...which of course includes free shipping.


This picture might show the beads a little better:

50 Shades of Pink....almost

# 1 - Playful in Pink (light)

I had a lot of fun making these little lentils, they would be perfect for a "tasty" little bracelet....that brings out the girlie-girl in you. 7 beads, 5 inch long strand, $ 75


# 2 - Playful in Pink (dark)

A similar strand as the one above, but in a much darker, richer shade of pink... 7 beads, 5 inch long strand, $ 75


# 3 - Rasberry Chadwicks

Wow, I used to make this style of beads a lot, years ago....but I still love the mix of stringer will definitely need "something else" to make a bracelet with these, but that's part of the fun of designing jewelry, right? 6 beads, 3.5 inch long strand, $ 45


# 4 - Poetry in Pink

One of these days I will have to make a strand like this for myself, but for some reason it takes me literally 2 days to finish a strand. Each bead is a challenge, and requires a lot of thinking as far as the designs are concerned. But the result is worth it, in my opinion. The pictures show both sides of the same strand. 6 beads, strung with freshwater pearls, 6.5 inch long strand, $ 175


# 5 - Symphonie in Pink

A collection of round beads, "sliding spacers" and lentils, guaranteed a lot of fun to play with, either for a fancy 2-strand bracelet or a necklace. 22 beads, 8 inch long strand, $ 175


# 6 - A Ghost Story

This strand is not exactly fitting into a pink theme - but I very much liked these beads and definitely wanted to show them. They are a bit unusual for me, since I normally don't make "organic" beads, but even a vegetarian might have the urge to eat a steak once in a while (?). In my last newsletter I described how to "re-squeeze" beads that weren't centered - THESE beads were re-squeezed 3-4 times, until I was happy with the resulting they kind of took a long time to make, and on top of that, each bead ended up stuck on the mandrel, and by the time I managed to take them off the mandrels were totally bent and I had to throw them away. More information than you needed, sorry...;-). 7 beads, strung with freshwater pearls, 7 inch long strand, $ 90


Friday, June 21st

It's that time of the year again - even more fun to make than Christmas beads: 4th of July!! Even though I'm still a German citizen, I have lots of reasons to feel patriotic... hope these beads will put a proud smile on your face....

# 1 - 4th of July Candy

(as usual, the BLUE in this picture is just the camera interpretation, in reality it is much darker...) 14 beads, 6 inch long strand, $ 100


# 2 - more 4th of July candy

14 beads, 6 inch long strand, $ 100


# 3 - 4th of July Orrbs

These 3/4 inch in diameter orrbs definitely make a statement - and it doesn't take much to turn these into a bracelet....almost ready-to-wear. Again, the BLUE is much darker in person. 6 orrbs and 12 red and blue spacers, $ 96


If you're interested in some matching patriotic frogs, CLICK HERE

and one last strand of bracelet size beads:

# 4 - Little Miss Sunshine

Again, a strand that is much much prettier in person, light (lighter than in the picture), almost pastel shades of pink, purple, orange green and aqua...24 beads, 10 inches long strand, $ 250 (with free shipping)


# 5 - Lighthearted Floral

light purple flowers on a "silver-lined" green background...2 inch long pendant, $ 38


# 6 - Moody Blues

Something completely different: a bracelet set of 6 squeezed beads in dark tones of bluish green with a fun "batique" design, 5.5 inch long strand, $ 50


Thursday, May 10th - bracelet size encased florals coming today!

All beads have been named after an emotion that the colors evoke in ME... the majority of the beads has been made on a base of silver, which adds an amazing glow to the beads, almost as if there is a tiny lightbulb inside of each bead.... most of the sets consist of 7 beads - which could all be used in one bracelet, or depending on how much other "stuff" you put inbetween the beads, you could even make a pair of matching earrings....Speaking of that - if you ONLY want an earring pair in a certain color combination, let me know!

# 1 - Dark Pink on Aqua - PLEASURE

7 beads and 8 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 13x15mm, length of strand is 4.5 inches, $ 95


# 2 - Light Blue on Blue on silver - TRANQUILITY

7 beads and 8 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 12x14mm, length of strand is 4.3 inches, $ 100


# 3 - Lavendar on Purple on silver - CURIOSITY

7 beads and 8 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 12x14mm, length of strand is 4.3 inches, $ 100


# 4 - Light Pink on Green on silver - SHYNESS

7 beads and 8 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 12x14mm, length of strand is 4.3 inches, $ 100


# 5 - Light Pink on Grey on silver - SERENITY

7 beads and 8 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 13x15mm, length of strand is 4.5 inches, $ 100


# 6 - White on Aqua on silver - REFRESHED

7 beads and 8 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 12x14mm, length of strand is 4.3 inches, $ 100

# 7 - Light Pink on Blue - LIGHTNESS OF HEART

7 beads and 8 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 13x15mm, length of strand is 4.5 inches, $ 100


# 8 - Light Blue on pale Lavender - CALM

6 beads and 7 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 13x15mm, length of strand is 3.8 inches, $ 85


# 9 - Light Pink on Fuchsia - JOY

5 beads and 6 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 13x15mm, length of strand is 3.2 inches, $ 70


# 10 - White on Red - CHRISTMAS
(okay, that's not an really an emotion, but for some people it might was just the first thing that came to mind....)

5 beads and 6 small disk spacers, average bead size is: 13x15mm, length of strand is 3 inches, $ 55

# 11 - Light Pink on Aqua on silver - HOPE

and finally a pair for earrings....I really like these colors together and was planning on making a whole strand, but then I can of ran out of "flower-steam"...12mmx14 mm, $ 27.00


Wednesday, April 24th

At this place I hope to soon introduce some of my "South Africa" inspired beads, but when I have all kinds of new ideas they ususally take some time to "germinate". So, in the meantime I re-visited some of my alltime favorite bracelet beads to make: Black and white, and black and white with pink. Each strand should be just the perfect amount of beads for a bracelet...

1. Tell Mom that sometimes things ARE just black and white

set # 1

10 beads, 4 inch long strand, $ 90

set # 2

10 beads, 4 inch long strand, $ 90

set # 3

10 beads, 4 inch long strand, $ 90

2. "Mamma Mia"

set # 4

10 beads, 4.5 inch long strand, $ 100

set # 5

10 beads, 4.5 inch long strand, $ 100


Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

My last offer before the "big trip" -

finished bracelet, 8.5 inches long, with frog charm (this kind of bracelet looks best if it fits a little losely...) $ 250 including Priority Mail shipping...


Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

My last Valentine's set of the year, a colorful collection of bracelet beads in fun and unusual designs, 25 beads and a frog charm, 8 inch long strand, $ 175 with free shipping.

SOLD, thank you!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

"Just Love"

Beautiful shades of blue and turquoise, with an interesting "batique" look, 6 beads and spacers, 6 inch long strand, $ 75

SOLD, thank you!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

"Love is in the air"

The perfect set for a dreamy bracelet, red hearts on clear, slightly etched beads with white decoration. This set is slightly more expensive because of the extra time involved to "etch-guard" the hearts, but you'll also get 8 extra spacers...
6 beads, 8 inch long strand, $ 100

SOLD - and again, there will be a new Valentine's set tomorrow...



Classy combination of black & white with deep red hearts, which are only on one side of the beads, to make them more comfortable to wear....
6 beads and 7 tiny red spacers, the strand is 6 inches long, $ 88

SOLD - there will be another one tomorrow

Tuesday, January 15th 2013

Most of today's beads were made in the mental search for snow. Now that I had my snow-fix for the year, I can let go of these and dive into another week of ocean beads....with Florida just around the corner....

(I hope I won't get into the mood to make WHITE beads again for a long long time - they are a bitch to photograph....)

# 1 - Snowflake pendant

My personal favorite of the three, I THINK - a nice contrast between the "glitzy" front with a starpattern of lines - versus the matte and subtly glowing back with it's pattern of outward radiating dots... the clear dots on the outside "rim" just add the perfect illusion of ice, melting in the sun.
1 inch in diameter, ready to wear with free Beadhopper pendant, much prettier than the picture shows, $ 42

SOLD (in the middle of the night)

# 2 - Another Snowflake Pendant

This one is just as pretty as the first one, just a little smaller, and with some "snow-dots" around the edge.
0.85 inch diameter, free Beadhoppers pendant, $ 35


# 3 - Surprise: one more Snowflake Pendant

The last pendant has a different pretty snowflake pattern on each side, and a sparkly dot in the center of one side. Simple and elegant
1 inch diameter, free pendant, $ 32


# 4 - The Ice-Queen necklace set

I think I spent just as much time painting on the "nailpolish-etch-resist" as I did making the beads. But it was worth it, since the contrast between "bold sparkle" and "subtle inner glow" is amazing. I made these beads with a necklace in mind, but if you don't mind slightly larger beads on your wrist, they could also work for a bracelet.

7 beads (the largest is 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch), 2 spacers and crystals, 5 inch long strand, $ 125


# 5 - Ice-dreams Pandora Bracelet

This is a finished bracelet, and I won't be too heartbroken if it doesn't sell ;-).
20 beads in a huge variety of snowflake and "snowy" patterns, strung on a 8 inch not-really-pandora bracelet, perfect for all seasons (in the summer you can think of ice-carving...) $ 225


# 6 - Snowflake earrings

This was my first version of "filled hollow bubbles" - tiny fake snowflakes...great for someone with dark hair or dark skin. The earrings (without findings) are 1.5 inches long, $ 30


# 7 - The complete Glamour-girl outfit

Another Facebook inspired set - hollow bubbles filled with gold glitter, and made into earrings and a pendant with a mix of silver and gold Beadhoppers pieces.... the bubbles are only filled 3/4 and the glitter moves as you move....great "Oscar worthy" sparkle!

The earrings are 1.5 inches (without earhooks) and the pendant is slightly over 1.5 inches (including bail). $ 72


# 8 - Starlight Express: the first "Bonzai Necklace"

I have to admit that I have always been fascinated by lampwork jewelry (mostly necklaces) that sell for hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. So many questions, like:
1. "how long does it TAKE me to make something like that?"
2. "Would I have the courage and self-confidence to put that kind of price tag on something I made?" and finally:
3. "Who has that kind of money?"

I have a few answers, in case you are curios as well:
1. It took me 3 full days to create this necklace/bracelet combo.
2. Not really...
3. I hopefully find out

I DID have a lot of fun with this project - it had to be something that was a) fun to make, with lots of possibilities for intersting designs on a small scale, so I wouldn't get bored making 40 or more, b) attractive to wear, not too casual and not too dressy or artsy at the same time and c) I had to want to wear it myself, in the likely instance that it doesn't sell... I think I have achieved all of the above, I have already worn the necklace for a few days, and gotten lots of compliments. But no worries, I'll clean it if someone DOES want it...

The "main" necklace consists of 37 lampworked beads and iridescent glass spacers - it measures 18 inches (but I can add a few beads if necessary!). It comes with a matching bracelet (8.5 inches, 14 beads), which can be attached to the necklace for a longer necklace, depending on the dress or neckline. All beads (except for 2) were made on a base of silver dichroic, some are etched, most are sparkly. Most of the bead have intricate stringer designs - some of which took 40 minutes for a single bead, others are simpler, so it's a good balance, since too many "fancy" beads can make the whole thing look too busy.
This kind of "big" item is really hard to photograph in it's full glory, so you have to trust me on this

$ 650


I almost forgot to list these two sets - mostly because they are so darn difficult to photograph... I sure you know the disappoint when the beads you love so much don't look like anything special in the picture...

# 9 - New Years Party

This is a sweet set of 0.75 inch orrbs with colorful swirled dichroic on top of an ink-blue core - decorated with fine intense black stringer (the decoration is identical on both sides...).
5 beads, 4 1/2 inch long strand, $ 75


# 10 - Purrrrple

Speaking of photographic nightmare - have you ever tried to photograph purple? It never seems to come out quite right, I even dove deep into Photoshop to coax out the proper no avail. If you are familiar with glass color, these beads were made with inkblue over a core of opaque violet - and since there are more shades of both of these colors as there are shades of grey, you still won't know exactly what these look like. Purple, but a little muted... I had great plans for these beads, wanted to make a "3-strand bracelet" in warm autum colors, but honestly, I lost the stamina for this little idea when I realized how much preparation time there is for each color - from making murrini, over encased stringer to twisties - and I just wasn't in the mood to go through I never made it beyond purple - and that's why this strand is relatively "inexpensive" - because it's part of something bigger that didn't happen - but there is nothing whatsoever wrong with the beads, they are actually quite lovely...
9 small beads (average size is 10mm x 13mm), 3 1/2 inch long strand, $ 48


# 11 - The Lost Sparkle

The reason this little Cubic Zirconia filled pendant is at the very end of my listings, kind of out of place, is that I had "lost" it after taking the picture...I just found it on the floor under the sofa, so I'm adding it here, rather then above "where it belongs".. so I don't have to change all the numbers and paypal buttons. I really like this little pendant - again, after a Facebook suggestion, filled with over 100 2mm "diamonds", and they really sparkle in the light (not in the picture). I promise you will enjoy this - and in the worst case, if you're a beadmaker, you can smash the hollow bubble and use the CZ in your beads. Outch....
1 1/2 inch tall, $ 30


Okay, now I've gotten the snow out of my system, more sunny stuff next time, thanks for checking!
Monday, December 10th

# 1 - Magic Snowflakes

This is one of those sets that a) doesn't photograph very well, and b) is crazy expensive, even though I didn't apply the "going rate" of $ 1.00 per minute. The Snowflake designs (since they are on both sides) took me a full hour per bead, which is why I added some "simple" swirly beads (the blizzard!) to make it somewhat affordable. Each bead is a flat orrb, 3/4 inch in diameter (my all-time favorite shape for bracelets), strung with faceted chrystals...the silver dichroic within makes diamonds pale in comparison....;-). The pictures show both sides of the beads.
6 beads, 6 inch long strand, $ 150


# 2 - Dalmations in Tutu with Pearls

I took last weeks monster strand apart and split it into three "manageable" strands, each the perfect amount of beads for a bracelet - or, if you want to go fancy, you could get two sets and make one double-stranded bracelet.... I also spent some time at the local beadstore to find little spacers that would fit inbetween...
10 small beads, 6.5 inch long strand, with pink freshwater pears, $ 105


# 3 - Dalmatians in Tutu with white disks

10 small beads, strung with white opalescent disk spacers, $ 100


# 4 - Dalmatians in Tutu with Disco Spacers....
10 beads, strung with little faceded "disco-beads", 5.5 inch long strand, $ 90


# 5 - Fireplace Quarks Braceletset

If you like the glowing colors of fall, those that remind you of roasted chestnut, Caramel candy...stuff like that, you will love this collection of intricate encased murrini...the kind of beads you can look into and feel like Alice, falling through the rabbit hole. Each bead is surprisingly small (considering how much is going on inside...), about half an inch wide...6 beads, strung with light amber colored crystals....5 inch long strand, $ 150


# 6 - Tales around the Campfire Orrbs

Another set that does not photograph well at all (which is fine...because I would have NO problem whatsover adding this one to my personal bracelet collection - which is not as huge as you might think....) This is another variation of my recent Murrini based beads - a core of handmade murrini with medium amber "wings" (which magnify the patterns of the core, when seen from the side) - framed with sparking goldstone stringer (something that definitely doesn't show up in the picture...)....5 flat orrbs, 3/4 inches in diameter, strung with Swarovski AB crystals. 5 inch long strand, $ 120


Fireplace Quark Pendants

I am only writing ONE description for all the beads, kind of for the same reason that I only took one picture - they are all more or less the same, just different sizes...and slightly different Beadhoppers pendant designs (I am having so much fun turning all my focals into pendants, hope you don't mind....and since it's a sort of "promotion" - I don't charge extra for the parts...
I really love the combination of my murrini - left 3 dimensional in the "Quark-design"....I had so much fun with this that I have A you could see above, and below....again, the pictures don't really show the colors... but in person they are so beautiful...glowing....
I added a picture with all 4 pendants, to give you an idea of the relative sizes....

# 7 - Mini Fireplace Quark Pendant

15 mm high BEAD (that's that crazy measurement between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch....however you call that...), total length of pendant is 1.5 inches, $ 35


# 8 - Small Fireplace Quark Pendant

3/4 inch high BEAD, total length of pendant is 2 inches, $ 42


# 9 - Medium Fireplace Quark Pendant

22mm high BEAD (slightly lighter in color than the others...) , total length of pendant is 2 inches, $ 50


sorry, I have been found!

# 10 - A little larger medium Fireplace Quark Pendant

24 mm high BEAD, total length of pendant is 2 inches, $ 55


# 11 - Mini Fireplace Quark Earrings

And the FINAL offering of the year - Mini-Quark earrings....I had so much fun playing with some "prototypes" of 24 karat gold plated beadhoppers parts - we will have a limited edition of 50 StarterKits, coming up soon.... I like the mix of silver tone and gold tone... very pretty - this pair of earrings is 2 1/2 inches long, but you can shorten it a little by changing the earhooks to shorter "standard" pieces.... $ 65


thanks so much for always coming by and checking what I made - I very much appreciate it - and Merry Christmas to you!

Sunday, December 2nd

# 2 - Dalmation in Tutu, Pandora Bracelet

Someone on Facebook asked whether I could also make these beads for Pandora Bracelet - and as in bead designs before, once I get into the Pandora "mode", I can never just make a few beads...somehow I have to cover the whole darn bracelet - and you get the bracelet too! The bracelet itself is 8 inches long, but because of the beads I think you lose about 3/4 of an inch...if you like this, you might want to measure your other Pandora bracelet to make sure it's the right size.
Shipping included, $ 235


# 3 - Dalmations on Fire

Not everybody is into pink, so I thought I would try it with a reddish orange... it looks pretty enough, but I just wasnt' inspired - so I only made 6 beads, for a "bargain" price of $ 25 - just because it wasn't my thing....6 small beads, 3 inch long strand.


# 4 - Ocean Critter Bracelet Set A

After posting my critter "test strand" on Facebook, I had a few request for similar beads - so I dove right into the task....I spent 3 days playing with ocean critters, and got enough beads for 2 bracelet sets, and I few really ugly beads, which you'll never see.... Basically, I made two of each type of critter - and some just turned out a tiny bit pretty than the others, and I "grouped" the prettiest one into one strand, and the others into a second strand (which is still very nice). THIS is the "A-strand", if you look closely at each bead you can kind of see the difference, or, maybe it was all in my head.
8 orrb-shaped beads, 3/4 inch in diameter, strung with natural coral chips, 7.5 inch long strand, $ 200


# 5 - Ocean Critter Bracelet Strand B

8 beads, 3/4inch diameter orrbs, strung with natural coral chips, 7.5 inch long strand, $175


# 6 - Froques Cousteau Mini Paperweight

A perfect gift for a scuba diving friend who doesn't WEAR beads...Froques is a seasond diver who has been to the worlds most spectacular dive spots. If you sit down quietly and listen, he'll tell you his for the kissing thing - don't bother, I've tried, and he has no plans for princing up any time soon. 1 inch x 1 inch, $ 115


# 7 - Turtle Playground lentil focal

I really like this size and shape of focal - it's a flat lentil, about 1 1/2 inch in diameter, 1/2 inch thick - which can be either worn on a short chain or neckwire....or long, depending on your outfit. This lentil has both encased ocean elements (on different layers, which gives it nice depth) - and surface detail on both sides. The kind of bead I should keep....well. yeah, in a perfect world I would keep all my beads....
1 1/2 inch diameter, 1/2 inch thick - ready to wear with complimentary Beadhopper pendant, $ 90


# 8 - Not at all crabby

This is a bead I actually made a couple of month ago - and I wasn't quite ready to let it go. If you ever wonder how I calculate my prices - usually it's TIME, but sometimes it's stress level. And placing a crab on top of a bead with raised decoration is one of those things where you pray really hard....pray that the bead doesn't crack, pray that the other decoration doesn't melt down....THIS bead required a lot of prayer...and thank you all came together perfectly. Ready to wear with free Beadhopper "hardware"...
1 1/2 inch high bead, $ 80


# 9 - The Aquarium Showcase Bead

This is kind of a strange bead - it's really beautiful and interesting in my opion...but it's almost too big to wear. Also, in the picture it looks like it has a strange angle to it - in reality, it doesn't. It's perfectly square...On one side the decoration is on the surface, on the other it's encased...That was not my original plan, but after the first hour and a half the beadrelease broke, so I followed the "higher plan" and finished it like this, which is kind of cool...
1 1/2 inch high bead, 3/4 inch thick, with lots of detail, $ 120


What are "Reef Beads"?

Unlike "regular" beads with an Aquarium or Ocean bead, which are worn vertical, like the few beads listed above, the Reef beads are meant to be worn with the hole vertically. They are built around a thin "core slice" - which allows to have two different designs in the same bead - in this case, a swimming turtle and/or fish on the one side, which just looks like water - while the other side "houses" all kinds of creatures and plants that you typically find on a reef - so there is also a little bit of the reef itself shown. All of my reef balls today come with a FREE Beadhoppers necklace (except for the mini reef ball, which is strung on a neckwire). Just let me know which length you prefer...(sorry about the BOLD typeface, I can't get rid of it somehow....)

# 10 - Mini Reef Ball

A pretty little bead that might take you back to your last vacation.... perfect to be worn at the nape of the neck, which is why this bead comes with a free Beadhoppers neckwire in the length of your choice...
3/4 inch high, $ 50


# 11 - Turtle Bay Reef Ball

Another bead in the "Reef Ball" series...this one has nice cheery orange tones in it - as mentioned above, it will be shipped with a free Beadhopper necklace, length of your choice (a $ 20 value)....
1 inch wide (measured across the hole) focal, $ 90


# 12 - Great Barrier Reef Ball

This is a mid-size Reef Ball, somewhere between the mini Reef Ball and the Turtle Bay one...with a nice BLUE look to it.... what is really bizarre is the way the little Fish murrini look in the photograph - you can clearly see the clear layer around the clownfish murrini....kind of bubbly - but in person, all you can see is the fish. Strange....
3/4 inch wide and 1 inch high, comes with Beadhoppers Necklace, $ 80


# 13 - Blue Lagoon Reef Ball

This is one of the beads where photography just can't "catch it". The inner layer of this Reef Ball was made with Double Helix triton, and then encased before the oceany decoration was applied. It has that beautiful "Tritonian shimmer" to it.... one of my favorite beads today....a little large than the previoua ones...
1 inch in diameter, comes with Beadhoppers necklace, $ 95

shipping options

that's all for the fishy stuff.... now a few "non-fishy" things:

# 14 - Let there be light - Christmas Light

I actually made these beads while taking pictures of a tutorial I made for the SodaLimesTimes....nothing dramatically special...but cute.
One inch long, wire-wrapped, ready to hang.
8 beads for $ 30


# 15 - "Chew in Peace"

In case you check my Facebook page, you might remember this one... a little dog urn. This is probably the only one I will ever make - unless someone has a special request (I am practicing dog-faces...). The MAKING of the body is the smallest part of this - grinding the stopper so that it fits took me actually longer than making the vessel. The stopper does fit really well, if you TURN it till it fits snugly, but if you would like to WEAR this little treasure, I would recommend that you glue the stopper in place after filling the vessel with some ashes. Definitely one of a kind.
2 inches tall with stand and handmade bone charm, $ 140


# 16 - Hollow Lavender Earrings

Another "as seen on Facebook" item - Earrings with hollow lavender beads - made with the new Beadhoppers "Glass End Kit". Fun to make, but if you just want something to "grab and wear", you'll love these (nice transparent lavender, doesn't show in the picture...).
1 1/2 inch high (plus sterling earwires), $ 25



# 17 - Hollow Olive green Earrings

1.5 inches long, $ 25


Thanks so much for stopping by.....I appreciate your interest - and feedback is welcome too!