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November 28th, I'm out of stock at the moment, but I will have more before Christmas. Thanks so much for your interest!

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(update Sept.8 2015) I am superhappy to "announce" the 3rd batch of my Dominapron - if you haven't looked at this before, check out the images and the info below. If you know what I'm talking about, I just wanted to show you (as well as this is possible in a picture) how incredibly soft the leather of this batch is. The manufacturer always used nice, supple leather, but this time they have outdone themselves. These aprons are made with the kind of leather this is used in expensive Italian gloves....I am not sure who came up with the expression "buttery" - but it kind of fits:



 An extra little "nice touch" with this batch is the "comfort sleever"  - a "tunnel" of supersoft fabric, that can be slipped over the longer part of the neckstrap....just in case you don't like the feel of just a leather strap in the back of your neck....(the leather is very soft, so I don't think it's really necessary, but it's always a good idea to have options....



This all leather apron was created with 13 years of painful burns in mind (and in the mirror) - I'm sure if you've been making beads for more than a few weeks your upper chest and neck bear similar "tattoos"...
The problem with "standard" leather apron is that don't go high enough - they don't protect the very area where the glass likes to fly at us:
Actually, this kind of apron can make things worse - when you sit at the torch, slightly leaning forward, the leather "bulges" forward and functions like a "funnel", guiding the hot glass where no woman like to feel hot glass...;-)
For this reason I designed the apron to protect not only your neckline, but also part of your shoulders (I have burn marks there as well). The long neckstrap allows the apron to be completely adjustable, no matter how skinny or thick your neck is...
It is not only adjustable, but also "releases" very easily, just pull on the strap and the entire top part of the apron falls forward. Hopefully this will not be necessary because of flying glass - but any woman in her 50s and older will appreciate this kind of "hot-flash release.."....
The entire length of the velcro strap is lined with soft leather, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear.
Speaking of comfortable - the apron is made from premium leather, not too thick (which would make it too stiff) and not too thin (or it would have a flimsy feel) - it kind of feels like the type of leather an expensive italian jacket would be made from.
Taking into the account that bead makers come in all kinds of "heights and width", I tried to make the apron as flexible as possible. The straps that tie the apron in the back are made with sliding plastic buckles (maximum "circumference" is 55 inches, but I have extra-extra long straps available, just let me know...
In the picture you can see that the straps attach to sides of the apron with snap-buttons, so if you are shorter (than my 5'9") you can change the location of the straps to fit your waist.
While protection was on the forefront of my mind, I also tried to make it practical in a variety of other ways:
There is a large (8"x11") outside pocket for the stuff you need immediate access to (handkerchief, candy, screwdriver, whatever...):
...and a smaller pocket on the inside for your phone, or an iPod/mp3 player. The headphone cord can be pulled up on the inside of the apron and it won't be in your way at the torch (pretty slick, hm?!)
 there are so many ways to decorate this apron, it would almost warrant a contest of some kind....I went to Michaels and picked up a "pendant" for a few bucks, and sewed it right onto the neckline....which is easy to do since the leather is very soft and relatively thin, so a regular needle goes right through...
Sounds good? Then get your own, I have a very limited number, and I promise you will be super happy (and if not, as with all my items), you can return it for a full refund.