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 The SECOND bead-retreat is just around the corner


let's cover the basics first (more detail below)


Where:  Mt. Hood (Government Camp), Oregon

When: October 7 - 8 - 9, 2016

What:  "Stringer Control til you drop"

How much does it cost: $ 600 for 3 days

How many students in the class: 6

Class hours: 10:00 am - whenever

Lodging cost: from $ 50/night for a room in one of the cabins, to A LOT, if you decide to stay in town


So, this should give you enough information to get an idea what we're up to, but if you want more detail, here we go. 

The Mt.Hood Bead-Retreat is a brainchild of Betsy Valian and me - born out of a simple email-conversation (kind of like Florida "Beadcamp", which was the result of a casual conversation on the backporch of a beadmaking studio in North Carolina - and most of us know how fabulous that turned out to become....)


Betsy is an incredible woman who is the Glass Studio Director and board member of the "Cascadia Center for Arts & Crafts", a non-profit organization located in Government Camp, Oregon. 

She also owns one of the local Ski Shops with her husband Bud. Just lovely people:



Government Camp is a small town (population 193) located on Mt. Hood - about 55 miles east of Portland, Oregon. It has a little bit the feel of a European Ski-town (speaking of Skiing, Mt. Hood is the only ski resort in North America that is open all year long. Maybe you can bring a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend to the Bead-Retreat, there is so much to do: skiing, hiking, horseback riding....)


The weather can be slightly bizarre (sorry Betsy) - when I went there to visit last week, it just had snowed.. and people were on the way to hit the ski June!


By the way, the building in this picture (The Timberline Lodge) will play some part in our Bead Retreat (at least for dinner) - as it also played an important part in one of my favorite creepy movies: it was used for the outside shots of THE SHINING. (you will look in vain for the bar of the hallways....the inside shots were filmed elsewhere....)  The Timberline Lodge is 5 miles from the studio, so it's definitely worth a visit (they have excellent Cheese Fondue!)


Speaking of studio, I'm sure you're curious where the Bead-Retreat will be housed. In a house!



There are a few houses scattered through the woods, this one is called the RAVEN STUDIO, and we rule the entire house. 

Right now there are only 4 torches (plus 1 for the teacher is being added as we speak):


As you can see, there is an excellent ventilation system, very good light - and super-comfortable chairs (I was assured there is no fine for burning holes in these...)

Betsy is now working on turning another room into a larger studio with 6 additional torches, but for now I think it's a good idea to start this new venture out with only 4 students (some people consider this a "semi-private class, but for me, it's a small group).

What is also exciting about this studio is that there is all the equipment and material do try out other glass arts, like fusing, slumping and pate de verre. Something to play with "after hours). 


The glass studio is in the basement of the house, the other two levels are for "lounging, cooking, sleeping and hanging outing (!)" (the interior of the living room will be definitely improved by October!)



There are two bedrooms in the RavenStudio - one with a Queensize bead ($35/night)



And one with 2 twin beds ($20/night)


Everybody is sharing one bathroom - you have to keep in mind, all of this is simple and RUSTIC, if you want a bit more comfort (or even luxury) - there are all kinds of options available and we are happy to help you with your choice or booking. (There is also another cabin/studio close by that has similar lodging options and prices).


Also, if you are flying into Portland airport and don't want to rent a car, we will do our best to get you from the airport to the Cabin.


I think I covered the basics for now, please feel free to email me and I'll try to answer. 


Now, if you are interest in THE FIRST BEAD-RETREAT (there will hopefully be a lot more, both with me and other teachers) - how do you book? 


If there are more than 4 people interested, we will hold some kind of drawing.....