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Welcome to the world of Miniature Cabochon Earrings

(these earrings are made directly onto the pin, NOT glued)


on this cluttered page, as you scroll down,  you will find:

a) link to page with earrings for sale

b) Buy now button for test-kits

c) link to detailed tutorial


Want to buy a pair of mine? CLICK HERE




If you're interested in learning how to make these, CLICK HERE,

or scroll to the button below

 Want to try making your own? click on the buy now button below

and buy a "trial-set" of 20 pairs of surgical steel earrings pins and backs for $ 10.00/including domestic shipping. For overseas orders ($15.00), please chose the option in the dropdown menu. After getting these, I woul really appreciate your feedback - if I'm not the only one in love with the process and the product, I will order and offer larger quantities.


SOLD OUT, more coming soon



If you have no idea HOW to make this kind of earring, no worries, I created a detailed tutorial. CHECK IT OUT HERE.