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My first ISGB class - On Demand of Course: Rainforest beads

First you MIGHT ask: what's this "ISGB" I keep mentioning? ISGB stands for "International Society of Glassbeadmakers", the only international organization to promote the art of Glass beadmaking. Usually, this time of the year the ISGB holds a "Gathering" - and amazing event that literally brings beadmakers from all over the world together, to exchange information, learn from their colleages, has an opportunity to sell their beads in a "bazaar", and it's hand down the most important even in our little world. 

Of course because of the ongoing Covid Situation, there was no "mingling around the pools at a Las Vegas Hotel (ah, I enjoyed the sunshine and the hugs of friends I hadn't seen for a year)  - so THIS year everything is happening online. 

When I was asked whether I would teach a class, I war seriously flattered - teaching at a Gathering is a big deal - and I just had the perfect class, never taught online before. 

The ISGB is handling all the details (the set the price for all classes) and they are using a diferent platfom (PODIA) to host the classes, I'm not exactly sure how that works, but I know that it's not related to Facebook and that you can watch the videos over and over, at your own pace, and the class will be available for at least a year....

If you want to sign up for the class, THIS IS THE LINK (I will repeat it below, in case you want to see first what it is I will be offereing....) The pricing structure is a little confusing, the class cost is $ 200 for 2 days, but if you're not already a member of th ISGB they make you buy a membership for $ 50.....


Now about the class!


ISGB Rainforest Beads Class – Day 1: “Leaves and Flowers”


List of videos and duration  (pictures etc. are further below)


(BONUS) means it's a "non-essential video", but you might watch it anyway, there is some cool additional informationl


1. Dot based leaves components                                     0:42

2. Applying/raking dot based leaves                                9:10

3. (BONUS) making a squeezed base bead                       8:59


4. Swiped beads components

     striped cane, thick or thin                                         17:13

5. Applying swiped leaves                                                9:20

6. Making pressed petals from striped cane                       5:49

7. Applying pressed petals                                               5:00


8. Fern/palm frond, encased stringer                               14:07

9. Applying fern/palm frond leaves                                  11:30


10. Pulled leaves (ribbon cane)                                       15:34

11. Preparing leaves from ribbon cane                             10:45

12. Applying leaves from ribbon cane                                4:25


13. Ribbed leaves (twisted cane)                                     15:26

14. Preparing leaves from twisted cane                              1:51

15. Applying leaves from twisted cane                               7:15




16. (BONUS) Blending Reichenbach colors                        20:24


17. Filigrana stringer for stamen                                      3:53

18. Simple stamen – thin encased stringer                        3:49

19. Striped cane stamen (wrong cue card)                        9:38


20. Simple round petal flower, dotted stamen                     6:35

21. Layered round petals, filigrana stamen                         7:53

22. Layered pointed petals, striped cane stamen                 9:19


23. Swiped flowers – front view vs side view                       1:02

24.  thick encased stringer                                                 6:16

25. Swiped petals from encased cane                                 7:51

26. Striped cane, overview                                                 5:53

27. Swiped petals with striped cane,
       encased stringer stamen                                             8:54


28. Design considerations when putting it
      all together                                                                 3:33

29. Looking at different backgrounds                                   2:11

30. Making a rainforest floral bead                                     43:44


31. Flowers – possibilities                                                  3: 15


Day 1 is FUN and EASY and RELAXING...First I'll show you all kinds of leaves, which of course you can use in all kinds of other beads:


Next, we take a look at (relatively basic) flowers and different times of stamen:


Of course, we'll also look at some much more elaborate flowers that you can make once you've "digested" the information learned up to this point. 

At the end of day 1, we can put together some fairly elaborate beads - and I will also discuss design considerations when creating a bead. One of my favorite things to talk about! (but then again, everything is my favorite topic....)




Now we can move to day 2 (oh my). Day 2 is all about "critters" - let's look at the list of videos first: 


1. Prepwork for butterfly: pulling stringer                                    1:32

2. Prepwork for butterfly: Making striped cane                            13:32

3. (BONUS) Making and Inside-out floral bead                             14:54

4. Painting the butterfly                                                             31:50

5. Let’s look at the butterfly                                                         1:59


6. Birds, an overview                                                                  2:46


7. Toucan – template                                                                  1:08

8. Prepwork for toucan                                                               9:15

9. Painting the toucan                                                                31:34

10. Let’s look at the toucan                                                          3:03


11. looking at Macaw photograph                                                  2:13

12. Macaw eye cane                                                                    12:19

13. Macaw facial stripes                                                                 5:10

14. Macaw facial stripes testing                                                      9:49

15. Macaw feather cane                                                                 6:38

16. Prepwork Macaw summary                                                       3:58

17. Plan for painting the Macaw                                                      2:08

18. Painting the Macaw, demo from hell                                         37:20

19. Let’s look at the Macaw                                                            4:29


20. Picking the frog                                                                       3:04

21. Frog stuff to prepare                                                                7:23

22. the cutesy frontal frog                                                             1:31

23. Picking the sideways frog                                                         1:29

24. (BONUS) pulling a thinly encased stringer                                 8:08

25. Picking a different sideways frog                                               1:54

26. Making the sideways frog                                                       34:40

27. Looking at a “complete” frog                                                    1:03

28. Making the complete frog                                                      53:11

29. Looking at the complete frog                                                   0.57


30 . Putting it all together: the final bead (still working on that one!)


I won't sugar coat it, this day is stressful. You can watch me over and over trying to get it right - but I will do something more useful than just showing you how to do it: We will look at pictures together and figure out how one CAN do it. Sometimes it even doesn't work out - then we will look at it together and find out why it didn't work out. 

We will learn to make relatively detailed butterflies on a small scale (these are great fun, actually):


After warming up with the butterflies, we'll move on to the birds, starting with the toucan. As you can see, it took me a few tries to get a halfway decent one....the good news is that from every "failiure", you learn something to get the next one better


While we're still basking in the glory of getting a halfway recognizable toucan, we're moving on the an entirely new level of detail: the macaw


I made a lot more of those, but they didn't survive. 

Since we have more time, I added the Red Eyed Treefrog to our critter line-up. There will be a lot of "analyzing" images and discussing how to do things....This is fun in a weird way:


And after having made all those, we need to think abou making that ONE masterpiece to put it all together. I have to admit that I am still recovering from creating all those failiures - and I have yet to make the video in which I show it how to stay relaxed and cool....but no worries, by the time you will get to take the class, I will have taken a few xanax and braved the task.....but I want to show you my favorite rainforest bead I have ever made: (that's what were aiming for)


If you're encouraged that this class will give you something that will make your beadmaking life more interesting, and that it will be worth what they charge for the class, here is the link again: 

f you want to sign up for the class, THIS IS THE LINK

hope to see you soon!