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Something new for the beadmaker who needs it all (which is me, and about 100 000 other people):

Set of 4 stainless steel pokers with stand
If you have been "with me" for a while you might remember that Ex-DH Steve used to make something similar (3 different tips), this is kind of a variation on the theme, but with several improvements: The stainless steel rod used for these is thicker (4.75mm, don't ask me what that's in parts of an inch), and BOTH ENDS are usable (more about that below).

Now a little more information. In most of my classes, the students bring their own tools, and 95 % of the beadmakers have ONE poker. Probably because of lot of beginning beadmaking kits include that poker - but in reality, one poker does NOT do it all.
When you make encased poked dots for example, the size of the bubble is different depending on the shape of your poker. A pointed, sharp poker gives you a small, deep bubble, while a wider, flatter poker creates a larger, shallower bubble. The same applies when you use a poker to make a poked flower.

Thus, it's really useful to have pokers with different tips - and that's what you'll be getting.

The "knife" end of course is not technically a poker, but it's incredibly useful, whether you want to make flowers with creased petals, funny faces, or whatever you can come up with.

But this pokerset is a lot more exciting than just the "obvious" tips, if you turn the pokers around, each end has a different and equally useful shape:

(from left to right, the ends are flat round, flat oval, concave and convex.)

I made a quick little sample bead, in case you can't imagine what shapes that would make on a bead:

I used the convex, concave and flat round shape - I see a lot of potential for face beads, but then again, your imagination can take this probably into an entirely different direction..

To keep all 4 pokers organized on your workbench, the set comes with it's own little aluminum stand:

Incase you scrolled all the way down here and decided you need these fabulously simple tools, here is another link to add to cart.

Thanks so much!!!