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Next bead sale will be on Tuesday, March 21st, 8 am 



Just got in my latest tool you can't live without (well, sort of): The Wire-Tap! CLICK HERE for info and to purchase one.




Still available Dominapron, Tungsten Tweezers, and a new batch of rodholders.






The first bead-retreat was great fun - the second one will be next year, March 3-4-5, 2016

the topic of the class is "Masterclass to master glass"....(all you need to know to become the beadmaker you want to be, sort of...) - ONE SPOT JUST BECAME me!


More coming soon: the NEW AND VASTLY IMPROVED "Corina-Version-Rodholder. I am very excited about this one, CLICK HERE to learn more



I finally finished the blurb about the "Secret" of the amazing purples and pinks.

CLICK HERE to read all about it


Thanks to everybody who purchased my calendar for 2016......till next year....(Hard to believe - but I'm already working on the 2017 edition!)



Avaiblabe again, the Webinar DVD - $ 49, free shipping

 just in time to go with my Petal-Tutorial in the latest SodaLimeTimes edition on Florals



2 hours, 19 minutes of amazingly filmed information - better than sitting right next to me in a class.

The price is  $ 49 "fixed" since both Marcie Davis (Producer) and Maureen James (The Flow Magazine, Glass Patterns Quarterly) are selling it and there is an agreement of "no competition") - but I can offer free shipping!



Tungsten Tweezers - Special Price: $ 30

Tweezers + shipping options

 No idea why you need Tungsten Tweezers? Click HERE for more info

Still available: Japanese Nippers



 BEADS for sale FROGS for sale



Still a popular item: My first tutorial/video combo
For more information and to purchase this, please click on the "e-tutorial" button on the left hand side under the "Main Menu" header.